Based on the manhwa of the same title, Goong was serialized in 2006, from January trough March, with 24 episodes that gave a satisfactory ending to the drama although the manhwa (original story) is still ongoing. Goong was adapted to the screen by screenwriter In Eun Ah, and director Hwang In Roe (same director from Mischievous Kiss). The original manhwa is by Park So-hee.

This is a story of love between two adolescents that are suddenly forced into an arranged marriage, and the trials they have to go through before attaining happiness. Cuteness, and romance rules this dramaland! 

Goong (Princess Hour)

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Synopsis: South Korea is a constitutional monarchy in the fictional modern world of Goong. The Royal Family lives in a palace which is called Goong. Because the King has died, and the people are not too pleased with the Royals; the Crown Prince Lee Shin, must get marry to improve the image of the family. The Prince is not happy about this news; little does he knows his grandfather had already made a promise to his best friend of marrying both their grandkids. Enters Shin Chae Kyung, a headstrong, but sweet and cheerful girl, and the one destined to become the Crown Princess. 

Shin and Chae Kyung do not get along, they are polar opposites. Their relationship is far from being that of friends, but Chae Kyung is determined to enter the Prince’s heart. However, before this young couple  can come to terms with their relationship, they are entangled in a web of politics and intrigues. Perhaps, understanding the true feelings in their hearts is not enough for them to keep their marriage together. — JADEEYES

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Our thoughts on Goong:

I loved Goong! I loved the storyline. I thought it was a neat concept. I am clueless about Korean history or what their royalty was like, so it was interesting to see how they dressed and the way they handled things..-sleepninja

Goong was my second drama with Yoon Eun Hye. I’d heard many good things about the drama so I gave it a try. I loved it! I didn’t think it was the best drama I had seen – it was frustrating and the political matters gave me a headache. But it was worth watching and I’m glad I did! The soundtrack is one of my all time favorites from a drama! The instrumentals to the theme songs. I couldn’t stand Yul, his attitude…I was rooting for Shin the whole time! Needless to say, this is a moving drama, it doesn’t focus on romance as much as I originally had thought it might. There were quite a few moments that had me laughing and awing. And I think it should be mentioned…Yoon Eun Hye had one terrific wardrobe in the drama! –crazy4you

Goong was my first Korean drama, and despite having watched Oshin (a Japanese drama from the 80s); I can’t say I really remember much of it, and there is also the fact that a long time passed between my Oshin times, and Goong. So… I think of Goong as the one that opened the doors to all other Asian dramas. I came across Goong because at the time I was very much into manga, and the obsession had taken me to read all kinds of graphic novels from different countries. As its said above, Goong is a manhwa (Korean graphic novel) and looking for more chapters I found Goong (the drama), and what later turned to be the number one obsession in my life: The world of Asian dramas.

I fell in love with the drama, more because it had an ending and so I was excited to have some closure, than because it was a TV series or anything of the sort. I find reading graphic novels to be equally stimulating, if not much more at times. The love story of Goong is the kind of romance I like, I can’t say why exactly since I might ruin part of the excitement that comes with finding it out ;). I hope you enjoy Goong for this month, and if you haven’t seen it yet, I urge you to give it a try. You might be missing out on a great romance story!! -JADEEYES

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  1. Awww! My second drama ever! I didn’t remember how bad ass the theme song was!

  2. I had been thinking about watching this drama but was undecided. I will give it a shot me thinks, it actually sounds real interesting.

    • Hey there 123muscles (: Thanks for commenting! And it definitely is worth watching (:

    • Hi muscles, thank you for the comment 🙂
      Yes, like crazy4you said, this drama is definitely worth watching. I think it is a very sweet story, and the kind of romance that I like. But of course, that is more of a personal opinion. Hope you like it 😀

    • Hi! It’s nice to meet you 😀 It’s a really good drama, I hope you enjoy it.

  3. I loved this drama. It was my third or fourth Kdrama (can’t remember which lol)

    • I can’t remember which it was for me as well haha. It was before I watched Secret Garden…So maybe 4th, 5th or 6th haha

      I’m reading the manhwa right now, noticing all the little things they changed up in the drama, and the details they kept similar or the same haha.

    • This drama was my first like I have said many times before, and like almost all first things in your life, it holds a special place in my heart. I have watch this drama 3 times, and everytime I find something I had not seen before or understood quite well, the prince emotions since he is very reserved, the mother (Queen Min) she has become one of my favorite characters for many reasons… I just really like this story, and being my first drama I can admit to its flaws, but still Im able to over look them. 🙂

      • I actually kind of want to rewatch this drama now haha. But I’m reading the manhwa first :p And I liked the mother for those reasons I think you’re thinking of, too. And haha that’s how I felt about Hana Kimi :p It has it’s flaws but since it’s my first drama I can’t help but want to rewatch it over and over and still love it :p

        Haha it’s kind of funny, because I first saw the actress who played Queen Min in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho…so it was a bit hard to take her serious :p hahaha.

        • I rewatched this in one day hahaha… I didnt sleep the whole night, and then went to sleep around 8am for only 5hrs -_- But it was worth it haha, love this drama.
          Oh! BTW is my third time watching it. :p

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