Kim Sae Ron

Kim Sae Ron / 김새론

Born July 31, 2OOO in South Korea

Zodiac: Leo

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Blood Type: B

Profession: Actress; Has done modeling

Talent Agency: N.O.A Entertainment (changed the name of their company to Fantagio)


– (2OO9) A Brand New Life [Traveller] as Jin Hee

– (2O1O) Ahjussi [The Man From Nowhere] as So Mi

– (2O11) I Am A Father as Jong Sik’s daughter, Han Min Ji

– (2O11) Barbie as Soon Yeong


– (2O11) Can You Hear My Heart as young Bong Woo Ri

– (2O11) Heaven’s Garden as Eun Soo

(2012) Fashion King as young Ga Young

A Brand New Life

The Man From Nowhere

Can You Hear My Heart

Just because you’re pretty doesn’t make you an actress

Other Info:

In 2O1O she was nominated for a Best Newcomer award at the Asian Film Awards for A Brand New Life. won the Best New Actress Award at the 8th Korean Film Awards for the part she took on in the movie The Man From Nowhere. In the movie she acted alongside the famous Won Bin. 

Kim Sae Ron receiving her award.

Since I’ve been acting, I’ve been less concerned of how my face appears. Having a pretty face is just for the outer appearance to show others but acting is for the purpose of communicating our hearts with others. I hope that the viewers can get the real feeling as if it was real, through my acting.

Kim Sae Ron is known to be very mature for being so young. She was only 9 years old when she debuted in her first movie, A Brand New Life, and she surprised a lot of viewers by her acting – she did an excellent job for a child actor and got plenty of good feedback from it. 

Back then, when I watched my friends act, I decided that I wanted to audition. My goal wasn’t to pass the audition but rather to show them my acting. After passing the audition, I felt really good but I felt even better when I received a lot of compliments which led more interest into my acting career.

When I act, I throw away myself and pretend that I’ve become the character assigned to me. But when the filming is over, I hurry and come back to being Kim Sae-ron. While going back to school, I’m able to find my true self again meeting friends and having fun.

Read more about her in this interview I found (and used the quotes from):  Kim Sae-Ron “Just Because You’re Pretty Doesn’t Make You An Actress”

She’s also a big fan of Lee Seung Gi! (Read it here)

I’ve seen Kim Sae Ron only in Can You Hear My Heart (so far), so I can only base my personal opinion on her from her performance there. I thought she was an excellent actor from the beginning! She has a certain charm about her, she really fell into her character so I was immediately impressed! Alongside her co-star Kang Chan Hee – the two were completely adorable! I’m planning on watching The Man From Nowhere as soon as I can – I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and I want to see it for myself! Considering that she even won an award for the movie, I’m sure her acting in it is stellar! I’m planning on watching her other movies and also her current drama that’s out! She’s highly promising and is already very well known at such a young age. –crazy4you

I first saw Kim Sae Ron in the film The Man From Nowhere, and honestly, imo, she did such a great job Won Bin was overshadowed by her. I really liked the movie, but it was her acting what impressed me the most. I was happy to find her in Can You Hear My Heart, because I knew I was in for a treat. 😉 – JADEEYES


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  1. I have yet to see her in anything, but a can tell she is very mature for her age and well behaved.

  2. I love her dress from the Awards show… so cute, and the award was very well deserved. She was the best thing in that movie seriously. I like Won Bin, but… yeah, she was superb! 🙂

    • Haha it is a cute dress (: And I plan on watching that movie soon! I haven’t seen anything with Won Bin yet D: But I want to see how good she was in the movie for myself (:

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