1O Things I Love About Nakatsu Shuichi


I’d like to start with saying that Hana-Kimi was one of the first manga I fell in love with, I’ve read it many times. I loved it so much I wanted to know if there was an anime on it – but instead of finding an anime I came across the drama versions for it. Both the Taiwanese and the Japanese version (2OO7). Since I was more familiar with Japanese and it being based off of a manga I gave it a shot and I fell in love with it! My first drama every and it was just so….I’ll save that talk for our Hana Kimi thread haha. What I want to discuss is a certain individual, a certain character who was my favorite in the manga – that’s right: Nakatsu! When I watched the Jdorama I wasn’t even disappointed in the way things weren’t close to the manga, and Nakatsu seemed more real and moving. So I wanted to make a list of 1O things that I love about Nakatsu, with references to other versions of him (:

#10 – No Matter Which Version, His Character Is Still My Favorite

I’ve seen both of the versions of Hana-Kimi (excluding the Hana-Kimi remake which I still don’t understand why they made it, but let me save that rant for another day) and have read the manga and his character has been my favorite in each version. My favorite Nakatsu may be Ikuta Toma, but Jiro Wang was pretty hilarious as well in his portrayal of him.



#9 – He’s Original
In all the dramas I’ve seen I’ve never seen a character so charismatic and one that held my attention for so long. I love Nakatsu in all his glory 😀


#8 – “Ike Ike Go Go”

One of my favorite scenes, I love how he says “Right now, the word homosexual isn’t the least bit offensive to me. No. I should say my love has already transcended gender. I’m truly proud of myself. If only I could give Mizuki a helpful push, he’d be willing to accept his forbidden love. Ike Ike! Go! Go! Ore Go Gooooo!” – gotta love him 😀

#7 “Gay. G-Y-A, Gay. OK? You Don’t Understand Gay?!” – Xui Yi

One scene that made me laugh so hard in the Taiwanese version. Jiro was the best Taiwanese actor they could’ve gotten to play Nakatsu, this is one scene I really remember, too, from that version (:

#6 – He Has So Many Moments!



The main characters didn’t stand out to me as much, more so in the Jdorama, he’s the one that took up almost all of my attention while I was watching the drama :p

#5 – His Cute Behavior



There’s no forgetting his cute behavior, his funny behavior, Nakatsu’s just one cool guy (:

#4 – “Homo Ja-na-i”

Definitely the most famous scene from Hana-Kimi. How could you even forget about it? Haha, Nakatsu dancing on a table singing that he’s not a homo with panties on his head and wearing a bra – pretty epic :p

#3 – He really loves Mizuki

“Your smile gives me strength but your sadness always comes from Sano. I will definitely make you happy.”

“Depend on me, I don’t care… I don’t care who you love. I love you.”

I still would like to have seen Mizuki choose him, especially in the Jdorama [2OO7]. He’s such a sweet and honest guy, I would’ve loved to see him find someone. He didn’t care about the fact that Mizuki was a guy, he got over it and accepted his love for her, while Sano knew from the beginning (pretty much) that she was a girl. I’m still rooting for you Nakatsu!!!

#2 – His Monologues

His monologues are the best! I love how he always turns around and starts thinking making all of these hand movements and the people around him don’t act any different. Plus he always says the best things and makes great face expressions :p

#1 – He’s A True Friend

I mentioned above that he’s a sweet and honest guy. And he really does value his friendship – not just with Mizuki but Sano as well. It doesn’t show it as much in the Jdrama, but in the manga they’re really good friends. He’s really in love with Mizuki but he knows she and Sano like each other – so he steps back and let’s his own heart be broken because he doesn’t want to lose what he has with the both of them.

“Even when I’m an old geezer, so old that I can’t even remember my own name, I won’t forget all the time we’ve spent together… ever. To me, you are… the best. The best friend I ever had.” (Jversion, 2OO7)

And that’s that for 1O things I love about Nakatsu! They all add up and I love so many things about him – he has many great qualities and he’s always been my favorite of the series! Hope you enjoyed reading it! (:

Looky! We have galleries for Jiro Wang and Ikuta Toma.


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  1. Hahaha, I love when he is talking to himself the most!!! “But what if Mizuki and I fall in love, get married, and have kids!!” His mind is running wild, he has all the future planned out from the start hahhaha… he is too funny, and cute, thats why we love him 😉
    Great post c4u, loved it! Thank you for sharing this.

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