Results for Yoon Sang Hyun’s Polls

This week’s highlight was the talented Yoon Sang Hyun. We were curious to know what the readers choice was when it comes to: 1, Yoon Sang Hyun’s favorite drama; 2, Yoon Sang Hyun’s favorite character, and 3, whether he was preferred as a singer, actor or both. As the week is almost over (in like 40 minutes) here are the poll results:

What’s your favorite drama with Yoon Sang Hyun?

1 vote to Queen Of Housewives

2 votes to Secret Garden

… and the winner is: Take Care of The Young Lady with 4 votes.  😀

Which is Your Favorite Yoon Sang Hyun Character?

1 vote to Chairman Yoon (The Secret of Keu keu Island)

3 votes to Seo Dong Chan (Take Care of The Young Lady)

… and the winner is: Choi Woo Young / Oska (Secret Garden) with 4 votes! ;D

Do you like Yoon Sang Hyun better as an actor or a singer?

6 out of 7 voted for BOTH… okay who was that ONE person who doesn’t like him as a singer? Hmm… Im waiting, who is it?


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