Our Favorite Songs by Ayumi (:

This week our highlight is Ayumi Hamasaki, and we’ve decided to switch things up a little and instead of posting this last, we’re posting this first (: Our favorite songs and why they’re our favorites:

“Evolution” – Released on January 31, 2001, it’s her 20th single and her second song composed by herself. It debuted at #1 on the charts and sold 500,000 copies during the first week. “Evolution” still remains one of Ayumi’s highest selling single, although 2002’s “H” sold even more. It still remains a favorite of the singer herself and she’s known to sing it at all of her concerts.

This was the first song by Ayumi Hamasaki that I heard. I loved the music, it was super catchy and her vocals were so pretty. I love how energetic the song is, it really gives you energy. What blew me away about the song was how fast she was singing. And that she was doing such strong vocals while singing that fast. Many years have passed since this song came out, and I never tire of listening to it, nor does it feel outdated. 😀 –Sleepninja

“Dearest” – Released on September 27, 2001, it’s her 24th single. It’s also the third ending theme to the anime Inuyasha.

I first listened to “The End Of The Wolrd” and “Criminal” but this song brought out one of my favorites feeling “sorrow”. I know it might sound weird, but I do like that feeling, it is the time in which I find myself in touch with my heart the most. Past memories; the desire of being somewhere or with someone, moves you in unexpected ways.-JADEEYES

“Love Song” – Off of her album Love Songs, it was released on December 22, 2010. “Love Song” is the December 2010 theme for Japan TV “Sukkiri!!” The music video was filmed in Los Angelos and also continues the story of the MV on in her music video for “Last Angel”. “Love Song” has been certified as a gold single by the RIAJ for digital downloads for cellphones.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ayumi was the very first Asian singer in general that I started listening to. She was the artist that brought that love for Jpop alive and what helped me branch out to other singers and groups. “Love Song” is one of those songs that I just immediately fell in love with! I have too many favorites by her to name, but the reason I chose this one is simple: the lyrics. The way she sings them, the fact that she wrote them. Singing “I don’t want to live a life without love, dreams or music” – I don’t want to either. – Crazy4you

This has been a collaboration by The Dramatards (:


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  1. There were so many songs to choose from. I have yet to find a song of hers that I didn’t absolutely adore. 🙂

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