” “Me Too, Flower” Might End Early Due to Poor Ratings? ” Are you serious?

A little while ago I came across this article and I just had to talk about it:

“Me Too, Flower” Might End Early Due to Poor Ratings?

“MBC’s currently airing Wednesday-Thursday drama “Me Too, Flower” might end at 15 episodes, according to reports from local news agencies.”

This is a rumor that’s been going around for the past few days, the question is – is it actually going to happen? I’ve read a few articles posted about it, here’s another one:

‘I’m a Flower Too!’ to end with 15 episodes

To begin with, this is a drama I’m currently watching, there’s 1O episodes out at the moment, 8 are subbed.  When you look up information on the drama there’s not much available – actually almost every site has the same synopsis: “A complex love story involving three women and one man.”

Here’s the teasers they released for it:

Doesn’t really sound interesting right? Actually before I started watching it I wasn’t sure what to expect, it didn’t really sound interesting and it looked like your average Rom-Com. The only reason why I started it was because Lee Ki Kwang (B2ST) is one of the supporting actors in it. I even put off starting it as soon as it was subbed. After watching the first few episodes I thought it wasn’t bad, the female lead, Cha Bong Seun (played by Lee Ji Ah), is a police officer and  knows how to stand up for herself and what she believes is right – and who doesn’t like seeing a fiery lead for once? The main lead, Seo Jae Hee (played by Yoon Shi Yoon), is the CEO of a lingerie company but he works undercover as a parking attendant. We know from the beginning that these two will meet and eventually fall in love – but what I didn’t expect was how touching and sad this drama can get. I wouldn’t classify it as a Rom-Com, in fact there’s only a handful of funny parts. It’s not laugh-out-loud funny, it’s more dramatic, something in between a melodrama and a Rom-Com.

Now, I’m not going to post any spoilers, at least not anything you won’t find out within the first 1O minutes of the drama. What I want to write is why I think people should give this drama a chance.

I mentioned above our two leads but you’re probably wondering who the other two females mentioned in the synopsis are. The first one is Park Hwa Young (Representative Park – played by Han Go Eun), she and Seo Jae Hee have known each other for a long time and work together, she’s the only one that knows of his actual identity. The other female is Kim Dal (played by Seo Hyo Rim), she’s a model and also happens to be Cha Bong Seun’s step-sister.

The drama starts off with Bong-Seun being told she has a bad attitude, she doesn’t follow orders well. She winds up being told she has two choices to make – get disciplinary action or take up counseling with the new counseling program. She takes up the counseling, meeting her counselor, Dr. Park Tae Hwa (played by Jo Min Gi). At first she has a very “whatever” attitude and is only showing up for the sake of keeping her job. As more time goes by, more episodes, we find out more about why she’s the way she is, what made her have her bull-headed attitude.

So where does Ki Kwang’s character come in? The whole reason for my starting the show – he’s Jo Ma Ru, a rookie officer who gets assigned to be Bong-Seun’s partner. He develops a noona crush on her.

My thoughts on the show after watching 8 episodes? I think it’s one of these shows that just gets better and better with each episode. At first I was kinda neutral about it, but now – I’m dying for each episode to get subbed, I can’t wait for subs! This drama is my favorite by far this season! I haven’t wanted to watch an airing drama this bad since The Princess’ Man!

Why do I think it’s such a good drama? Because it’s different. There’s something special about this drama. Maybe part of it is I wasn’t expecting anything from it. I didn’t expect it to take a serious note. I didn’t expect to fall in love with the main characters. In fact all of the actors are doing a terrific job – and they’re all really into their roles! Anybody who has a comment on the acting not being good has either not started this drama or hasn’t been paying attention! The music is also another great part about this drama. I’m in love with the song “Dreaming” by B2ST, the song that is currently on our sidebar of our blog.

The rest of the songs are also nice, they’re good background songs, upbeat, slow, they’re good (: None of the instrumentals have really caught me, but they don’t really need to in this type of drama.

Kikwang’s character, Ma Ru, he’s just so adorable! In fact – adorkable at that.



I really don’t think this drama deserves any negative press or bad feedback. It didn’t start off good, Kim Jae Won was originally supposed to be the lead for the drama. But he was in a motorcycle accident that happened on set and had to back down from the part. Yoon Shi Yoon was a great choice to replace him. I’ve seen Kim Jae Won in Can You Hear My Heart – which is a really good drama by the way – and he did a terrific job in his role. While I haven’t seen Yoon Shi Yoon in any other roles I think that the role for Seo Jae Hee fits him more than it would Kim Jae Won. And like I mentioned above – he’s really into his character as well!

The ratings for this drama may not be that well, but it is worth taking the time to give it a shot. I wish more people would give it a chance.

I really don’t want to see it end early. The main reason they’re ending it early is this:

“A representative from MBC revealed that because of scheduling conflicts with year-end award ceremonies, they had to cut the drama by one episode. This will mean that instead of December 29th, ‘I’m a Flower Too!’ will conclude on the 28th.”


“Despite MBC’s explanation, many have protested the decision through the drama’s official website, claiming that it was disrespectful to everyone working on the drama to cut it short by 1 episode. Fans felt that the real reason was because of its consistently weak ratings.”

Which leads me to believe that by doing this they probably feel they’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone – get rid of a drama that’s not doing well and open a spot for the end of the year award ceremonies. Everyone who’s working on this drama is working hard despite all of the bad luck they’ve seemed to had since it started.

Right now it’s a rumor as far as I know, but chances are it’s going to happen and it really isn’t fair – people just haven’t given this drama a chance. If you’re not watching it – make sure you do!

I don’t understand how a drama like Heartstrings did well and Me Too, Flower is falling short. I know that people have different tastes and what not, but seriously – how did Heartstrings get better ratings? Me Too, Flower has eye-candy for those who look for it, it has great actors, the story pulls you in – it’s not boring at all!! I know comparing this drama to something like Heartstrings may seem far out but here’s how I see it – the drama aired this year and it had production problems (Park Shin Hye’s accident). The thing about Heartstrings, though, was there wasn’t much to the storyline at all. It just makes me mad when good dramas go underrated when they’re the ones that really deserve all the attention. (Heartstrings didn’t do better, this was my bad, haha)

So I wanna give a shout out to the Me Too, Flower cast – No matter what happens to the drama, you guys are wonderful and I hope that you keep up the good work and pull through until the end!!!

I know they won’t read it, but still :p


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  1. I actually don’t wanna watch this drama but because of your post I happen to get curious and started watching..You are very right for saying this drama isn’t a rom-com..It has a touch of humor but it tackles very sensitive issues like one’s personality, self-acceptance, maturity and expression…I wonder why do they want to end it so soon?!

    • I’m happy you started watching it! 😀 And agreed, it tackles a lot of topics. Also I love how the main male lead is rich, but because of his upbringing he’s not a spoiled brat, he appreciates what he does have, which I find lacking in a lot of dramas. And yeah I don’t know why this drama doesn’t have better ratings :/ It’s also gotten negative feedback from some people because of the age difference in the lead actors, but I don’t see the big deal about it.

    • Are you still watching Jezzy? I’m watching too, and I really can’t understand why it has low ratings…. wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, because it doesn’t have popular actors :p
      Also, in my opinion the fact about the ratings being low might have nothing to do with them ending soon. There has been plenty of dramas that had low ratings and didn’t end sooner… I wonder.

      • Hahaha we posted our comments at the same time! xD

        But yeah I know they said that they’re ending it early because of the schedule clashing with the end of the year award ceremony, but fans don’t believe it and think it’s because of low ratings, so it might be both reasons

      • yes dear brashy..I’m still watching this drama.. 🙂 I guess the reason why it has poor ratings is not because of the actors..Since Lee Ji ah is quite popular and as well as Yoon Shi Yoon! hmmm..what seems to be the problem??? maybe on its marketing side???

        • Oh they are popular? I thought they weren’t as popular as other actors. Ill take your word for it my friend 🙂
          Their marketing side sure is bad, I hardly heard anything about this drama, other than what c4u has told me, so I wouldn’t doubt it.
          Yay!! Im happy you are watching, now we can share thoughts on this drama. 😀

  2. Well said. I hate when people give unnecessary attention to dramas because the actors in it, when they haven’t even watch the drama or even when the drama is really bad. I couldn’t get past the first episode of Heartstrings, I didn’t rate it because I didn’t think it was fair, but I just didn’t see what was all the fuss about…. OH WAIT!! I know, because the lead actors are the actors from You Are Beautiful… I was saying? Oh right, how I hate unnecessary attention because of a certain actor. Another drama that is highly underrated is Once Upon A Time In Saengchori.
    Great post c4u 🙂 Ill be watching this drama staring tonight, I want to support as well.

    • I agree! And haha yeah I really don’t know how I made it through Heartstrings honestly, there were some episodes that weren’t bad, but it was just so….boring! (This is my opinion haha – I know people have liked that drama). And I hate that, too! Just because an actor you like is in a drama doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best drama ever!
      And ohh I think I might’ve heard of that drama but I don’t remember haha, I’ll have to look it up (:
      And yay! 😀 You’ll have to let me know what you think of it! (:

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