Nakatsu Overload!

Way before getting into the drama world, I was an anime fan. I had read the Hana Kimi manga several times, and even bought the art book (beautiful drawings. A must have). The manga quickly became one of my favorite manga of all times. Later, I watched the Japanese drama(original version), and fell even more in love with it.  Funny thing is, I was not attracted to it so much by the main couple romance, as I was by Nakatsu and his confused mind. I loved that Nakatsu who thought he was different from the rest because he was in love with a boy!! It was something I had never seen on a manga before (I don’t read Yaoi) But I must certainly loved the idea of Nakatsu falling in love with Ashiya and thinking he was gay, or not, maybe-not, yes… noooo… HOMO JANAI! Ikuta Toma was the best interpretation of Nakatsu ever… err, the only one I have seen :p


He looks just like the character, don’t you think?

He has charm… even Sano thinks so 😉

Cute, funny; simply adorable… that’s Nakatsu. No seriously, even in a crowd of people, there was one that stood up the most… yep! you guessed it, Nakatsu!!

Let there always be a Nakatsu in my heart!!

Take a peak at our gallery for Ikuta Toma!


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  1. awww ladies…this looks great!

  2. Haha Anime was the beginning for me too. Nakatsu is the greatest! He never fails to make me laugh :p

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