Meet Big Bang


Big Bang is a hip-hop/pop group with five members from Seoul, South Korea. They were founded by YG Entertainment Inc. through a long audition process which was shown as a 1O episode documentary. Their first appearance as a group was on August 19, 2006 at YG Family’s 10th Anniversary concert. On September 23, 2006, they had their debut performance.

Despite the fact that they have a difference in ages, they’ve become a multi-talented group and are trained in all aspects of music (singing, rapping, dancing, composing and song writing).

The five members of the group are:


G-Dragon (G-드래곤)

Postion: Leader / Main Rapper
Name: Kwon Ji Yong (권지용)
Date of Birth: August 18,1988
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: A

Ji Yong works alongside T.O.P as the vocalist/rapper of the group. In 2OO7 he won the ‘Songwriter Award’ from MKMF; he’s widely-accepted as a talented songwriter and has even taken on a more active role of composing songs such as ‘Haru Haru’ for Big Bang.

Originally, he was supposed to debut as a child hip-hop artist (such as Lil’ Bow Wow and Lil’ Romeo did in the states), but was, however, unable to release an album. January 2OO1 began his debut as he had a part on the album “Daehanmingook Hip-Hop Flex” as a rapper and was also later recruited with Tae Yang to act in Jinusean’s MV as their minis. This happened a month after the album release.

More Info:

◆He’s a Christian

◆He’s pretty bright…When he is quiet, he is extremely quiet. He lightens the mood a lot. He leads the group. His senses are fast, has high self-esteem and likes to be outstanding.

◆”G-Dragon” comes from his original name, “Ji Yong,” because Yong means “dragon” and Ji sounds just like the letter “G”

◆”Lie” was suppose to be GD’s solo because he wrote it, but in the end they decided to sing as a group

◆GD’s childhood friend is Kangin from Super Junior

◆G-Dragon was scouted by SM Entertainment while on a ski trip with his family.   He was a trainee with SM for 5 years specializing in dance.  He left because he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do.


T.O.P (The Official Pimp, 탑)

Position: Lead Rapper, Beat-Boxer
Name:  Choi Seunghyun (최승현)
Date of Birth: November 4, 1987
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: B

One of the two rappers in Big Bang, and also the oldest member. G-Dragon and T.O.P were neighborhood friends in middle school. They liked to dance and rap together. When G-Dragon moved away they became distant, but G-Dragon contacted T.O.P when YG Entertainment was searching for candidates for a boy band. 

In 2O1O he released his official debut digital single, “Turn It Up,” after appearing in several popular collaborations. Besides rapping, T.O.P is also talented when it comes to beat-boxing.

To distinguish between the two Big Bang members named Seung Hyun, YG’s staff calls him Keun Seung Hyun (“Big Seung Hyun”). Prior to joining Big Bang, he gave performances in clubs and even won KBS Radio’s “Rap Battle” in 2OO3 under the stage name Tempo.

More Info:

◆Se7en gave him the stage name T.O.P

◆He has acted in dramas and films. (Iris, I Am Sam, 71: Into the Fire)

◆Is part of a side-project called GD & T.O.P along with fellow Big Bang Member G-Dragon

◆In 2010 he won the Hallyu Popularity Award in the 47th Grand Bell Film Awards, 47th PaekSang Award for Popularity Award (Actor in a Motion Picture), 47th PaekSang Award for Best New Actor, Max Movie Award for Best New Actor, 31st Blue Dragon Film Award for Popularity and the Award for Best New Actor, and Style Icon Award for Best New Actor.

◆Before he joined Big Bang he was a rapper under the name Tempo.  He has been rapping since middle school.

◆He was originally rejected by YG Entertainment for being too “chubby”.  He returned 6 months later to audition again after losing 20 kg. (I would just like to say, this must have been a very difficult feat. Big kudos to him!)


Daesung (D-Lite, 대성)

Position: Main vocalist
Name: Kang Daesung (강대성)
Date of Birth: April 26, 1989
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: O

Since debuting, Daesung has released solo singles. So far he has three solo trot singles that are released: 날 봐, 귀순 (Look At Me, Gwisoon), 대박이야! (Big Hit!), and Cotton Candy. He’s also the second Big Bang member to star in a musical.

His parents were against him becoming a singer, but Daesung pursued his career and eventually found himself recruited by YG Entertainment after auditioning. Later on he appeared on a documentary show following his future members of Big Bang.

More Info:

◆He has performed in musicals, including Cats.

◆Acted in the recent drama What’s Up

◆Became a regular member of variety show Family Outing and talk show Night After Night

◆He was jokingly referred to as the “unpretty boy” by staff (I disagree, he’s adorable) but ended up being one of the most popular members.

◆Is a big fan of Japanese cartoon character Doraemon and collects Doraemon merchandise.

◆Loves to goof off and is the comedian of the group


Tae Yang (태양)

Position: Vocalist
Real Name: Dong Yong Bae (동영배)
Stage Names: Tae Yang, YB Tae Kwon, YBTK
Date of Birth: May 18, 1988
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Blood Type: AB

Taeyang has been with YG Entertainment since he was 12 years old alongside fellow member/leader G-Dragon. He made his debut in 2OO6 as a member of Big Bang. He released Hot, his first debut mini-album in 2OO8. Hot was so well received by fans and critics that he even won two trophies from the 7th Korean Music Awards for the 2OO8 Best R&B/Soul Song (나만 바라봐, “Only Look At Me”) and the 2OO8 Best R&B/Soul Album (Hot). He’s the first “Idol group” or boyband member to receive such awards.

His first full-length album, Solar, was released on July 1, 2O1O. There were two versions for this album – the “Regular Edition” and the “Deluxe Edition.” The regular edition contained 11 songs while as the deluxe edition, limited to 3O,OOO copies worldwide, had 13 songs (which included 2 songs from his first mini-album, “Only Look At Me” and “Prayer”). The limited Deluxe Edition of Solar was sold out of the very first day of sales, all 3O,OOO copies were sold out in online and offline stores.

On July 9, 2O1O, Solar hit second place on iTunes’ Top R&B-Soul albums chart in the United States and first place in Canada, making him the first Asian musician in history to attain such an achievement.

Solar also became his first international album, and was the very first Kpop music release to be sold worldwide on iTunes as both an audio and video album. The audio includes a combination of both English and Korean versions of his songs from past and present during the year 2O1O.

More Info:

◆Before BIG BANG was formed, Tae Yang and fellow bandmate G-Dragon were known as “G-Dragon & YB Tae Kwon.” They have performed as a duo at concerts such as ‘Se7en’s’. First SE7EN as rappers and backup dancers.

◆Taeyang (테양) means “sun” in Korean

◆Received first kiss while filming “Ma Girl” MV

◆First appeared in A-Yo MV as younger version of JinuSean

◆“Papa” of the group (gets them to talk about their problems)


Seung Ri (승리)

Position: Vocalist
Real Name: Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)
Stage Name : Seung Ri (승리); V.I
Date of Birth: December 12, 1990
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Bloodtype: A

Seungri was born in Gwangju, the sixth major city in Korea. He’s mostly known for his dance skills. Before becoming an active member in Big Bang, he was a member of the dance group II hwa. After joining Big Bang he’s even choreographed some of their dances!

In June 2OO5, he made his first appearance on the reality television series Let’s Cokeplay: M.Net Battle Shinhwa. It’s a show in which Shinhwa made an attempt to create a boy band that could be a “second Shinhwa.” (For those that don’t know, Shinhwa is a popular Kpop group and hip hop group that made their debut on March 24, 1998). Seungri was noticed for his dance skills but he wound up being eliminated due to his lack of vocal skills. Later on he was scouted by YG Entertainment (record label) and joined Big Bang. In the Big Bang Documentary he was cut on the ninth episode but made a comeback after being given another chance to impress the CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, and succeeded.

More Info:

◆In Sonagi, 2OO8, he became the first member of the group to perform in a musical

◆He fought against SO-1 who was a former member to stay in the group.

◆Sometimes called Panda or Baby Panda because of the dark circles under his eyes

◆He was given the nickname “Mek Ggeun” (Mood Killer) by his fellow members because he would always kill the mood

Former Member

[BEAST] HyunSeung Pictures, Images and PhotosJang Hyunseung | 장현승

Stage Name: (From Big Bang) So-1
Group Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist (B2ST/BEAST)
Nickname : JS
Date of Birth : September 3, 1989
Height : 176cm
Weight : 58kg

During those days Hyunseung was referred to as SO-1. He was up against Seungri for his last shot at being in Big Bang. After failing the audition, he and Seungri were given another shot at showcasing their abilities. The result was Yang Hyun Suk (CEO of YG Entertainment) dropping SO-1 because of his lack of stage presence and because he was “too shy.”

After resulting in disappointment, Hyunseung moved onto another record company and is now a member of B2ST/BEAST. Hyunseung has also had recent success with his team-up with 4Minute member Hyuna in Trouble Maker.


(We both worked on this post together, but it won’t let us show both of us as authors at the top)


◆I’ve only been listening to Big Bang for about a month or two now, but I’ve started liking more and more of their music as I listen to it. They have a western sound in their music that sets them apart from other Kpop groups. I’ve even started listening to some of their older music lately and some of them remind me of songs I grew up listening to (what I mean by that is the sound of their music, the beats, the dances, the fashion/looks). After doing this post I feel really impressed by them, I never knew this much about them. G-Dragon writes his own songs, T.O.P has been rapping since middle school and was once a little “chubby,” Daesung went against his parents wishes and followed his dreams, Taeyang made Kpop history, and Seungri almost didn’t become a part of Big Bang! Also I never knew that Hyunseung was almost a Big Bang official member! I like them even more the more I read up on them, they really are a multi-talented group and they’re definitely one-of-a-kind original! I was glad to hear they won against Britney Spears in the MTV European Music Awards! Big Bang keep on rocking! Fighting!! 😀

◆I have been listening to Big Bang for over a year now, but writing this post has helped me to learn so many new things about them. I love their music and think it’s wonderful that they do other things outside of music like modeling  and acting. The thing I love most about this group (other than their awesome songs) is that you can tell how well they get along with each other and love working together. As well as how much fun and enjoyment they get out of making music and performing it for others to see.  They work really hard and have been through many trials and tribulations.  And they have definitely risen above these troubles and keep coming back stronger than before! Fighting! 😀

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  1. when i watched the video of them winning at the EMAs i screamed. something like that is completely out of character for me lol.

    this is great C4U & SN 🙂 well written and well researched. there were even some things i didnt know. thanks for the great post 😀

  2. Haha Yeah I was so glad that Big Bang won the award instead of Britney Spears. They deserved it and I don’t think she would have deserved to win. I loved her older stuff and the lyrics and music for her new stuff is good…………but she is relying heavily on auto-tune and it just seems like she’s not even trying anymore. She seems to hardly put any effort in her singing and her choreography has gone downhill. I’ve been very disappointed with all of her recent performances.

  3. WOW they won against Britney?? Not that I don’t think them capable of that… Britney to me is the female JB. I’m just really happy that they did, is one more accomplishment of good bands that are hardly heard of here in America, but do deserve recognition. I also agree with you that their beat has a bit of western in it, I think that’s one reason why it was easier for me to get into it… no that I don’t think Kpop is good, but its harder for someone who has been 25-30 years without listening to it, to suddenly love it! and I love it thanks to Big Bang 😀
    Yes! I definitely see their chemistry on stage and in their videos. They are a great bunch. I just love to see them together.
    This is an awesome post girls!! I love it.

    • Yepp 😀 And haha I used to like Britney…her old stuff, I grew up with her, but no I’m so glad they won against her! And plus it makes them more international! And I agree with you! And haha yeah after listening to one type of music your whole life it’s hard to get used to something else, I’m glad Big Bang helped you find your medium 😀 Glad you liked it!!! 😀

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