Wang Suk Hyun

Handsome bloke :p

  Wang Suk Hyun 왕석현

Date of Birth: June 2, 2003

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Chinese zodiac: Goat

Place of Birth: South Korea

Blood type: O

Height: 3.5 ft (105 cm)

Occupation: Actor, model

Other work: In 2009 Wang was Ambassador for the 3rd Seoul International Family Video Festival. In 2010 the main model for joahsyop Internet Shopping Mall. The Ambassador for the Children’s road safety in 2010. Nuclear security summit in Seoul in 2011. In 2012 the children’s Ambassador. 

Wang debuted with the movie Speed Scandal in 2008; he is best known for his overflowing cuteness 😉 In 2010 Wang’s father filed a lawsuit against his agency, Dazzle Entertainment. Wang’s father argued that he had joint custody with Wang’s mother and that she had signed the contract without his consent. Read the full article here!

Award in 2009 for the 17th International Film Festival two thousand ahyeoksang Chunsa



–      2008 Speedy Scandal

    2009 Spring Adventures

–      2010 Prefectural Song


–      2009 Take Care of The Young Lady, as Kang Soo Min


–      2009 Music Christmas Carol 


–      2009, Phoenix Park, Blue Canyon; Hi-Mart

Curious facts about Wang Suk Hyun

Wang has an older sister who is a model, her name is Wang Se Bin.

Wang had his very first kiss while filming the K.Will’s Gift music video. He appeared along side child actress Jin Ji Hee. At the last scene of the video Jin Ji Hee was supposed to kiss Wang on the cheek, but he suddenly turned and kissed her lips.

A clip from Take Care of The Young Lady with different scenes of Wang and his witted self :p

Commercial clip

Interview 😉

He’s so adorable and is a talented actor. I saw him in Take Care of the Young Lady and was impressed with how well he portrayed an intelligent boy with such a disdain for his scheming, idiotic family. He did such a good job 😀 –Sleepninja

I saw this little cuteness in Take Care of The Young Lady. I couldn’t stop laughing at how smart this character was; despite his evident lack in years he was the smarter one in the family.  Wang portrayed him well, I believed every part of it, he did a great job. Between Yoon Sang Hyun and Wang Suk Hyun I didn’t know who was making me laugh more.  –JADEEYES


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  1. Thank you for answer

  2. Is this Yoon sang hyuns child?

  3. Haha he seems like a funny cute kid (: I plan on watching Take Care of the Young Lady so I’ll see him there 😀

  4. Hahaha I like that little smirk in the last pic. :p

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