The Many Expressions of Nakatsu

The part I loved most about Hana Kimi was the character Nakatsu.  I loved how expressive he was, you could see every emotion he felt.  He’s what you would call “an open book”.  Everything he feels is right there on his face.  Plus he is damn funny.Poor guy went through quite a lot in the drama.  He’s at an all-boys school, when suddenly, a classmate makes his heart go “doki-doki”.  He became very confused, can you blame him? After all, it’s an ALL-BOYS school.  So he begins to question his sexuality; hilarity ensues.

Here you see him happy


Acknowledging how brilliant he is:



Serious business

Milk cartons are serious business.


Even sadness 😦

Aww I never wanna see him make those faces again 😦

Back to the happy!

lol Even drinking cola becomes highly amusing.

He has the best monologues. Complete with hand gestures and hilarious facial expressions.

Haha And some overall funny moments

And finally, when you declare “Homo Janai!” (I am not a homo) you must strap a bra on and wear panties on your head. Then you must proceed to sing and do a silly dance.  Like so:

Doing this will prove your manliness and non-homoness……..It’s a word I swear!

Like Ikuta Toma’s expressions? You can view more of them here! 😉


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  1. Hahaha sleepy. Great post of our Nakatsu. Love how he never fails to entertain, even when he is sad (although I prefer him happy). I can’t never forget Nakatsu, after such an awesome portrayal of him by Ikuta Toma. 🙂

  2. Haha Nakatsu seriously did have the best facial expressions of them all! I don’t want to see him sad again either >__< And definitely have to love his monologues! 😀

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