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Main Cast:


Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜) as Shin Chae Kyung (신채경)

She’s an outgoing and creative girl who was an art major at an art school. She liked being different, wearing her track pants underneath her school uniform. That was before she met the Crown Prince of Korea, Lee Shin, who also happened to attend the same school. After finding out about a promise their grandfathers had made, they were forced to marry. Once she enters the palace she begins to learn about the loneliness Shin had to endure.


Joo Ji Hoon (주지훈) as Lee Shin (이신)

The Crown Prince of the Republic of Korea. In the beginning he comes off as a smug, insensitive and indifferent guy. He was told he had to marry soon, so he asks his close friend Hyo Rin if she would marry him and she rejects him. Having no one else in mind, he goes along with his elders wishes for his marriage with Chae Kyung.


Kim Jeong Hoon (김정훈) as Lee Yul (이율)

Yul is the second-in-line in succession to the throne. He’s the son of the preview King, Hyo Yeol, who passed away before Yul was given the title of “Crown Prince”. He returns to Korea from a long stay at England with his mother. Being warm, kind-hearted and down-to-earth – he’s the opposite of his cousin, Lee Shin.


Song Ji Hyo (송지효) as Min Hyo Rin (민효린)

Hyo Rin is a skilled ballerina, in fact it’s her dream to become one. She’s pretty and intelligent. Lee Shin proposed to her, but she didn’t want to live a cooped up palace life. She wanted to pursue her dream. But after seeing Chae Kyung marry him, she begins to regret making such a hasty decision.

The Royal Family:


Kim Hye Ja as the Queen Mother (Shin’s grandmother)


Yoon Yoo Sun as Queen Min (Shin’s mother)


Park Chan Hwan as King Hwang (Shin’s father)


Lee Yoon Ji as Princess Hye Myung (Shin’s sister)


Shim Hye Jin as Lady Hwa Yong (Yul’s mother)

Chae Kyung’s family:


Im Ye Jin as Chae Kyung’s mother


Kang Nam Gil as Chae Kyung’s father


Kim Suk as Shin Chae Joon (younger brother)

All of the characters in this drama were amazing. Min Hyo Rin drove me crazy and Lee Yul’s mother made me grit my teeth in anger. I loved how goofy and cheerful Chae Kyung was and her interactions with the prince were both hilarious and cute. The Grandmother was so sweet and endearing, always putting a smile on my face. I loved Lee Yul. His character was so well written in my opinion. I was empathizing with him a lot. It’s rough being turned away by your family and treated for the most part as a stranger. While I didn’t like a few of the things he did, overall he was a really good guy and had a good heart. –sleepninja

The characters were all done very well, the acting was very good. Everytime I saw Hyo Rin or Lee Yul’s mother I started yelling at the screen – okay not really but it made me so frustrated! All of the characters made me feel frustrated with them at least once. I couldn’t stand Yul, either. I pitied him, I felt bad for him, but his character annoyed me so much! I was rooting for Shin the whole time – I guess I felt more drawn to the main lead this time around. Chae Kyung annoyed me in parts, but it wasn’t that bad. Actually the fact that her character learned from any of the mistakes she did showed how much the characters, not just her, developed throughout the drama. I loved the Grandmother! She was too cute! And Shin’s mother I respected – she did things because she cared a lot more than it seemed like she did. –crazy4you

My favorite character in the drama was Shin. Its not because he is the lead character, but because I sort of have a soft spot for misunderstood people. Shin was always misunderstood by everyone, more importantly he was misunderstood by the person he admired most, his father. 
Shin took my heart, although he was mean and often cruel when he was angry, it was not because he was pretending and putting up a front, but because he didnt know any other way of expressing his feelings. He never knew of being humble, caring, or understanding, and that only shows how little care and understanding he got from his father, the figure a boy looks up at the most. All he knew about was how to be a Crown Prince; he was a very lonely boy, until he met Chae Kyung. Yet, Shin never pushed his frustrations out on anyone, he kept them inside, and showed a mask to everyone else. I think he is one of the best main-lead characters I have seen in romance dramas. His frustrations had all a valid excuse, yet he never really seemed like a pathetic loser. As the other dramatards have said, the characters in this story well all very well written. –JADEEYES

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  1. I guess I didnt want to make it longer than it is, but characters that I couldnt stand at some point were Hyo Rin, Yul, and Chae Kyung, her anger at Shin towards the end, even after knowing his feelings, was making want to punch her a bit (I get violent when Im angry lol) and the way she always went to Yul first whenever she had problems, and then telling Shin how selfish he was for not caring… arghh!! I wished I could slap her there. But I understand she was very immature, although she learned from her mistakes. I agree with you c4u… you could really feel the characters changing. I love this drama. 😀

    • Haha I loved Yul. lol I don’t think he was a bad person, he ust felt like everything had been taken form him. His family, the love of that family, his birthrite. (yes I know, old fashioned to talk about birthrites, but this was a drama about royalty) And with his mother drilling into him 24/7 how he was robbed of what should be his and that he should take it back…………..I’m amazed he didn’t do things 10 times more evil because of being coryrupted by her. He grew up to not be overly bitter and evil, unlike her. Sure he was a bit bitter (I would be too), but if you examine it in comparison to the bitterness and vileness of the one who raised him…………’s like a snowflake compared to an avalanche XD

      • I agree completely with you. Yul was pitiful, and I dont think he was a bad person either. He was a sad person who was misguided in life. Like you, I think his mother had a lot of fault in the way he acted at times. I really dont recall him doing anything bad, he didnt do evil tricks. Still, he annoyed me every time he would talk to Chae Kyung was to bash Shin!! >>: that is envy, and I dislike people that envy what they dont have and long for it, and ultimately try to take it from the other person. Im not talking about the position in the family, but the love for Chae Kyung. It was not right of him to always feed her brain with negative comments of Shin. If he would have said things like: “I wish you would see me” “I hope you could fall for me” and leave it at that, I wouldnt have mind cuz I understand he was a bit bitter because of his mother (evil witch) but, he constantly said mean things about Shin, and brainwashed her ceveral times, thats not right… it annoyed me a bit. But I think the most annoying one was Hyo Rin hahahaha.

        • Haha I understand what you mean, I just didn’t get as annoyed about it I guess. The one who REEAALLY annoyed me was Min Hyo Rin. I can’t stand characters that go and reject someone saying that they are placing their career before their lover. I understand that they need to pursue their dreams. I understand…………but when you reject that person……..don’t effing act like you have rights to him when someone else comes into his life. She didn’t love the prince, she just wanted to own him…….like an object. She thought that his world should revovle around her. So selfish and stuck up!

          • “but when you reject that person……..don’t effing act like you have rights to him when someone else comes into his life.” I so agree with this. If I had to make a list of the characters that annoyed me, she would be the number one!! >>:

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