Yun Joon Suk


Yun Joon Suk

Born December 15, 1995 in South Korea.


Zodiac: Pig

Profession: Actor



– 2005 Duelist

– 2006 To Sir, With love

– 2008 Unforgettable, as Choon-sam

– 2008 Lost and Found, as Junior high Dong-sik

– 2010 Boy, as Jin-woo


– 2007 By Land and Sky, as Se-joon

– 2008 Iljimae

– 2009 Kyung Sook’s Father

– 2009 Shining Inheritance, as Go Eun Woo





Shining Inheritance Screencaps





I saw him in Shining Inheritance, in which he played the lead’s autistic brother. He did an amazing job. The body language, gestures, and the way he spoke as well as the emotions he showed. I was blown away by how good of a job he did. – sleepninja

I also saw him in Shining Inheritance! The whole time I was watching the drama I was wondering if he was actually autistic in real life – he pulled off the role that well! And if someone can make me feel that the person is actually something they’re not – I think it shows signs of a pretty good actor. I’d love to see more with him! – crazy4you


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  1. He was amazing in Brilliant Legacy-Enuwoo, you puuled it off so well that we believe you were really autistic. It was a very difficult part, but yoou made it real. Kudos to Yun

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