Fidgeting Was Never Cuter!

Yeah, I first learned the word “fidget” when I watched the movie Pretty Woman (err… I guess I should mention English is not my first language). Richard tells Julia to stop fidgeting, I guess is not something that makes you look good. Let’s try and see some examples with Donghae:

Okay so he likes to move his lips

…but what about this one?

you think he is sticking his tongue out playfully? Let’s try again.

… nah, fidgeting never looked so cute to me before. If its wrong to do it, please keep being wrong Donghae!!


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  1. He really is a fidgeter. LOL My fave members are Leeteuk and Kangin 😀 But they are all awesome. I reallly wanna watch Skip Beat. Y’all have been driving me crazy from your talking about it on FB :p

  2. Hahaha he’s adorable! First favorite Suju member for me, too :p

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