Big Bang’s Coffee Prince Parody!

Being that our Pick this month happens to be Coffee Prince, and it also just so happens that Big Bang made a parody on it – it’d be a waste not to post it, right?!?! I mean after all, The Dramatards love both Big Bang and Coffee Prince so a combination of the two? It’s a must-have! If you haven’t seen it yet, be prepared to laugh!

This was the very first parody that I saw by them, and it’s still my favorite. Although I love all of their parodies, they really make the best ones :p “Oh wait you’re not a girl?” “SHIT!” has me LOLing everytime! All of the members pulled the parts off great in a hilarious way! –crazy4you

I thought they chose the perfect member to play each character. Especially TOP and GD as the leads. The whole paraody was hilarious and shows that the members can actually act. There was one part that made me cringe though. The scene in the bathroom, when TOP puts his fingers on GD mouth to silence him. I wen’t,” EWWWWWW He didn’t wash his hands!” Blech! But even while I thought it was gross, I also thought it was hilarious lol I hope they have some new parodies this year 😀 –sleepninja

First time watching a parody of CP, I know there are others around… I think Big Bang did a good job at capturing the important moments of CP while turning them into some hilarious incidents. My favorite part of the parody was the “garlic breath scene” and the part at the end when he says “You are a guy?!”. 😀 –JADEEYES


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  1. I didn’t really understand what they meant at the end when they did that scene where it was black who did they mean when one of them said You’re a guy?

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