The Beginning of the Ending Planner

Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner~

(winter of 2012) Spoiler Code: GREEN

Easily one of the best Japanese dramas this season; Ending Planer, explores the human sentiments through the acceptance of family and death in a very serious tone while throwing a bit of comedy to dry those tears. If you think Yamapi is a one way ride to Alaska, you have to watch this drama.

The story centers on Ihara Masato the second son of a funeral parlor owner. He hates the funeral home but quits his job to take over the family business after the death of his father. Every episode he has to deal with a different death, and they are all unique and lacking in some way. Masato then, tries to solve every mystery behind the deaths, getting personally involved with his client’s past life. Meanwhile, he has to deal with his dysfunctional family of three younger siblings, and his often “missing” older brother. 

I read the synopsis provided in other sites and I couldn’t wait for this drama to air. Are we talking Japanese Six Feet Under? Yep, only is unique on its own way, and who will complain about that? And if you are worried that by him setting out to investigate each case it means its another detective/crime drama… nah!! In this drama the most important thing is not catching the criminal but finding out about the victim -or dead person- and how they lived; who loved them, and why; ultimately its about respecting life.

The actors are amazing; liked I said before, if you are not a fan of Yamapi’s acting (for whatever reason… there seems to be more than one) then you will miss on a big surprise. Yamapi is doing an excellent job in this drama, and to help him bring out the best of Masato, he has veteran actor Yamazaki Tsutomu by his side.

The following conversation took place and left me wishing I was part of the fun:

Masato is watering the bonsai with a troubled look on his face, while Iwata-san (Yamazaki) is contemplating what his doing to the poor tree… too much water? I wonder.

Iwata-san points out: “Your family is not well united are they?” To what Masato answers: “I cannot even begin to understand what they’re all thinking. Only talking to complain.”

“You are talking about yourself?” – A hilariously serious Iwata.

“No! Im talking about Momoko and Hayato. I bet the money must be to spend on girls.”

“Ah, you are talking about yourself” – This man is too funny XD 

“No! Im talking about Hayato!” -Masato, still watering the bonsai. o.O

 Haha… its okay Masato, we know who you are clearly talking about! 😉

Some stills of Yamapi for your pleasure 🙂 

My friend, if you wish to be moved to tears, and laugh like a maniac the next minute, please do yourself a favor, and watch Ending Planner.

We do not have a review on this drama yet, as it has not finished airing (heck it just came out). Here is a link to the MDL page with basic info on the drama and cast, enjoy!


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  1. It looks good! I’ll definitely watch this one. I love every drama of Yamapi’s that I have seen 😀 And wow, the guy that he acted with in Kurosagi is in this drama as well!

  2. ❤ this drama. I think Yamashita has really matured. I wasn't a big fan of him before (I didn't dislike him either), but I love him in this!

    • Hi my friend!!! 😀 I have been thinking about you lately (I will email you soon with details lol) I agree with you, I never disliked him but didnt really have him in my “good actors” list. I think he is showing a huge progress in this drama, and I applaud him for that.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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