Chae Sang Woo

Chae-chan XD

Chae Sang Woo/ 채상우.

Born March 31, 1999 in South Korea.

Zodiac sign: Aries

Chinese zodiac: Rabbit

Profession: Actor

Studies: Junior middle school Kimhwa



–      2009 Wedding Dress, as Min Woo


–      2008 My Sweet City; Wife and Woman, Jo Philip

–      2009 Swallow the Sun, as Se Dol

–      2010 More Charming by the Day, as Kim Joon

–      2011  49 Days; City Hunter; A Tree With Deep Roots, as Ddol Bok

in City Hunter

In A Tree With Deep Roots

In A Tree With Deep Roots

Scrip reading for Deep Root

Script reading for Deep Root

Other facts about Chae:

In 2008 he won an award for the MBC Infantile Model Contest

Chae Sang Woo  is mainly known for his role in A Tree With Deep Roots, in which he played the role of a younger Chae Yoon. He is one of the few child-actors that has made me wished the drama would continue on with the past and never jump to the future when they are adults.

This child can act! He can shift between a wide range of emotions quickly, and none similar. One minute he is angry, the next he will be smiling from ear to ear and you get lost in his feelings. The way he changes his tone of voice, fitting to the emotion he is trying to portray is one of the things that caught my attention. It seems that some actors (young and adults) learn how to trick the viewer into believing they are feeling the emotions by expressing them; and they are good at that, so you will be tricked. Then, when you watch an actor that can change every bit of himself fitting to the emotion, you learn it takes more than frowning, lip biting, or making them into a fine line to actually make you (the viewer) feel what they are “supposed” to be feeling. When an actor’s voice covers about every different pitch out there in one scene in which he has to express anger/contempt/frustration, you know the actor is feeling from within, and so will you. This is what Chae Sang Woo does. If you haven’t seen any of his works, I would recommend A Tree With Deep Roots; it is the drama –out of the ones I have seen- in which you will be able to appreciate his acting. -JADEEYES

I think he’s a promising actor and I thought he did a really good job pulling off such strong emotions for a kid.-crazy4you

Chae’s facebook page


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  1. Yeah he is too cute, and I believe he is a little bit bigger in Deep Root.

  2. HE is adorable! And I forgot that I had seen him in City Hunter. I haven’t finished that series yet, but he was adorable in it.

  3. He’s adorable! Haha I forgot he was in City Hunter as well! He did a really good job, there, too! (:

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