Lee Byung Hun’s upcoming films

Lee’s upcoming works for early and mid year.

On an article dated October 18, 2011 by allKpop, it was said Lee Byung Hun had been offered the lead role in the upcoming MBC drama The King. But it was never official that he would take part on the drama. The recent news is that Lee Seung Gi is to be the lead (for more info read “Lee Seung Gi to star in a new drama!! :D”).

One thing is for sure, he is to start in the historical production I Am The King of Chosun, from the director of Mapado, Chu Chang Min. I haven’t seen any of Chu Chang Min’s work yet, so I have no clue as to his skills, but the fact that Lee Byunghoney will be in this movie, makes it for a “must watch” on my list. 😉

This will be Lee Byung Hun’s first role in a historical production, and he will be acting alongside actress Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi, Brilliant Legacy). The film is set to premier sometime during the second half of 2012.

Lee will also be displaying his perfect body (for which he trained for 3 months) and showing off his awesome acting skills in theaters all over U.S. this coming June, in the G.I. Joe sequel, G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation.

He will be acting alongside Hollywood stars Bruce Willis, and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).

Here is a trailer:

On an interview with Section TV, Lee expressed how well the crew has been treating him, how considerate and respectful they are towards him and his culture.

“Bruce Willis will be starring in ‘G.I.Joe 2 as well. We do appear in a scene together so there was a day where we filmed with each other. When I first saw him and stretched my arm out to shake his hand, he bent down into a ninety degree angle and said, ‘Nice to meet you.’ He knew about the Korean culture of greeting someone.

“Not only that, the steps had written ”Storm Shadow” in Korean on all of my props. They had searched how to write those words in Korean.”

It hadn’t always been like that. The martial arts director Jund Doo Hong, also commented on Lee’s early difficulty to get recognized: “During the earlier filming of G.I.Joe, Lee Byung Hun was not recognized or treated fairly by anyone on the set because of his ethnicity. However, the director, along with everyone else on set started to change and become mesmerized by his acting skills. They began to yell out ‘Amazing’ after every cut and treated him differently.”

Hmm… it seems this is something very common in the entertainment industry; to give a newbie the harsh treatment. I have read in old articles, how Lee Byung Hun suffered rejection from a director in one of his earlier dramas. He had told Lee how he would never make it as an actor because he was terrible at acting. Well, what do you know? I guess that only shows how cold and downright cruel the world of showbiz is… glad Lee showed them!

If you are big fan of Byunghoney ^^ (why are you here? lol) dont forget to check out our gallery: Lee Byung Hun


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  1. I still haven’t seen G.I. Joe yet! Haha. That’s nice that Bruce Willis said “Nice to meet you” in the Korean fashion. He does seemed to have gained a lore more respect from the info you gave.

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