Our Favorite JYJ & DBSK songs (:

This past week and a half we’ve been all working on learning more about this amazing group! There’s so much to say about them as well! Definitely looking forward to the future of what is now two groups! Their highlight this week is coming to an end in a few days, but it’s a guarantee that as long as they keep making music and making an impact on the Kpop world – there will be future posts on them (:

We’d like to share our favorite songs of past and present from them – and what we think about the songs we picked and why we picked them.

“주문 (Mirotic)” is the title track off of TVXQ’s 4th studio album “Mirotic” which was released on September 26, 2008. Three days after its release, Mirotic became the best selling album of the year, topping the 2008 Hanteo yearly charts with 333,000 copies sold. On November 15, 2008, the album won the album of the year award at the 2008 MKMF Korean Music Festival awards selling over 500,000 copies. “Mirotic” is a newly coined term, created by Hero Jaejoong, that combines the Korean MIRO (미로), meaning “maze”, and the English suffix “-tic”.

It was the first DBSK song I heard. I loved how cool the beat was and the sexy vibe it gave off. The music video was very interesting. It had this dark sort of vibe to it. And the concept of the girl having them all trapped and struggling to free themselves was awesome. I loved the choreography and their overall look and style for the song as well. –Sleepninja

“Empty” was their second single off of JYJ’s debut album The Beginning which was released as a digital download in the US on November 16, 2010.

“Empty” just seems like an awesome f-you song. It’s all about leaving someone that is no good for you. In the lyrics, they are talking about leaving this girl. And just flat out tell her that she’s cold and her heart is empty. It’s very much a take charge of yourself and move on sort of thing. The piano music in this song is so pretty. I just love the sounds of their voices accompanied by the piano. –Sleepninja

“Love Is Never Gone” is a track off of TVXQ’s Rising Sun album which was released September 12, 2OO5.

For me, Kpop is about finding that which I call “my happy medium” (a part of the old me, and accepting the new styles) I went through high school with pop bands like Boys II Men, K-Ci & Jo Jo, Savage Garden, and others… I loved pop music at that time. Because I’m not too familiar with Asian pop, I find myself drawn to the songs which remind me of those times in the 90s, when I used to hang out with my friends late on a Friday night because we didn’t have to worry about homework for the next day. We fell in love and went through heartaches with songs as romantic as Love is Never Gone. The melody, the lyrics, the style… it all screams mid 90s to me, and I love it. –JADEEYES

“Get Out” is the second single off of JYJ’s first studio album, In Heaven, which was released on September 28, 2O11. The song was co-written and co-composed by Jaejoong and Yoochun. Almost immediately after it’s release it started climbing the  charts to #1. The MV was also used to promote the LG Smartphone ‘Optimus’.

Get Out, is the other flip of the coin, and the balance to that “happy medium” I was talking about. What I liked at first was the video; I understood it without having to turn to translations of the lyrics for help. It had an easy story to follow, its well done, and I liked the dance routine as well. It was also the first song from JYJ that I listened to, and found myself liking this band immediately. It was one of those “Ohh, that’s the guy from that drama, who was also in this other drama I didn’t want to watch… well now I’m giving it a try, what was the name again?” kinda thing that happened! 😉 –JADEEYES

“Free Your Mind” is another track off of TVXQ’s Rising Sun album (released on September 12, 2OO5).

I’m in love with this entire album! “Free Your Mind” I fell in love with almost immediately after I heard it! It’s a song that starts off rough and leads into a smooth chorus. After I read the lyrics I loved it even more! “Open your mind / A new world, Utopia / If we don’t start it won’t ever happen / Let’s create it together / Take on me / Just free your mind”. The lyrics are pretty moving and mixed with the beat and sound of the song just makes me love it! – Crazy4you

“In Heaven” is JYJ’s title track and first single released off of their studio album, In Heaven. It was written and composed by Jaejoong, although the main star of the MV is Junsu. The track debuted at #1O on Billboard’s Korea K-Pop Hot 1OO during the week of September 22, 2O11.

“In Heaven” was one of the first songs I heard by JYJ and probably the first I fell in love with! I remember after it came out there was a lot of talk about it. The video shows Junsu’s girlfriend (in the MV) not being happy with their relationship and so she winds up dying. But Junsu is given a second chance to make things right with her, he was taken back in time, and when the time of her death comes around again he joins her in death and they both wind up together in heaven. I loved all the vocals on the song as well, it’s a really pretty song (: –Crazy4you

This has been a collaboration by The Dramatards (:


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  1. I was one of those people who loved DBSk Japanese songs (their called Tohoshinki in Japan). When DBSK was in Japan, the music they made gave me serious goosebumps. I would recommend two songs tht just made me just completely and utterly fall in love with them, Love In Ice & Doushite.

    • Hi Nandar and thanks for commenting!!

      I love a lot of their songs as Tohoshinki as well! Between “Purple Line” , “O” , “Break Out” and “Survivor” – love them all! And I love the songs you mentioned as well (:

    • Wow a DBSK fan haha… nice to have you here. I love “Purple Line” too, its one of my current obsession haha, and the video is really good.
      Thank you for the comment Nandar. 🙂

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