Don’t Be Cheap

      *sigh* That awkward moment when you are watching a scene in a drama (a very good drama mind you) and are having trouble paying attention to the actual story because it’s obvious they are in front of a green screen. It wouldn’t have been that hard to shoot them walking outside in the fall.

Two ways I know it’s a green screen:
1) They don’t blend in with their surroundings
2) The people “walking in the background behind them, are walking in place. LOL

      So rather than pay attention to the powerful story taking place………………………I’m mindlessly staring at the people walking and walking, but getting nowhere. SMH Please, I know you were trying to save money, but don’t be so cheap. Or at least be cleverer with your cheapness.


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  1. Haha and the even weirder part? Half-way through the scene, they are actually at the location that was used as a backdrop on the green screen for the first half. Weird. Maybe they ran out of time while on location and had to film the rest differently? /me is confused

    • LMAO. U think they ran out of money hahaha.

      • Haha That is a possibility. I loved the drama, the story was amazing. But that one scene had a lot of important stuff going on in it. And I couldn’t concentrate on it because I was so eerily mesmerized by the extras in the background walking in place. I watched the scene more than once in an attempt to pay attention to the main actors, but both times I was distracted. It reminded me of one of those creepy, surreal dreams that I’ve had. Where I’m trying so desperately to get somewhere, but no matter how much I walk or run I just end up in the same spot. lol

        • Geez, I have those dreams too hahaha… it means something that’s not good, but I just don’t know what lol. I also dream I’m running from someone that is trying to kill me, I have those all the time, and the one in which I’m trying to reach the end of my road but there are just too many things blocking me I never get there. :p

  2. Haha I’ve seen a few dramas with a horrible use of a green screen

    • The bb something something one you mentioned long time ago :p

      • Haha Bu Bu Jing Xin :p It’s a great story! Terrible green screen use hahaha. Actually there’s a scene where someone’s riding a horse and it looks like it came from a video game =___= And the lake….soooooo fake. Haha but still a great story, terrific actors, lovely costumes….just that one thing haha. And their bad use of time transitions.

  3. Haha I won’t say which drama unless I see that you have watched it or are watching it. I wouldn’t want to bias you on it. BTW for those that view this post. I went through HELL to get this post up. Our blog was glitching on me. 😥

  4. “Be cleverer with your cheapness” bawhahaha, I don’t know which drama this is, but I hope it has one awesome story because otherwise some people might not watch through the end. I hate when the story is really great, but the production is low. It makes me think too hard about what rating to give the drama.

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