My Heart Does a Skip

Skip Beat

(winter of 2012) Spoiler Code: GREEN

The story of Skip Beat! is very simple and not far from your common rom-com: A girl of poor means who has been sacrificing everything for her boyfriend so that he can have a career in the entertainment industry. When he finally makes it as a singer, he starts ignoring her and cheating on her with other girls. Upon discovering he was just using her, they brake up. After being humiliated, she decides to take vengeance on him by becoming an actress. Meanwhile, the most popular and talented actor of the agency she joins starts developing a peculiar interest in her.

This drama is based on a Japanese shojo manga (of the same name), by manga-ka Yoshiki Nakamura. I thought that before anybody else Japan would make a version of Skip Beat! for TV, but as it turns out, I have learned I tend to have a  one-way-street mind about certain things… “don’t use the tea spoon for sweets, its only for tea” and so on. I know! I need help.

I love the story behind Skip Beat!, but was gravely disappointed with the anime and the way it ended. I’m watching the drama with high hopes that it will make up for it.

So far, the drama has been very faithful to the manga. I love that, but still, like I said, I hope the end satisfies the viewer… Im pretty sure all who have seen the anime were left waiting for a second season, but it just NEVER HAPPENED.

Does it have off-the-wall incidents? Yes, but I must tell you, nobody does it like the Taiwanese. They will make you laugh with their quirky-offbeat-random moments.

Is it extremely funny? Did you read my first answer to your question?

Are the actors doing a good job? Excellent.

Overall, Im loving this drama so much, I can’t wait for the next episode to air. I have not feel this way about a drama since Deep Root, and not like Im comparing becuase there is nothing to compare: one is comedy, the other is mystery. But in terms of how much I am entertained, both are about equal levels. I mean, I love a good suspense drama that teaches me a bit of history, but at the same time I love comedy that makes no sense. If you haven’t watch the drama yet, but know about the story… err, what’s your story? However, if you know nothing of the story -that is if you havent read the manga, or seen the anime- then I will tell you only this: My heart does a skip! … okay, that was corny. Still, don’t miss out on a cute, funny, and loveable story.


I have to admit, I understand why some worry this drama fails to be any good. There is the dubbing issue, which cannot be ignored; and is not like I will tell you “it’s done marvelous, don’t worry and go watch the drama NOW”.  No, its not. You can definitely tell Siwon is being dubbed, and at times Donghae seems like it as well, but I have my doubts about the latter since his voice does match the voice cover. I wonder… but don’t let this discourage you.  You will feel a connection with Ren and Sho… even if the dubbed part bothers you. 😉

Aren’t these two enough to give it a try 😉

Ren & Sho

Donghae & Siwon

Donghae & Siwon

This drama has no review yet since it is still airing (and the authors of this blog might take a long time before reviewing it since “lazy” is their last name). To get basic info and cast on this drama, here is the MDL page.

Enjoy!!!! Mauwahahahaha…


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  1. I’m loving this drama! Plus the soundtrack is really good as well! 😀 The dubbing doesn’t even bother me anymore unless I pay attention to them when they speak. It really is faithful to the anime and all the craziness in it just makes it as good 😀 To be honest, I might prefer this version – let’s hope they don’t leave us with a cliffhanger ending!

    • I know the dubbing will bother you at the beginning and then you get used to it. I love this drama… the actress is incredible hahaha. She is too funny, and so small :p
      I might prefer this version as well, hopefully they don’t end it like the anime.

      • Haha you do get used to it. I’m in love with it, too! And she is! Haha I think she’s doing a really great job in becoming the role of Kyoko 😀 And I hope they don’t end it like they did with the anime…or like they did with Hana Kimi (Taiwan) – I hope they give it an ending that doesn’t leave you hanging

  2. Haha I really want to watch this one.

    • Yeah its only on episode 5 since they skipped 6 because of New Years… I cant wait for next Monday hahaha. The good thing is not that many episodes so, you’ll soon be able to watch 🙂

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