Review – The Princess’ Man

공주의 남자

 Period, romance

Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-20 to 2011-Oct-06

Main leads:

Moon Chae Won as Lee Se Ryung
Park Shi Hoo as Kim Seung Yoo

Synopsis: A tragic love story between the daughter of Prince Suyang and grandson of Kim Jong Seo. The son of Kim Jongseo, Seungyoo, is a handsome and wise man who carries a noble quality. Princess Seryeong, a daughter of King Sejo, aka prince Sooyang, is a cheerful, lively lady with a strong curiosity and bold personality. They fall in love instantly but later they find out that their parents are sworn enemies. It’s a Chosun dynasty version of “Romeo and Juliet”.

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Let me start with – I’m going to copy a review I already have posted on another site (MyDramaList – my name is the same there). It’s one of my better reviews so I wanted to share the love for it – this drama I mean, haha. This is still one of my favorite dramas and it’s got to be one of the best dramas from 2O11! Also I didn’t use or post any spoilers. The videos I posted have nothing more than maybe a sneak peak. And the pictures don’t give much away (:

Ohh where to begin! This drama I wasn’t sure I was even going to pick up but around 4 episodes out I started to watch it. It’s my very first saeguk drama as well. In the beginning I didn’t have any expectations for it – except for a happy ending. As the episodes progressed I found myself more and more liking the drama. And then somewhere around episodes 8 or 9 I became addicted to it. Each episode kept getting better – I found myself in a whirl of emotions while I watched. Waiting each week I tried to be patient but as soon as subs were available I dropped everything else to watch it.

The story has a Romeo & Juliet theme – for most people this might turn them away. After all, everyone knows the tragedy that befell that couple. This drama is indeed a tragedy in many parts. Don’t let that turn you away from this drama – everything about it turned out right in the end. I encourage you to watch it to understand what I mean by that (:

The characters….oh where to begin. I found myself rooting for our leads in their struggle to be together – the fight against Su Yang. His character is one you find yourself hating right away. Shin Myeong – his character many hated but I couldn’t bring myself to hate him. Why? Because he was so pitiful. I imagine his choice was a difficult one and I could feel that he was torn in making it. Princess Kyeung Hye – I didn’t like her in the beginning, there were things she did that made it hard to like her. I felt myself understanding her character more as time progressed – and by the end her character was one I found myself liking.

That being said – the acting is wonderful!! No complaints at all! This was the first drama I’ve seen Park Shi Hoo act in and I absolutely loved him! Moon Chae Won I remember seeing in Shining Inheritance as the step sister. Seeing her go from her pitiful character in that drama to the role she has in this makes me think she’s a good actress. Of course the rest of the cast is great as well!

The music….it’s beautiful! The entire soundtrack is beautiful! From the instrumentals to the actual songs – all of them are great and fit the flow of the drama very well. I also loved the songs they had in Italian – “Vola” and “Destino.” The original Romeo & Juliet story is from Italy so I felt this was a nice touch.

I can see myself rewatching this drama someday – although not anytime soon.

Overall – what else can I say? This is a terrific drama! A must watch of 2O11! It’s the best drama I’ve seen this year from the handful I have seen. If you haven’t already begun this drama I highly recommend it! 

Also – in my own personal opinion I felt this was a much better story than Romeo & Juliet. By that I mean it felt more realistic and believable to me.

Watch it!! (: 

It’s been 3 months since I’ve written this review, and I still agree with everything I’ve said. I’m still listening to the soundtrack, from the beautiful instrumentals to the theme songs. I miss this drama already :p

The song’s title here is “And Longing”

This drama aired around the same time Protect The Boss aired. The two dramas were head to head for the #1 spot for the longest time, which should tell you how popular this drama was while it was airing in Korea – (Take a look at the ratings)

So if you haven’t seen this drama yet, I highly recommend you find some time and watch it (: It’s worth it!! 

I still give it a full 1O/1O!
Or you can stream it at DramaCrazy!

Some pictures to look at (:


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  1. I’m going to watch this one day, but I read somewhere that it’s a tragic love story. I despise “Romeo and Juliet” love stories. Just so you know, I skipped all the comments just in case of spoilers, so anything you have written is so far void until I watch this.

    Just answer me this. Is watching this going to make my blood pressure rise?

    • Well…I’ll start with saying I’m not a big fan of Romeo and Juliet [I just couldn’t get into it] but I absolutely loved this story – there might be parts when you feel your blood pressure rise because there’s a lot of angst – but trust me when I say it’s worth it! There’s tragedy and love and each episode leaves you hanging – wanting the next one, having to know what happens.

      And haha my review is spoiler free (:

    • Haha I’ve gotten pretty tired of the Romeo and Juliet formula as well. :/ I plan to watch this one, but I hope it doesn’t follow that formula too much.

      • Well…like I said – I’m not a fan of Romeo & Juliet but I loved this story! (: The only similarities to Romeo & Juliet is the theme – two people who fall in love but their families hate each other. Everything else is something that belongs to Korea and makes it it’s own story (:

        • Sweet! That part I was ok with. But there were other elements to Romeo and Juliet that are just……they give you a headache from the annoyance lol

          • Haha yeah I agree! It’s why I never got into it. But trust me, The Princess’ Man is it’s own story and aside from the theme, there’s not much else in common with Romeo & Juliet (:

  2. I left it in episode 2, and still have second thoughts when looking at the title on my PTW list. I know it will be beautiful and I will love it, but I just dont want to be put through that kind of suffering at the moment. I know you said its got an ending that can makes us understand all the suffering, but… I think ill leave it for my next line up.
    About the original Romeo & Juliet, I understand what you say about her being 13 and not feeling connection… but I look at it this way, she was 13 in a time in which at that age you were ready to get married and have babys soon after, because men didnt have the life expectancy that we have now. So, I think, even though she was young, she was raised differently from the way we are reaised today. Yeah the love could have been just infatuation, and I believe it was, but one of the points of the story in Romeo & Juliet is how much you desire something that cannot be yours to the point of madness. Their families should have not kept them apart, and perhaps they would have stop loving each other at some point. The other point, and I think the main one, was how much hatred can lead to tragedy. That’s the way I see Romeo & Juliet.
    This drama might have the same message or not, I dont know, but I will give it a try. Because like sleepy said, I also like watching newer versions and different takes on the story. I actually like this kind of tragedy, but it takes a while for me to make the decision to finally watch it lol… if that makes sense. 🙂

    • I know what you mean, and I don’t want to say anything more about the ending as it’d be a spoiler. And that’s true, too. I see Romeo & Juliet as a tragedy but I don’t see it as “the best love story ever told” or “the most tragic love story ever told”. I do think it had been infatuation for Juliet…I read the play in 9th grade and saw the original movie as well, but I just never got into it. And that’s true, probably what it was about. I think the more that the families tried to force them to not see each other made them want each other more – as is the most case with anybody: you get told you can’t have something so it makes you want it more and more. But what I enjoyed more about this version was not only an entirely new take with a new scenario but same theme, was how much longer they had to fall in love. It wasn’t a sort of immediate “I must have her” as it was in Romeo & Juliet so I found it to be more realistic and more believable.

      • Yes, that is true. I completely understand your view. Personally I don’t think there is ever a “most” anything in this world… people just use it to make impact (oops I should not be saying this as I often use it lol) What I mean is, while we can learn to see greatness in something, it doesn’t mean we have to like it haha… so I understand. I myself like the story because I love how they died without intending to, that is a real tragedy to me. Bad things happen when you least wish them to, if you ever do wish any bad. I mean, the way they died was like OMG why??????? haha, but yeah, they fell in love immediately. Later remind me to tell you about a real author that had an unbelievable kind of life. Great review BTW 🙂

        • Haha that’s true, it’s all opinions anyways (: And haha we all do it to make impact – “This has got to be the best drama I’ve ever seen” for example (: And haha that’s true as well. And that’s true, too, bad things seem to happen when you’re actually at your best, and in the story it happened after they fell in love. And yeah how they died was the real tragedy of the story, and yeah the ending makes you angry because you’re like “you should have waited a little longer!” And hahaha okay (: And thanks! 😀 Glad you liked it (:

      • Haha Yeah, I definitely agree. Romeo and Juliet was NOT the greatest love story ever told. How could it be? I don’t think killing yourself is romantic at all, it’s just foolishness. In my version, they told their parents to get the eff over their idiotic feud, got married, and LIVED. Now that’s a love story! lol

  3. It looks really good. I hope to watch it as soon as my roulette game allows. While the original Romeo and Juliette did make a lot of impact on the way literature is seen today, I agree that it’s not necessarily worth a TON of hype. It’s a wonderful story, but I only read the play once, and that’s enough for me. lol I do like seeing newer takes on it though. There have been some really good interpretations and stories that put their own twist on it. Although I couldn’t stand the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, couldn’t even finish that adaptation. (It gave me a headache)

    • I felt it was really good (: And hahaha I hope your roulette game lets you watch it soon :p And yeah the original Romeo & Juliet made a huge impact and is known as the most tragic love story – but I never really got into it haha. I guess when I thought about it I kept wondering if they were really in love, or was their love built out of something else? She was only like 13, and if I think of how I was at 13…can you really say she loved him? I kind of found the story overrated haha. And ohh I didn’t like that Leonardo Dicaprio movie either haha – okay let’s make it a modern world…but wait why is everyone speaking in old English? *smh*

      This version has a Romeo & Juliet sort of theme but it’s its own story haha (: I loved it!

      • Haha Yeah, the speaking in old English in a “modern” version was pretty weird, but the thing that bothered me the most was the stupid camera effects they used. They were unnecessary and ruined the whole mood of the story. Why the heck would you speed up the film at random and make them look like they were in some comedy or cartoon with “Flight of the Bumblebee” playing? It was just lame, and the acting could have been a lot better in my opinion.

        • Haha I don’t even remember that! I don’t think I watched the whole movie, just parts of it and I couldn’t get into it. And LOL. I agree they could’ve made it a lot better, first off – drop the old English if it’s modern day. Second off – put forth some effort in the acting, maybe they would’ve acted better if they could’ve spoken in regular English. And third off – make it more realistic haha.

          • I could only stomach about half an hour to an hour. I never finished it. Funny thing is? we watched it in my English class…………ugh! Usually I’m happy to watch movies in class, but this had me begging for a paper instead. -___- At least with the English class after that one, we got to watch Oh Brother Where Art Thou? I LOVE that movie, have watched it at least 15 times.

            • Haha that’s terrible! We watched the original version in my class when we read Romeo & Juliet but not the remake haha. People kept saying that the guy who played Romeo looks like Zac Efron….LOL.

              Haha I’ve actually never seen Oh Brother Where Art Thou :p

              • You haven’t? :O You should! It’s awesome, plus it has a bajillion references to Homer’s “The Odyssey”. Watch it and see how many you can spot. 😉 Plus I love the music. Lot’s of good ol’ songs. 🙂

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