Eat Your Vegetables!

Bachelor's Vegetable Store

(winter of 2012) Spoiler Code: GREEN

Two things led me to this drama:

  1. My success with Gourmet, and how much I miss it.
  2. Ji Chang Wook and how cute he is ;p

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store is based on a true story. Lee Young-Suk started selling vegetables on a tiny store, and now has more than 30 stores in all Korea; he made his dreams come true with effort and great imagination. Like almost all true stories-based dramas, its bound to have its slow parts or those cliche ones that are there not because it really happened, but for the sake of complicating the plot -not always very successful at it though.

Synopsis: From early youth, Han Tae-Yang’s dream was to have his own vegetable store. He grew up poor, with his younger sister, and a grandmother who taught them all kinds of tricks to survive. He had a best friend Jin Jin-Sim, a girl who kissed him in front of all the boys who were teasing him because he was poor; she told him, the kiss was so that everyone would remember him as Tae-Yang who was kissed rather than Tae-Yang who was poor. One day, a tragedy befalls him and  Jin Jin-Sim; a set of unfortunate events ensue when Tae-Yang fears losing Jin Jin-Sim (who is orphan) to another family.  Jin Jin-Sim’s friend Mal Ga-On wants her to leave with her and her mother, but something terrible happens and Mak Ga-On cannot be found. Years later Tae-yang is a cheerful young man, with the determination of having his own vegetable store. He finds work at a vegetable market, and meets a girl named Mok Ga-On. -JADEEYES

I started this drama hoping to feel the same way I felt while watching Gourmet years ago (I still remember)… warm, happy, and like I could do anything with my life. Where is the next cooking contest? Im there… art school? Nah Im going to be a Chef!!

When I watched the first episode I didn’t even bother finishing it, I got bored and started watching something else. Yep, Im not going to sugarcoat anything for you… I GOT BORED. But, I later went back, and got hooked on Han Tae Yang and his cheerfulness and endurance… he puts a smile on my face, and makes me want to eat pancakes… err… with vegetables 😀

Plus, after watching one particular scene at the market where he starts working, I was left wondering whether or not the entire story is true… all complications add it, all sub-plots, ALL Tae Yang! 

Im not one to get hooked on eye-candy… ONLY! :p I do love to watch a drama because the story is captivating, and Bachelor’s Store is more than captivating. It has become a warm place where I can go and feel like I can reach my dreams too! 😀

Thinking back at how I first started Gourmet; I also got bored with it during the first couple of episodes, so I dropped it. Later I went back to watch it because of Kim Rae Won and how incredible he is as an actor (I don’t even have words). I regretted dropping it the first time; literally, I was in love with it. I couldn’t see a flaw for the love of God, I was blind to others criticism of Nam Sang Min supposedly overacting, and I re-watched it within two months of having completed it. Not to turn this into a “WATCH GOURMET” post, like I said before, I went back to watch BVS; I realized I might just love it as much as Gourmet … and I do! Minus the typical Korean complications of fake daughters, and evil mothers. -_-

BVS is not a drama for you to sit on the edge of your chair, or laugh uncontrollably like a maniac. This drama is for you to learn about perseverance, and the meaning of having a dream. It gets sappy, I know, but it makes you think about the things you haven’t done; did you really tried your best? It makes you want to run out of your house and not stop until you reach a point. Which point? I don’t know… let’s find out. 😉

It is a drama to get inspired and learn from… and, even when I drop the first episode, I end up loving this kind of dramas because I’m all for following your dreams and never giving up until you are dead. Add to that, this being a true story makes it the more touching! So I like to think that I didn’t actually drop the first episode, but put it on hold until I got around to realizing it was a keeper!!

If you are the kind of person who likes “make it happen” stories, then Bachelor’s Vegetable Store is for you.

If you don’t wish to watch for this guy,

Cutie-pie Ji Chang-Wook

… or this guy, 

WHO-ARE-YOU??? and where have you been? lol

Then watch for the right reasons :p Tae Yang achieving his dream, and the ways he tries to make it happen!!

For whatever reason you choose, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store is a drama that will leave you with a sense of pride and commitment. You will want to eat vegetables all day long… or pancakes 😉

We do not have a review on this drama yet, as it has not finished airing -almost ending -_- Here is a link to the MDL page with basic info on the drama and cast, enjoy!


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  1. Thank you for the comments warriors!! 😀
    I would recommend watching Gourmet first since its an older drama, and will set the tone for this one, but either way, both dramas are awesome in that they warm your heart. So it wont really matter which you watch first haha… I might be biased cuz Gourmet was my first drama about food and competitions and such.
    Both have good actors in it, and BVS is a true story!!! 0_0 Must watch just because of that! haha… I follow true stories that have happy endings cuz it makes me feel good about life in general. Im glad both of you are concidering watching it. 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen either gourmet or BVS yet, but I really want to watch both. I had no idea that BVS was based on a true story, it makes me want to watch it even more. Of course the eyecandy has NOTHING to do with why I want to watch this Nothing at all…..humm humm *whistles*

  3. I haven’t seen this drama yet and haven’t seen Gourmet either, haha. I didn’t add this drama to my list because I didn’t want to add too many more dramas to my list. I might decide to watch it though (:

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