Big Bang From Our Hearts

There are many things the dramatards like about Big Bang. Their music; each member’s unique and beautiful personality; the determination they put into everything they do… yes, we love Big Bang, that is why it became the highlight of our week.

Not everything has been said, but it will take more than a week to say everything about Big Bang, because they are that great. However, we can always share with you our favorite songs from them, and our thoughts on it… how we say it (unofficially) Sleepy, C4U, and JADEEYES:

“Haru, Haru” also known as “Day By Day”, is the lead single of Big Bang’s third mini-album Stand Up. It was released in August 8 of 2008, and soon after it reached number one pop song on the music charts, and held the position for six weeks.

“I love the story that takes place in the video as well as how emotional the song is without entering the realm of cheesy, if that makes any sense…” on “Haru, Haru” –Sleepninja

“Last Farewell” From their album Hot Issue, was released on November 22, 2007. The song was composed by G-Dragon, as all the other songs from the album. For the video of this song they used actor Lee Dong Gun.

“I think it’s a cute music video, the guy is in love with this girl and tries to get her to notice him but she doesn’t give him the time of day. But what she doesn’t know is the guy she’s searching for is actually him, as he changes his looks at night and becomes this ‘cool’ guy. And the song is pretty catchy. Haha…” on “Last farewell” –Crazy4You.

“Tonight” is the lead-single from the album Tonight released in February 23, 2011. The song was written by G-Dragon, while T.O.P. wrote the rap parts. It was released online, and it top #3 on the Billboard World Music Chart, and also topped number one on several music charts from Korea.

“What I like about this song is how it makes me feel blue despite it being upbeat. I love how it starts, and the video shows me the beginning of a story that goes like this: Its cold, winter perhaps… I’m walking on a busy city street at night, full of bright lights and music coming from the clubs, cars driving fast, honking their horns desperately… or being honked at. People rushing to meet up at that special place, all seem happy; the city is alive, yet I feel empty inside.” on “Tonight” –JADEEYES.

This has been a collaboration post by all the authors in The Dramatards. 🙂


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  1. Haru Haru was my first BIGBANG song and my first Kpop song. its the song that made me fall in love with BIGBANG and Kpop and it will always be in my heart as my favorite song ever 🙂 i have never hated a BIGBANG song sure some werent as good as others but they are all amazing in there own way. I ❤ BIGBANG.

    lol ok im going to stop now i could go on about my love for BIGBANG forever 😛

    • Hahaha ali, yes lets fangirl over them a bit more. I love them too, especially for everything that have manged to accomplish, and not being easy to get recognition internationally because there is a lot of competition out there, but Big Bang surely deserves it, they are amazing!! I also like “Haru Haru” and the story in the video is sad but it was nicely done.
      Thank you for your comment 😀

    • Haha I know! There is so much to say about them XD I love this band so much.

    • There isn’t any Big Bang song I hate either! And agreed, some are better than others but I like all of the songs I’ve heard by them! And haha there is a lot to say about them! 😀

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