Skinny Baby MV Review

On December 26, 2011 Kpop groups B2ST and A Pink released a music video for “Skinny Baby” through Gom TV. It was a CF of the two groups working as models for the new school uniform line “Skinny Baby”. The music video was written and produced by Kim Tae Won and Yoon Sang Jo who have done work for famous singers such as Rain and MBLAQ. The director of the MV was Kim Kwang Eun who has directed videos for 2ne1 and The Wonder Girls. The outfits the two groups are strutting wearing in the video caught a lot of consumers eyes, as well as the catchy beat of the song.

The thing is, the more and more I hear this song I find myself liking the beat of it and the vocals are great. But….. who names a brand “Skinny Baby”???? Girls and women alike, especially in Asia, are already insecure about their body figures and the way they look. Having a song preaching about being skinny is something that I find myself wanting to be against. I love B2ST! They’re my favorite Kpop group! But this song…if the lyrics were different I’d like it so much more! I’m not too familiar with A Pink, so I apologize for my lack of knowledge on their names and history.

So here it goes, my second music video review!

First thoughts were: They made Yoseob rap?!?! o__O

My Review (out of 5):

Music: The music is pretty catchy, like I mentioned above – the more I listen to it the more I like the beat. Hyunseung’s really proven himself to be a really good singer lately, the breakdown part in the song he gives out the best vocals out of them all.
I give it ✩✩✩✩

Dancing: They didn’t really have much dancing going on in the video. As a CF for a clothing line they were mostly just strutting in the outfits and posing.  Other than the shuffling they showed when they were all dancing together there’s no other notable dancing.
I give it ✩✩

Chemistry: There was enough chemistry between the groups to make it good enough. It doesn’t play a role in the video (as it did in my previous review), so I’m not going to give it a rating.

Outfits: It’s a CF for a clothing line, so being a music video dedicated to showing off these clothes, this rating is important. I thought the outfits themselves were cute and cool. The guys’ outfits were nice although some of them I couldn’t picture every guy being able to pull off. Such as Kikwang’s white outfit. The girls’ outfits were stylish and I actually liked them. But this is supposed to be a school uniform line right? I can’t picture someone wearing some of these outfits as a school uniform.
I give it ✩✩✩✩


Yeah Yeah know how we do it

Skinny kinny oh oh (That’s right yeah)
Skinny kinny oh oh (That’s right yeah)
Skinny kinny oh oh (That’s right yeah)

This is how we rock
This is why I’m hot

I’m back with this track
Everyone pay attention now
Now the spotlight is shining on me
If you’re different level than me, move behind
I don’t want to deal with you, someone with no style

oh no no it’s so obvious no no no
oh no no try a different beat
oh no no it’s still the same no no
whoever watch it too will think it’s cool
move over from my way

Skinny kinny together let’s go oh oh
Skinny kinny attention get it  get it oh
from head to toe bling bling so cool
skinny kinny boys boys skinny kinny girls girls

Skinny baby hot hot Skinny baby hot Skinny baby hot hot
You know work your stuff
Baby you so fly  so cool  style
Skinny baby hot hot
Whoever sees it too think it’s so hot

When I start, everyone follow me
Follow me follow me
Me, you too are perfect
When I run, increase your gear
If you can’t style, don’t reach out for me,

Oh no no it’s so obvious no no no
Oh no no I’m a step faster than you
Oh no no it’s still the same no no
whoever sees it’s too, it’s cool
all the roads in front of me are dazzling

Skinny kinny  let’s get together oh oh
Skinny kinny attention get it get it oh oh
From head to toe bling bling so cool
Skinny kinny boys boys Skinny kinny girls girls

Skinny baby hot hot Skinny baby hot Skinny baby hot hot
You know work your stuff
Baby you so fly  so cool style
Skinny baby hot hot
Whoever sees it too so hot

Get started
Increase the volume
From now on, follow me oh

Skinny baby hot hot Skinny baby hot Skinny baby hot hot
You know work your stuff
Baby you so fly so cool style
Skinny baby hot hot
Whoever sees it too so hot

(copied lyrics from: MyBeastyBoys Blog)

I don’t like the lyrics. The whole “Skinny baby hot hot” just makes me think of all the girls in Korea going to starve themselves because they think the B2ST boys like skinny girls. Because even if a girl is skinny, most of us tend to be nervous about our weight, and someone telling you that you have to be skinny makes you try to be like people you see in magazines – not thinking about how much make up and photoshop work gets done on the picture. Nobody has the perfect body – though there may be some people that might come close to it, but in reality, it’s just your own perception on what “perfect” and “beauty” is. The media has us believing that you have to be skinny to be hot. And while it’s not a bad thing to be skinny, it’s not a bad thing if you’re just average. That’s really why I don’t like these lyrics – they’re horrible! And the fact that this is a CF? Even worse!
I give it

Story: There isn’t really a storyline to this music video, so I’m going to omit this section from this review. The MV was mostly them posing and walking and doing a little bit of dancing. No storyline.

Overall – I’d give it a ✩✩ out of 5

I’d like to add that I’m planning on making a schedule for myself and posting a music video review per week. So keep a look out for that (: The music video will be a recent song, meaning it will have been released within the past month. This song is a little late, but I got busy so I wound up posting a bit late. I’m going to get myself on a better schedule so that won’t happen, haha.

Also I will write a page for my rating system and have it listed under “About This Blog” for those interested in getting a more general idea of how I rate.

And I also want to mention that B2ST’s most recent song “I Knew It” is a lot better, and although they only have a short MV for it, I’m going to post it here instead of doing a review on it.


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  1. I really dont like the song much… but I guess since its done for a commercial, although I agree with you, Skinny Baby Hot Hot is a bit too much for all those teen girls that are already fading away *looks at belly fat* hmmm… nah, I dont do diets. :p

    • Agreed. After listening to the song like 4 or 5 times I really do think it’s catchy, but the lyrics are awful!

      And haha diets aren’t usually healthy anyways :p

    • I agree. The song wasn’t very good. And I hate the message they are sending. What’s even worse is that this is targeted to children. For school uniforms. That’s just so wrong. High School and Middle School aged kids are very vulnerable to things like peer pressure. So seeing their favorite idols promoting a line of uniforms that is meant for skinny people will make them think they have to fit this cookie cutter mold. People come in all shapes and sizes and should not be made to feel like any less of a person because of their size.

      • I agree. And they really are. They hear a song like this and it’s going to affect them – especially if they love the group! And agreed, this song just…it’s awful because of the lyrics.

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