5 Reasons I Love Coffee Prince

Spoiler Code Yellow

It’s no secret that I love this series. Here’s why:

1. The soundtrack ♪Amaaazing♫

^ This one is my favorite out of them all.

This soundtrack can be both bittersweet and mellow. I like to listen to it when I feel the need to clear the muck out of my head, mellow out, and just free myself of worry. (haha Wow, that sounded like I’m a new-agey pothead, but I guess since this is all about a coffee shop, the mentality fits. For the record, I don’t smoke at all.)

2. The Cast

The cast was amazing. Everyone fit their roles perfectly and acted terrifically. Not once did I roll my eyes because of poor execution of lines or awkward stiffness in front of the camera.

3.The story

I loved the storyline. The male lead mistakes her for a guy, hires her to be his “gay lover” in order to escape his mother’s matchmaking. Then she becomes part of the all male staff of a Coffee Shop the male lead is forced to take over. All the while the male lead starts to develop feelings for her (whom he still thinks is a man). This, as you can imagine, causes him great confusion. After all, last time he checked he was straight. This was hilarious, how could I not love it?

4. The Eyecandy









Last, but ooooooooh most definitely not least. 5. Real kissy kissy time. Giggity 😀

Some blooper video because i felt like it! :p


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  1. Love love love this post!!! I heartily agree!

  2. The whole soundtrack really is great (: I loved all of the songs from “Lalala it’s Love” to “Ocean Travel” to “Goodbye” – I love the sound of the songs haha. The cast and the story were all amazing! And definitely eye-candy :p haha. And there were definitely some great kissing scenes in Coffee Prince as well (:

    • Haha Yes. I loved the eyecandy, all of it. Yoon Eun Hye is one of my girl crushes so I included her in the eyecandy :p While I love all of the songs, Goodbye is my favorite. I love the lyrics they are so beautiful. The singer’s voice is amazing, when I hear her voice it hits me in the gut lol Sorry I don’t know how to explain it very clearly. XD

  3. haha this was a fun post. My favorite of the OST is Lalala, Its Love! I have listened to that one repeatedly since the OST was up here haha… it was even nice working on blog with it.

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