Part 2 – Trouble Maker

So a little more than a week ago I wrote a post for Trouble Maker’s music video (refer to Part 1 – Trouble Maker MV). As promised here is my follow up post!

In this post I’m going to talk about other news related to Trouble Maker, aside from their music video. Go into more on their live performances and such.

On November 29, 2O11, Trouble Maker debuted with a teaser performance at the 2O11 Mama (Mnet Asian Music Award) Awards. Their kiss during the performances left people wanting more from this duo.

On December 4, 2O11, Soompi reported that “Troublemaker’s HyunA and Hyunseung Criticized for Raunchy Choreography

I watched the performance and I can see why they would’ve been criticized. While there were parts of the performance that weren’t bad, in the beginning it starts off with Hyunseung sliding his hands along her body and also rubbing her behind (awkward much?). While some of it would’ve been alright in a sense, it just seemed like there was too much touching each other going on in the performance, and while Inkigayo might not exactly be directed at a “family audience” it’s still something that parents wouldn’t be too fond of their kids watching if they saw it on TV. Or at least I’d be assuming, especially in Korea. I will say that I do think they try hard to pull off a good performance, but it’s just some of the raunchiness in the performance that becomes a bit too much. I can see that their company might want to try pushing limits by making them do more “sexy” things in videos, but there’s a fine line between “sexy” and “raunchy” and “trying too hard.”

In fact less than a week later on December 8, 2O11, Soompi reported that “Troublemaker’s HyunA and Hyunseung Change Choreography After Harsh Criticisms

In my opinion – soooooooo much better in this performance! No awkward rubbing and less touchy feeling moments. The dancing was good and they still kept it the same – just less raunchy. And Hyuna isn’t wearing her tight short mini dress for this performance and I’m digging JS’s look without the velvet tux. To be honest, the closest part of raunchiness to this performance was with the back-up dancers, as I noticed they did the awkward “hand sliding and touching inner thigh” dance in the background. But other than that I think it was a much better performance overall and they did a great job on it (:

To me, the duo still lacks a certain chemistry while they perform, it seems more about looking at the camera and getting the performance over with. While I was looking up info, I came across this article:

[INT] Unit ‘Troublemaker’ Hyuna·Hyunseung “we’re awkward at first”

Basically, the two of them hardly knew anything about each other before being teamed up to become Trouble Maker. After their first debut they were only beginning to know more about each other. Hyunseung likes to practice his routines over and over again. The article also states that Hyuna said “Hyunseung has a lot of greed on stage.” I can believe that by watching the performances. But to me, they both seem like they like being in the spotlight.

Please anticipate a lot for ‘Troublemaker’ from Beast Jang Hyunseung, 4Minute Hyuna. Rather than just a provocative and rapping in the song, I want to show you my best performance. -Hyuna

After their performance on Inkigayo (I believe), Hyunseung tweeted his reasons for why he wanted to be called JS rather than Hyunseung (translations from this article:  Hyunseung twitter update and the meaning behind JS)

Original Tweet:

어제 오늘 Trouble Maker 응원와주신 팬여러분. 진심으로 고마워요!철철 넘치는 응원도, 보내주신 서폿음식들도 너무너무 잘받았습니다~오늘 첫방송을 시작으로 점점 더 나아지는모습 보실수있으실듯합니다! 기대하셔도좋아요!^^다들 좋은주말밤되세요!

그리고 제가 앞으로 현승이라는 이름 대신 활동을 주욱 하게될 예명 ‘JS’는 Jay stomp라는 약자를 가지고있답니다. Stomp의 뜻은 간단한 검색을 통해서 알아보실수있답니다! Love u!

아낌없이 불러주세요^^


Thanks to the fans who cheered for Trouble Maker yesterday and today. I sincerely thank you! The cheers are so strong, and also for the support meal you sent us~ Today’s the start of the first performance, I’ll gradually grow better for you to see! Please anticipate it well!^^Everyone have a good weekend night!

Also, next time, I want my Hyunseung stage name as JS, which is the abbreviation of Jay Stomp. Stomp has a simple meaning that you can search through! Love u!

Please call me that alot^^

Stomp refers to a dance involving a rhythmical heavy step (:

On December 22, 2O11, Trouble Maker won their second award on the Mnet’s “M! Countdown”

The first thing that I noticed about this performance…. they went back to their old dance. Except I think it’s raunchier than the first performance. More touching and feeling, also an awkward crotch shot. A bit too much. The dancing was good but it’s what’s in between that makes it so awkward! Hyuna went back to wearing a short mini dress, this time her outfit was red velvet while JS’s wasn’t. While it seems they’ve gotten more comfortable performing with each other, there’s still that lack of chemistry on stage.

On January 5, 2O12, Trouble Maker took the 1st place on Music On Top

How about I show you the pictures and you can guess what I’m already going to say about this performance?





Now this last one is actually cute


On January 8, 2O12, Trouble Maker won 1st place on Inkigayo. It was also their final performance.

The last performance was probably my favorite – as there was a lack of that “raunchiness” that some of the other performances had. Also I found it really cute when Hyuna blew a kiss to the audience and JS and her shook hands at the end.

There were rumors that the two were possibly even dating – but nothing is confirmed on that. At the moment the two of them are returning to their groups. Hyuna is joining 4Minute in their comeback and Hyunseung is preparing with B2ST for their world tour this upcoming February.

What I wished we could’ve seen more of was how cute they acted together while they were off stage. It seemed like for majority of their performances they thought they had to give off a certain vibe or show off sexily. What it showed was a lack of chemistry for a lot of the performances. Although this last one I think was their best as far as performances go. But really — aren’t these adorable??





But the images they used to promote themselves…




I wish we could’ve seen more of the earlier pics. Although the second picture isn’t too bad, the first one is kind of awkward. It’d of been nice to have seen more pictures of them actually staring at each other rather than at the camera.

And another thing I wanted to comment on is that they didn’t look like they were having fun during the performances. Which is why when I first saw the MV and then saw the live performances I was kind of blown away – the dancing and the lack of chemistry and it almost felt like they were forced into doing it because they didn’t seem to be enjoying it at all. Which I don’t think is the case now, but they certainly lacked in that.

Some more of their cute side –

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! (: I do hope that if Hyuna and JS do a comeback that they work on the things I mentioned in this post. I think they really are adorable together when they’re offstage. I think a lot of it deals with Cube (record company), if you’ve ever seen Hyuna’s Bubble Pop MV (Youtube Link)  you might be noticing a pattern in her recent work. It’s like they’re turning her into someone that uses “sexiness” to sell. It’s not really a good image, and I hope they don’t keep her doing things like that, but well, they probably will anyways because “sexy” sells.


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  1. agreed.i know mine is late but i remembered watching super junior face when they did the performance.double voice,rated r dance and shindong kept pointing fingers,obviously complaining…hyuna is cute naturally but she can be sexy too and her weakness is her voice…hers is just not loud enough on stage…thats why cube try to help her by giving a sexy concept since she can do that naturally…and just as much as its uncomfortable for us or for me to see,it is obvious that they too uncomfortable doing it

    keypoint,Less Is More…

    and yes,i believe they’re a couple but now…not sure

    • lol! I remember the part you are talking about. They were pretty shocked.

      She’s a really talented dancer. In my opinion, they should put more focus on that.

  2. I agree with all that you said. And I wish they had shown more of the cuteness and great chemistry they have behind the scenes while performing on stage. It’s a really good song. I’m a bit confused though. He wants to be called JS all the time or just in reference to Troublemaker? I ]think it would be odd to refer to him as JS while he’s with Beast since we have spent so much time referring to him as Hyunseung. I am horrible about remembering names. So when I do learn a name, that’s it don’t change it. You change it and I’m not gonna recognize who everyone is talking about. Someone will say “JS”, and I will probably say, “Who?” I’m just horrible with names lol

    • Me too! And it is a great song! Really catchy! And I think he wants to be called JS all the time from now on haha. I think it’s a name he’s wanted for awhile so I’m sure most of his fans are going to call him that now since he asked everyone to call him that. And yeah that’s true, haha I’m not really sure. And yeah I know what you mean, too, haha. I’ll probably remember “JS” because of doing this post but it makes it harder to learn a group when there’s 2 different names for each member =__=

    • “So when I do learn a name, that’s it don’t change it”
      Haha… call me Juana from now on :p

  3. I hated how they transformed Shakira from “cool rock chick” to “sexy/I wanna do you/desperate woman” gee, I love some of her new songs, but she was so much better before all the blonde hair.
    I think music companies do this to most of their singers, to boost their career. While there is a lot of people that like, cool, punk, classic styles, there are even more people that like to see sensuality and sexy on music videos. And like you said, it sells more.
    The problem with this couple, to me, is that they don’t seem to be really into each other in that kind of way (on stage), so the performance lacks that feeling. Perhaps their acting skills is not the best, and even though this is just a performance, they have to act it. In some of the pictures their faces don’t look like they are into each other as the song and dance routine suggests. I mean, she looks like she doesn’t want to be touch there… errr, where he is touching haha.
    Also in the third video, where you say they had changed their performance. I still think he did the back rubbing, just the camera didn’t show it hahaha.
    Good review c4u, you worked hard, and it shows. 🙂

    • I haven’t listened to any of her new stuff, but I remember that I loved “Whenever Wherever” and up to “Hips Don’t Lie” and “La Tortura” but the last new song I heard by her was “She Wolf” and it seemed like her style just kept changing and I wasn’t really feeling that song much. I don’t know any of her songs before “Whenever Wherever” though haha.

      And I think you’re right, too. I think that’s also why I like a lot of 9Os music – it focused more on other things (fashion?) more than raunchy sexiness. Let’s take Mariah Carey for example – ever listen to her old stuff? And comparing it to her music now….major change. I really miss her old style haha.

      And agreed as well, they don’t seem really into each other on stage and you know something is missing from it that stops it from being what could’ve been an excellent performance. And you’re also right about the acting – at least enough so that it doesn’t look like you really just want the performance to be over. And hahaha yeah…exactly about the touching part.

      Hahaha he might have, but it was still better than some of their other performances – that lack of awkward touching made it easier to watch.

      And thanks (: Haha I tried to get as much info as I could :p I didn’t even realize they were over until I finished this post haha.

      • Yes the video has less awkward touching like you said, but I just noticed how the camera wasn’t capturing the part where he does that with her “back” haha, but his hand definitely went down there… I think they might have done that on purpose to not show it… but you are right there was less touching. If they can only get the point of sensuality it would have been so much better. 🙂

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