Lee Seung Gi to star in a new drama!! :D

As of yesterday I’ve heard the news about Seung Gi finally starring in a new drama!! His last drama was back in summer of 2O1O with My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho! I’ve been dying to see him in a new drama since I first found him this past summer after watching Shining Inheritance!


The drama he’s to star in is called The King (다 킹). Ha Ji Won has already been previously announced to act in this drama. This will be her first drama in over a year as well, her last drama being the popular smash hit Secret Garden.

The King is going to be a romantic comedy that’s set in modern day Korea – but one where the monarchy is still in existence. Lee Seung Gi is to play the Crown Prince Lee Jae Ha. Ha Ji Won is to play as Kim Hang Ah, a North Korean Special Forces female operative. The story is about an arranged marriage that happens between the two leads.

While many articles are already stating that Lee Seung Gi acting in this drama is official, there’s been a recent one made by Soompi stating that nothing is set in stone just yet. But while they say that, they also don’t state that it won’t be Seung Gi, they only state that it hasn’t been made official yet.

However, Lee Seung Gi’s management agency has announced that while they are looking at the project favorably, nothing has been set in stone.

A representative of Hook Entertainment stated, “We are still working on the deal. Once everything has been finalized, we will make an official announcement through Kim Jong Hak Productions.” -Soompi (Lee Seung Gi Is NOT Confirmed for “The King”)

So there’s still hope that he really has been casted for this part. I’m excited to see the two of them working together, I loved Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden and Lee Seung Gi is only my favorite actor, singer, person ever, so I really hope this is true (:

The King is set to air in March after the end of The Moon That Embraces the Sun.

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  1. Oh I hope he is in the drama. If he’s not he better get his booty in gear and do a drama soon!

    /me is going into withdrawal. lol I wanna see more of his acting! XP

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