I Loved Coffee Prince! What Next?

I have found that many drama watchers first started watching with Coffee Prince, or at least it was the second, or part of the first pack. For me it was the same; the first Asian drama I ever watched was, Goong. From there I jumped to dramas with Yoon Eun Hye and I liked all of them, especially The Vineyard Man; Oh Man Suck was love at first scene. From there I jumped to dramas with him, and the list goes on like that more or less, until I felt I was experienced enough to pick dramas I didn’t know the actor, had never heard of the story, or that were simply just out of the pack… and still be confident that I would like them. Of course, there were those that failed, and there were those that made me want to throw shoes at the screen… and then I met the dramatards, and I my days of drama solitude ended. But that is for another post.

Coffee Prince is such a perfect drama in all levels that it became the type of drama to open the door for many drama lovers, but what comes after it? Many have been disappointed with their picks… so grab your coffee and follow us, while we help you pick your next obsession. 😉 

Asian dramas that are like Coffee Prince, and then some… 

 The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, romcom with the “unconventional female lead”, cross-dressing element, about a group of baristas making it happened at a coffee shop. Under the surface, it touches issues like homosexuality. You might like the upcoming Taiwanese drama, Happy Michelin Kitchen, because it has been mentioned to be like Coffee Prince with a few differences. In addition, you might like the two other Taiwanese dramas of the Happy trilogy: Happy & Love Forever, and Sunny Happiness 

Romcoms with cross-dressing elements/subjects on homosexuality

–      Hana Kimi (read about it);  if you like this, you might like Yankee kun to Megane chan, because of the same school like atmosphere, and the students going through everyday life events.

–      Personal Taste

–      Sungkyunkwan Scandal

–      Ouran High School

–      Mendol-Ikemen

–      You Are Beautiful

Romcoms with “unconventional female leads” and a few other things might apply 😉

–       My Name is Kim Sam-Soon

–       Hello! My Teacher; if you like this you might like GTO, because in both the character wishes to be a teacher but lacks the ability, so its assigned the most troubled classroom in the school. You might also like:  Gokusen, and Hammer Session.

–       Mee Too, Flower (read our review)

–       Attention Please

–      Prosecutor Princess; if you like this, you might like Take Care of The Young Lady because of the same bratty princess like main lead, and both have a man that helps them out but have an agenda of their own

–      Secret Garden; if you like this drama, you might like Proposal Daisakusen, and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, because the three have supernatural elements surrounding the main leads.

 Romcoms with reverse harem elements/about “shops”

–      Flower Boy Ramen Shop

–      Lunch Queen

–      Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henche; if you like Yamato, you might like Mei-chan no Suitsuji, and also Nobuta wo Produce, because of the same tomboyish/weird like female and the boys that turn her into a lady.

–      Ouran High School (it also has reverse harem elements)

Follow our series of recommendations with the next list, Dramas like Goong!!

This has been a collaboration by The Dramatards 🙂


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  1. I’d watched quite a few dramas before actually watching 1st shop of Coffee Prince, including TW/JP and finally K dramas, sampling a wide variety of rom coms in each region. The moment I finished watching Coffee Prince, my journey stopped. I find myself disappointed browsing through recent as well ‘classic’ dramas, when Coffee Prince got so many things right.
    The pacing was perfect, with transitions between character interactions made with an explicit goal of fleshing out the characters (through friendly banter fostering camaraderie).
    The chemistry was perfect, perhaps as a consequence of the superb acting/script. While it was obvious the two leads were to be entangled in a romance, the execution didn’t rely on constant flashbacks (which was also tastefully done – none too overused and only served to highlight a crucial plot element rather than trying to shovel the ‘he/she is always on my mind’ theme), but instead reinforced the role of the script.
    The OST; use of beautiful down tempo music which didn’t overpower the imagery and actually felt connected to the scene (like to specially mention the scene in ep12 when our characters reconcile: song ‘May’ by Belle Epoque)
    The script is great, mainly because it wasn’t so transparent or literally self explanatory, with some things implied. The ending did not feel rushed, with a nice rounding of all the narrative side plots.
    Finally, the acting supplemented each of these factors to great lengths. Sure some things were a little cheesy, but its a rom com, and alas it wasn’t overdone as I’d hoped, it was actually an element that manifested in the chemistry of the characters.

    I’m going to continue looking and waiting for a drama that can compete with the likes of Coffee Prince, hoping for something great to come around. I have to say, I did enjoy some of the items on your list, but more so in a perfunctory way. Anyone else recommend other shows not on the list? It’s been a year since then so just wondering and as always, enjoy the romance ^^

    • Yes, it’s such a good drama that it’s hard to find rom-coms that are up to par with it. If you find any that are as good as Coffee Prince, please share with us. 🙂

    • Perhaps we should update this post… or make a new one ^ ^
      Either way thank you for the comment and sharing your thoughts of Coffee Prince with us.
      Out of the top of my head one drama that you might enjoy as much as Coffee Prince or maybe not as much but close enough: Let’s Eat.
      Hope we were helpful. 🙂

  2. Great recommendations, I have seen a lot of these and agree. There are a few you listed that I haven’t seen, but will give a try.

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