10 Things that Hana Kimi Taught Me

Spoiler code: Yellow


Watching the drama Hana Kimi taught me many important life lessons.  Lessons I think we all will find useful.

1. A female can very easily pass as a boy and live in an all boys’ boarding school.  No one will be suspicious at all. Even the school’s resident psychic will be fooled. After all, it’s perfectly normal for a dude to use the bathroom stall to pee.

2. It will, however, make them question their sexuality.

3. NO WORRIES! Just throw a pair of girly panties in their direction. Seeing these will help them determine the truth about themselves.

4. Dogs are panty thieves.

Hmmmm If any of mine mysteriously go missing, I know where to look. *glares at my dog*

5. Forget spitting up pea soup and the horrible skin condition. Linda Blair lied. What actually happen during possession is you get a makeover and ……..well have a sex-change.

6. All boys’ schools are full of gorgeous men. True story. They are gorgeous. Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

7. Not only are they gorgeous, they love to parade around in towels

8. The emotionally vacant, loner types should not be trusted with alcohol.  Even the smallest amount turns them into a kissing machine.

(skip to 4 minutes and 8 seconds)

9. Cheerleading is super manly, especially when you put the choreography to a song about becoming a girlfriend………….yeah manly.

10. When you are finally caught, there will be no consequences. None at all. In fact I highly suspect that if you were to try to infiltrate the school a second time, they  would be fooled again. Just dye your hair and it will be all clear.  😉

Look at the gallery…….you know you want to! Click!


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  1. ROFL 🙂 i loved hana kimi. it really is very educational lol. i love all of Nakatsu’s monologues (‘ike ike go go” will forever be stuck in my head ❤ lol). and the part about Oscar (i dont even remember how many times he got possessed haha), i will also have to keep a close eye on my dog :p

    Great Post 🙂

  2. Awesome post Sleepy 😀
    Loved number 4 the most… now I know why some of my panties were missing hahaha :p
    Lovely, lovely post.

  3. Great post SN! 😀 Haha Hana-Kimi is very educating! Great videos also! (: Haha I agreed with all you said, and about the cheerleading dance…I remember watching that and just shaking my head. Too great :p

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