Oska, The Butler of Our Castle

Yoon Sang Hyun gained popularity after his role in Queen Of Housewives, where he played the character of Heo Tae Joon . It was not his first drama, but surely one of the most important in his career. However, it was not with the role of  Heo Tae Joon with which he rose to full stardom, that came later as Dong Chan in the drama Take Care of The Young Lady. And to make it final that he is well deserving of our complete attention, his role in Secret Garden as Oska clarifies any doubts you might have about his enormous charisma, and ever growing acting skills.

Here I will give my insight on his two most popular roles till this date. 😉

Dong Chan 😀

Seo Dong Chan used to work as a gigolo to make money for the operation of his mother. After she passed away, what remain was a dept of five thousand. He lives with the Moon family who has helped him move on in his time of despair. He has a charming personality, good looks, and adapts to any situation quickly which is why he accepts the job as a butler for the bratty Hang Hye-na –whose butlers lasts less than a minute- in exchange for money.

Yoon Sang Hyun was a last minute call for Take Care of The Young Lady, and it took a few days before they decided which character he would be playing.

Yoon as Seo Dong Chan was lovely. Im very happy they chose this character for him, although with the description of the character I don’t know how it was not more clear from the very beginning he stepped into the producer’s office. The fact that the character was closer to the real him (as he has stated before) might have to do with his overflowing confidence in every scene. However, Yoon is a very humble person who takes pride in having come to understand what acting really is with big effort. I believe, he still worried about bringing us the very best of his character Dong Chan.

Here are some NG clips, and one from the actual story when he is singing to Hye-na for the first time. Spoiler Code: BLUE

Oska ^^

“Just as I don’t resist women throwing themselves at me, I don’t stop women walking out on me!
I’m grateful for all those women who came into my life, but I’m more grateful for all those who left.” –Oska

Oska is the most popular male Korean Hallyu star, with a smile to die for and talented… perhaps not as much ^^. He is a playboy, and has captured the hearts of all the “ajummas”. One day, he has problems with his vocal cords, and while in the middle of solving his problem, he meets a talented musician, Sseon, and decides to become his producer. However, Sseon, not being interested in becoming the next Hallyu star, gives him a hard time.

Even thought I had already seen Yoon Sang Hyun in most of his earlier roles, I never really paid much attention to him as an actor because he was either the second (annoying) lead, whose acting was not quite good, or he was just a secondary role with perhaps no more than four scenes. It was in Secret Garden (I had not seen Take Care of The Young Lady, nor Queen of Housewives) where I stated noticing him, and boy did I fell hard! Despite what others might think, whether they are right and Im wrong, I keep claiming him to be the light of the party in Secret Garden; the one who stole the show; the one who was indispensable (not the character, but him), and I will continue to say it.

I truly believe this. I have found others who agree they kept watching SG for Oska, and that if it weren’t for Oska it would have been less entertaining. I think that all actors did an excellent job, yet, I can see other faces as Joo Won, or Ra Im. No, seriously, even when they were outstanding, I still can picture other actors playing the characters. It is Oska the only one I cannot pictured being played by any other actor but Yoon Sang Hyun.

Here are three scenes from the drama, one in which Oska is arguing with his manager about Sseon, and the other two he is showing off his incredible skills at the piano. Enjoy. Spoiler Code: BLUE/YELLOW

To read about Yoon Sang Hyun and how he became an actor, read Yoon Sang Hyun’s Biography


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  1. I just want to say again. I love his acting! His character in Secret Garden was so well written and he pulled off the performance amazingly. Same for Take Care of the Young Lady. Amazing acting by him and he had wonderful chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye. 😀

    • I know, the chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye is amazing. I think her best chemistry was with him, although Yoon Eun Hye herself, has chemistry with all her co-stars… have you seen her other dramas? The Vineyard Man, and Lie To Me? I know you saw Goong already… she is pretty good at adapting to other people.

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