Apologize for what? I’m a meat eater and I’m not ashamed.

Korean Vegetarian Union demands an apology from KBS

Broadcast network KBS has come under fire for some “disgusting and unpleasant footage”, according to the Korean Vegetarian Union.

On the December 26th broadcast of KBS2TV‘s ‘Hello‘, singer IU was seen eating raw cow liver. The Korean Vegetarian Union felt so outraged by the footage that they demanded an apology from KBS.

On December 27th, the Vegetarian Union sent out a press release titled, “KBS, apologize for broadcasting such unpleasant and disgusting footage“, which reads as follows:

Millions of people have watched this public program with their families in the comfort of their homes. It’s a pity that food that may cause feelings of aversion and displeasure were shown without any censorship. Also, the fact that they broadcasted a show that may mislead people into thinking that animals are simply things to eat without hesitation is deplorable.

Korea’s high meat consumption has raised issues of poor health, environmental destruction, and animal abuse. Therefore, we are requesting that a broadcast that promotes meat consumption be rejected. We wish healthy and environmentally friendly vegetarian diets were made known as well as the idea of respecting animals.

The Vegetarian Union sent the same press release to the producers of “Hello” on December 27th.

IU’s Liver clip starts at 7:00

Credits to Allkpop

I’m sorry, I support vegetarians and think it’s fine that they don’t want to eat meat. But I hate when there are those people that get on their high horse and talk down to others. Also just because you don’t like meat, doesn’t mean you should impose your will on others. It’s ridiculous what they are trying to get the company to do. The company has nothing to apologize for. They should be free to show people eating meat. Especially considering that a vast majority of the world’s population are MEAT EATERS! I have a few friends that are vegetarians but respect those that eat meat. Why must these people be so inconsiderate of others personal choices? I just find this whole situation ridiculous.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a meat eater and I think the pics of that meat look gross. But hey, I don’t have to eat it do I?


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  1. I hope KBS did not apologize. Ugh…if you are a vegetarian and that kind of thing offends you…reach over and press the button on the remote. easy as pie.

  2. Haha I just think its funny how they dare “demand” they didn’t even ask, not hat I agree KBS should apologize, I mean… I don’t think anybody should apologize for what their choice of food is, that is ridiculous. But the fact that they DEMANDED hahaha, that’s too funny.
    There are so many outrageous things happening all over the world… really there are more important things to demand apologize for. They need to get off their high cloud.

    • Agreed with all of that, haha. And it is a very small matter compared to some things going on in the world.

      • I don’t want to say anything too offensive, but people that become vegetarian sometimes act high and mighty like they are doing something soooooo good for the world… ohh-kay I want to know a few things: Do they feed the homeless everyday? Do they clothed them? Give them money? Do they donate 10% of their annual salary to children starving in other countries? Do all of them do that?
        I have met people that claim to be vegetarian and try to get rid of street cats by feeding them poison so the cat wont go inside their homes O:
        Explain that to me better so that I understand what doing a good deed is?

        • I don’t really know anybody who’s a vegetarian. One of my best friends is a vegetarian because of health issues – so she really has no choice in the matter. And that’s sad about the person who gave those cats poison 😦 That’s not to say all vegetarians are going to be like that , but you’re right it isn’t a good dead :/

          • Right, not all of them are like that, just like not everyone is a saint. But that’s the whole issue, the ones that act all high and mighty think they are better cuz they don’t eat meat.

            • That’s true. And it does get annoying when people in general think they’re all high and mighty because of something like “they don’t eat meat.” The truth is they’re no different than anyone else and they really shouldn’t criticize people for not being like them. Actually with that kind of attitude I wouldn’t want to be like them. Haha.

        • That’s seriously messed up. :O I want to feed them (the humans) poison and get them off the streets. .:E

    • Yeah I’ve know several vegetarians. And a lot of them are friends of mine. And even a couple of them have stated that they don’t like how some vegetarians that act high and mighty about it, because it ruins things for those that don’t. One friend stated that because she got so tired of some of her acquaintances being so elitist about it, she almost quit being a vegetarian. She was worried that hanging out with people like that would make others assume she was that way too. Thankfully she stayed a vegetarian. It would have been horrible if she had quit just because some people are jerks. It was almost like a crisis of faith in a way for her. And it goes to show that acting the way the organization i this article does can have negative effects. People might be less inclined to consider vegetarianism for fear of dealing with people that have bad attitudes.

  3. I find that ridiculous as well. I think it’s fine if you’re a vegetarian and fine if you’re not, if you don’t like it don’t watch it but other people eat meat and what was so wrong about IU eating meat on live TV? Don’t they eat meat in dramas, too? Are they going to tell people to stop recording people eating meat? Isn’t that a little ridiculous? While I do agree that it has lead to animal abuse (and I believe that is something they should be more focusing on then complaining about it), but people will eat how they want to eat…

    • Exactly If you’re gonna spend you’re life demanding apologies from every single person that eats meat in public……….PSH! Good friggin luck with that. You’ll die of old age before you accomplish that feat. SMH

      • Agreed!! There’s no reason to apologize! How long have people been eating meat? Ohh just for CENTURIES now… nobody cares if you’re a vegetarian, to each his/her own, but don’t get on other people’s cases about it. It’s their bodies, their lives

        • Exactly our bodies were designed to be omnivores. But mainly for eating meat. While I think it’s ok to be a vegetarian, technically you are going against the way your body was designed to function. Why should you make others feel guilty for eating something their bodies are supposed to eat? You don’t see vegetarians lecturing wolves on eating meat and how it’s so much healthier to eat green food. Because wolves are made for eating meat, so why do they lecture us for doing the same?

          • Exactly! The human race would not have survived if they hadn’t eaten meat. Don’t lecture about knowing everything because you obviously don’t! The way they choose to live is up to them and how we live is up to us. Period.

            • I mean honestly, can you imagine a vegetarian going up to a lion feasting on a gazelle in public. Then proceeding to tell them how it’s not fair to the giraffe’s who like to eat leaves to have to have to watch it. “I demand an apology Mr. Lion. Please start showing more lions eating leaves. We want to show that eating leaves is good too.”
              *bashes head against wall* Honestly Koreans eat a lot of veggies in general too, and you see it all the time on drama and shows. But I guess since there’s meat to go with those veggies it doesn’t count. If this organization is so gung-ho about spreading more knowledge about vegetarianism, why don’t they actually spread the knowledge instead of being whiny little brats about it?

              • Hahaha /me can see that talk with the lion going over so well *lion looks at person…and eats them* =____= haha

                And yeah they do! Asians in general eat pretty healthy to begin with, a lot healthier than us Americans do I can guarantee (for the most part haha)! And agreed! They don’t have to whine about it and get themselves involved in the news. It’s really…too much

    • well to answer to the comment about the vegetarian and the lion hahaha. I have read somewhere that Paul’s wife (who died of cancer) did not smoke, drink, and was a vegetarian, she turned her dog into a vegetarian and tried to do the same with her cat but FAILED. Felines are meet eaters… period. lol.

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