You might already know I’m currently watching A Tree With Deep Roots. This drama is the best drama I have watched in all my years of drama watching. Not because is the best story, or that I will re-watch it after finishing the drama. None of those things have to do with its greatness, but instead, because it has an extremely well written plot. Compared to other Kdramas that are written as they go, this drama is based on a novel by Lee Jeong-myeong, and I’m thinking the script-writers although altering the story to fit the screen, already know where they want this plot to go, which might just be the reason why there is no loopholes. Wait! Im not here to give this drama a review… not yet. I just want to rant a little bit. Some fans –or not- have been leaving some pretty funny comments around (funny in a ridiculous way) and there was one that caught my attention the most.

So it says something like this:

 Was Only watching for the cute young king

really liked the angry little boy too…lol…but now I want to know if he really kills the king so I guess I have to watch the rest …but they better keep it interesting because I prefer my dramas with lots of eye candy,,, now everybody is ugly 🙂 episode 5: okay it is getting better 🙂

First, let me clarified one thing: Im not going to judge the way you pick a drama to watch. If you watch ONLY because of eye-candy then that’s your own choice, everybody has the right to chose what they like. Fair. However, when your comment also involves rating the drama, which might lead to the drama falling short because of bad ratings, then I have to step in and ask you: When did dramas become a fashion show? Whatever happened to OBJECTIVE point of view?

Okay, so you might have made a transition from only watching because of PYB Song Joong Ki (BTW his acting is pretty impressive) to actually expecting something more out of the plot. But did you ever considered that by making a shallow statement like “now everybody is ugly” you are actually not giving helpful reviews/comments, and that other people will disbelieve whatever else you might have to say about the drama? (hopefully, still there are always the ones that will follow your statement).

Dramas should not be rated simply based on whether there was enough eye-candy or not! It generates bad reviews and/or ratings, and the drama might fall short just because you didn’t rate it on something that holds value. It also makes ground for unwanted responses, and then you might come back and say “its my opinion” but guess what? The other person has an opinion too and wants to tell you about it.

Look, it’s all good… you give a drama 3 stars only because “now everybody is ugly” when it would otherwise be a 5 stars. No problem there.

Hmm I don’t see any ugly people here… but then again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so yeah, THIS I cant really argue about.

To put and end to this rant, I will only say this: objectivism exists in the real world, its not just a subject in your philosophy class. If you just want to look at pretty people, then go to a fashion show … I can guaranteed –without a doubt- that for the next two or three hours, you’ll be beauty-struck!! Or… or watch a drama that only has eye-candy. What’s the story about? Who cares about that when you have plenty of eye-candy… right?

I’m off to watch my deep rooted hunks…


UPDATE: the person who made the shallow comment above quoted, did change her review and rating later on. I guess someone got some sense into her? We will never know. The evils of cyber-communication. Blah.


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  1. K Dramas….are written….as they go? O_O
    As someone how used to work in film and TV, I find this idea to be pure madness!

    • Hello Shinobi 🙂
      Yeah some of the Koreans dramas do not have a final draft when airing. There has been some disasters for that reason, or they extend the drama or change something at the end and so on.

    • Yes, I thought it a bit strange as well. I guess they want to keep things fresh and change the script according to viewer feedback. It sometimes ends in disaster though. lol

  2. I agree! Sometimes we watch a certain drama not because of the story but because of the eye candies. There are instances that some people rate dramas 5/5 because they are avid fans of the actor/actress without thinking that the ratings may confuse people most especially when the drama is really not good…I always see reviews like “best drama ever”, and because I’m curious, I’ll watch the drama…and then after watching the “best drama ever” that they are talking about, it seems like I’ve wasted my time! duh! fangirl-ing is a bad habit! it confuses people.. That’s why I only watch dramas that I think can satisfy me and dramas that are highly recommended by friends.. 🙂

    • Neh! Like Nageroboshi and With Love hahahaha :p
      Thank you for stopping by Jezzy dear, you are always so sweet. Goes without saying I agree with you 😀

      Don’t forget to stop by the albums, you might find plenty of hotties you like 😉 hahaha.

  3. I agree! people might be watching a certain drama not because of the story but because of the eye candies…I myself do that sometimes! But here’s the catch, I rate the drama based on the acting, plot, story line and etc. and not because I’m an avid fan of the actor/actress..And as much as possible, I try to finish every dramas I watch..Because only after the end you can say whether the drama is either good or bad.. 🙂

    • I agree! That’s why I won’t rant about a drama I haven’t seen all the way through. Okay maybe I did a little about Hana Kimi Remake but I stop at “I don’t get why they made a remake.” Haha. But yeah agreed – once you finish it then you can fully say “it’s good” or “it’s awful”

    • Jezzy!!!!! 😀 Thank you for coming my friend.

      You said something the girls (my fellow warriors lol) and I have said before many times: “only after the end you can say whether the drama is either good or bad” I guess if you drop a drama because you can’t watch it, then you ought to include that on your comment/rating, and only talk about what you did watch, but you are right. At the end, many things become clear 🙂

      • that’s right! the end justifies the means…but there are lots of dramas that are very good in the beginning, becoming lame on the middle and let you fall off the cliff in the end…well, that’s basically what dramas are all about..sometimes it entertains you, sometimes it bores you but most of the time makes you feel really happy and makes you realize something that you haven’t thought of realizing… 🙂

  4. Hahaha I do sometimes pick dramas based on eye-candy. But that’s not the only reason I pick dramas, or the only reason I keep watching them. I like to have an entertaining storyline to go along with it. And I watch dramas that have no eye-candy in it, too. (Bull doctor was a great drama but no eye-candy lol) Take 1% of Anything for example. I thought Kang Dong Won was ADORABLE. But the storyline/main female character got really bad. So I dropped it after suffering and suffering with it. Kang Dong Won is eye-candy, but even his cuteness and good acting, along with the adorable grandpa) couldn’t save that drama.

    • Haha I don’t blame you for dropping 1% of Anything, I watched till the end only because back then it was my beginning of drama watching and I didn’t know I could do such thing as to drop a drama and continue with another one lol. As unbelievable as it may sound, that is exactly how I felt, as if by dropping I would not have any more dramas and I could not do without my new found enjoyment 🙂 (still can’t haha).
      Thank you for the comment ninja!!! :p

      • Haha that’s how I am for the most part! There’s a few dramas I have dropped and a movie haha. I recently dropped Three Kingdoms because I just can’t bring myself to go back to it – it’s not that it’s a bad story, I’m just not in the mood for it and it’s soooooooooo long! haha.

        But yeah there’s dramas I wish I had dropped and didn’t, but I hate not finishing what I started, so I know exactly what you mean haha

        • I was wondering until when your loyalty to not dropping was going to last. When you told me you were watching Three Kingdoms I thought that might be it hahaha…. its too long, and you are distracted by too many other dramas that is only natural to not be bale to go back. It happened to me with dramas that have less episodes. Don’t feel bad hahaha… you did your best :p

          • Hahaha yeah I made it 14 episode in! Woot! But yeah I just couldn’t do it, haha, and I want to try Jumong! I think I might have to rethink things a little haha. And yes I get distracted really easily, if the story doesn’t catch on to me in the beginning I have trouble finishing it, and I do wind up finishing them for the most part haha. I’m sure Three Kingdoms gets more interesting, and I might try to watch more at a later date, but yeah it was way too long haha :p

  5. Even if I haven’t seen the drama, it’s true, you can’t base a story based on eye candy. It’s true – I may see someone in a drama and go “ooh he’s cute” but then I look and see if it even seems like a drama I’d like. Or I see how it’s been rated. I’d rather watch a drama with a good story than have a bunch of pretty boys in it. Although your right – beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we all have our own opinions

    • Yes I agree.
      Its really nice to watch a drama that has both things in it, eye-candy, and a good story. I think that’s where everybody’s difference of opinions might fall, but rating it down for lack of eye-candy…. haha, too much!! Thank you for leaving a comment fellow warrior ^^

      • I agree it’s too much as well. I can understand if the story fails to satisfy you in terms of story, but not because you don’t like how a person looks haha. Watch something else then. And haha your welcome (:

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