Kim Yoo Bin

cuteness ^^

Kim Yoo Bin 김유빈

Date of Birth: January 14, 2005

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Chinese zodiac: Monkey

Place of Birth: South Korea

Occupation: Actress, CF model

In 2011, Kim Yoo Bin won the Child Actress Award for her role in Hooray for Love at the MBC Drama Awards.



–      2010 Oh! My Lady, as Ye Eun; The Scarlet Letter, as Jang Ha Ni

–      2011 Crime Squad, as Park Hae In ; 49 Days; Hooray for Love; The Princess’ Man, as Kim Ah Kang


–      2007 The Central Election Commission

–      2008 CJW matseonsaeng; ahtopam

Oh! My Lady

The Princess' Man

Curious facts about Kim Yoo Bin

Kim Yoo Bin acted along side Siwon in Oh! My Lady, in which she played the role of his daughter. She grew so attached to the actor she would call him daddy all the time.

During filming of the drama Siwon posted on his twitter: “My daughter Ye Eun always comes to me running and hugs me while calling me dad. I have become a fool for my daughter. ^^ Oh my lady Ye Eun! Sorry Chae Rim noona.”

Kim Yoo Bin also did a photo-shoot with JYJ for NII, and an interview on Black Day. Netizens were calling Yoochun a “DdalBabo” (an abbreviation for “Ddalman Bara Boda” which is a parent who only has eyes for his or her daughter.)

I saw this cute little bunny in Oh! My Lady. She didn’t have too big of a range of emotions, the occasional laughter and crying, but mostly she was expressionless. Now some people would read this and think, she’s not a good actress. On contraire! She did a brilliant job at portraying her character. And she was so cute, I just wanted to pinch her cheeks. :3 –SleepNinja

I also saw her in Oh! My Lady, I havent seen her in any other drama and I can’t remember her from 49 Days, but I do remember the cuteness that was Ye Eun, and like sleepy said she did a good job at portraying her character although she was obviously very small (about 5 years old). She will light up your heart 😉 –JADEEYES

visit Kim Yoo Bin’s page in Hancinema


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  1. i cry for her nonstop every time i see her (when reviwing oh my lady !again and again!) my heart can’t take this much cuteness ! she is like a kitty ! a pink bunny ! so innocent that i cant bear it ! my tears just doesnt stop!!!
    and she was that close to siwon to call him daddy !!!!!!!!!
    damn ! im gonna cry again !

    • I know! She is such a cute little girl. I loved her in the drama, and without her my feelings for the drama would not been the same 🙂

      Thank you for commenting swan!

    • She really is too cute for words! My heart melted seeing those behind the scenes photos of her with Siwon .

  2. She’s so cute! I’ve seen her in The Princess’ Man and I plan on watching Oh! My Lady (:

  3. Awww It’s so cute that she calls Siwon daddy. XD

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