Cover Your Eyes, Joo Ji Hoon is On Screen

UPDATE: This rant was written several days before actually posting it. It appears as though DramaFever has noticed the misstake they made, and now Joo Ji Hoon has been added to the cast of The Devil. However, he is main lead, so I’m still not pleased with him being positioned as third cast. Read the entire post to fully understand what Im ranting about :p !

Recently I came across something that made me choke on my food… I tend to eat while watching dramas, or stalking for the next victim of my ever-growing addiction.

Okay so here is what happened before I continue on my senseless ramble: I was looking at the DramaFever new addition, The Devil, because I wanted to rate it and leave a comment. I have watched this drama more than once already; its one of my all time favorites. Naturally, I was very happy that DramaFever added the drama, until I saw the subject of my current despair. Yes! Despair, nothing else describes the way I’m feeling right now… how could they do such a ridiculous thing like that? They excluded the most important character of the drama from the cast list. THEY DID WHAT? Yes, they added all other characters and linked them to the actor that portrays them, except for the main lead. The main lead of the drama is not Uhm Tae Woong, or Shin Min Ah; sure they are leads and very important to the story as well. However, the root of all problems lies with this guy, Joo Ji Hoon

Well It appears they didn’t add the main lead because he was banned from TV stations KBS and MBC, for a few years because of the drug incident. Read all about it here:

List of banned stars on TV stations KBS, MBC revealed

WHAT? You don’t add the name of a cast member because he got into a drug incident, and was banned from TV? What kind of retaliation system are you practicing? Do you provide streaming videos for Koreans or for western viewers? And if he is banned from TV (mind you, stations KBS and MBC), does that mean no one else can see his name on a cast list of a drama HE IS MAIN LEAD OF? Is not like you can delete all his scenes in the drama, so why not just add his name to the cast list while you are at it?

Oh I know… children! Please cover your eyes every time Joo Ji Hoon appears on screen, he has been banned from TV and therefore we are not allowed to know who he is, or his name, or whether or not he acted in such drama… err… why don’t I better tell you the story since he is almost in EVERY SCENE.

Being a criminal has nothing to do with the work you have done, and if you are banned from TV, it does not make all your previous work disappear.

If it is such a big deal for him to appear anywhere (even on streaming sites) then why add his drama? But, I have to granted to them, they were thinking the other actors don’t deserve the retaliation, well… it is ridiculous not to add any of his previous works, but is even more ridiculous not to add his name to the cast list just because he is banned from TV (two stations… please, how ridiculous are you DramaFever?).

He was banned from making future works, but his old stuff is already there, you can’t take that from him!

On a more happy note, he is soon to be on the big screen as part of the upcoming sageuk film titled I Am The King.

Joo Ji Hoon! Fighting!!!


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  1. They don’t seem to understand that just because you do drugs or make mistakes doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

  2. That was too harsh for yoo ji hoon! I love him to death! Dramafever is too unfair to Ji hoon. How come such exist? They’re too blinded with prejudice! :/

    • They did add him later. I think someone complained and they were quick to fix the problem. It makes me wonder now if that is the reason why Five Fingers is not being uploaded to watch on their site or if is just because they haven’t gotten permission for it… hmm.

  3. I just now realized he’s Shin in Goong. LOL

    • LOL Yeah I have only seen him in Goong, so whenever I hear his name I think of that drama. 😀

    • You didnt know he was the one from Goong? lol…. girl you need to watch his drama The Devil, it will make you love him even more hahaha… well, aside from thinking he is creepy :p

      I love this actor because even when he is a model, while acting he is not caught up in his own image like other actors I have seen… love him, and he deserves a second chance!! I’m going to support him 100% *runs off to watch Antique Bakery* lol

      • Haha no I didn’t realize at first =__=

        And it’s been in my line up I just haven’t gotten around to watching it yet :p

        And ohh wait he was in Antique Bakery, too? Hahaha I’ve seen that, too!

        • Girl!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha, you didn’t noticed him in anything :p

          Yes he is the owner of the shop in Antique Bakery. So basically he is the main lead, although watching Antique Bakery anime I always thought the main character was the baker 😉

          • Hahaha poor guy! I’m sorry! I think I knew at the time it was him but I forgot until you mentioned it =___=

            And haha the movie was actually pretty good – I think it was the darker story to it. (without spoiling haha).

      • I still need to watch Antique Bakery. But I want to read the original first.

  4. I think it’s utterly ridiculous that they ban stars. Their actions in real life (criminal or not) have nothing to do with their acting capability or whether or not they should be shown on a television network. Television channels are supposed to be impartial. Why do they feel the need to butt into legal affairs this way? It’s just idiotic in my opinion.

    • I agree, and even more idiotic is not adding their names to the cast list of dramas or films they have already done before being banned, its like they want to erased their whole career but is just not possible.

      • I think it’s really ridiculous as well. And I agree with what both of you said. If they did something criminal-like later on in life, it’s just ridiculous to ban something and pretend it never existed. It really is idiotic

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