Padam, Padam Goes My Heart

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Err… Not really, but my mind was blown away with incredible acting, brilliant photography, and one hell of a good script  😉

Padam, Padam... The Sound Of His and Her Heart Beats

Title: Padam, Padam … The Sound of His and Her Heart Beats

Genre:  romance,  supernatural

Number of episodes: 20

Network: jTBC

Serialized: from December 5, 2011 – February 7, 2012

Time aired: Moday & Tusday at 10pm

Synopsis: After being in prison for 16 years, accused of a murder he did not commit, Yang Kang Chil is released and wishes to start a new life while still harboring feelings of resentment and a desire for vengeance against the person who framed him. He is always accompanied by his jail-mate Lee Gook Soo, who claims to be an angel that has been given the mission to protect Kang Chil from death. On his way to his town, Kang Chil meets Jung Ji Na, a veterinarian that happens to have her clinic in the same town he lives. He falls in love with her, but soon finds out she is the one woman he should have never set eyes upon.  A string of supernatural events surround the new life of Kang Chil; and the truth of his past catches up to him, affecting his life and the life of those around him, for better or worse.

Supernatural events? An angel is involved? I was interested from the start just because of the supernatural element. What I was weary of was the fact that Kim Bum was playing the guardian angel (my mind was changed. Ill get to that in a minute), and that the drama was directed by Kim Kyu Tae the director of World’s Within… and forgive me Binnie fans, but bias OFF, World’s Within is an extremely slow-pace drama that holds no plot together but the everyday life of people working on broadcasting which is interesting only if you want to learn what goes on behind making a film or TV series, but then again there are documentaries for that. Now, bias ON… I guess if you are a huge fan of Binnie then you would watch that drama, not even skipping one part of an episode (did you skipped? hmm, I trust you!). Consequently, if you are a huge fan of Binnie and Song Hye-kyo, then you would watch that drama to get the feel of real romance behind cameras. Yeah, a very mature drama, uh-huh, next!

The Cast:

– Jung Woo Sung, as Yang Kang Chil

– Han Ji Min, as Jung Ji Na

– Kim Bum, as Lee Gook Soo

–  Lee Jae Woo, as Kim Young Cheol

– Na Moon Hee, as Kim Mi Ja (Kang Chil’s mother)

– Jang Hang Sun, as Detective Jung (Ji Na’s father)

– Yoon Joo Sang, as Prison officer Kim

– Kim Joon Sung,  as Chan Gul

– Kim Hyung Bum, as Oh Yong Hak

– Kim Ji Yoo, as Min Hyo Sook (Kang Chil’s ex-girlfriend)

– Choi Tae Joon, as Im Jung (Kang Chil’s son)

Tae Joon relied on Kim Bum off cameras. ><

Forget Kang Chil and Ji Na. These two were the best couple :p

Still, I gave Padam, Padam a try because of actors like Jung Woo Sung and Han Ji Min. They are good actors, and I trust anything Han Ji Min is in because I have seen most of her dramas and liked them all. Woo Sung, well, before being extremely handsome (still not my cup of tea) he is extremely good at acting. I have seen some of his movies, and I can say that he is one actor to follow whether you think him good looking or not. Plus! Who said we follow actors just because they are good looking?

Yeah I know! I just wanted to throw this in here somewhere :p … but really he is incredible as Kang Chil. Best acting I have seen in a while.

I have to admit I was biased because of Boys Over Flowers, and not that his acting was bad there or anything -I didnt watch far enough to see his acting. But Kim Bum is now on my list of good actors. He blew me away with his performance as Gook Suk.

These two awesome actors are accompanied by more than decent Tae Joon, who has been only in a movie and now this drama. I was shocked with this kid. He is someone to watch in the future.

Veteran actors, Na Moon Hee, and Jang Hang Sun. Both were brilliant in their portrayal of the strong, level headed mother, and the miserable, bitter father. And I cannot forget Ji Min, however she did not captivate me here as much as in her previous dramas. Still… I would say she did a good job nonetheless. She is one of the few Korean actresses I follow.

I give the acting in this drama a 10. Everyone was perfect. 

Watching the first episode I came to the conclusion I was in for a good ride with this drama. Despite my bad experience with World’s Within, I thought the slow-pace matched well here, because it took time for the director to show us details we want to see; it allowed us to get involved in the emotions of the characters, and appreciate the superb acting. I don’t know much about directing and such, but I never said “slow-pace” was a bad thing, just some stories are not cut out for it. Padam, Padam is.

It is all a simple matter of having an extremely tighten-plot story versus a plot-less one. When you have too many elements bringing your story together, and a hugely complicated situation, it is nice to be able to see the smallest details; to take time to feel the actor’s expressions, and to get lost in breathtaking sceneries.The photography makes this drama a must watch for the “film critic” in you.

This is a romance, so it is expected to have lots of romantic scenes. It won’t let you down. If there is something this director does better than anyone -aside from other awesome things-  is that he is not one to skip the bed scene or give you flat kisses. Yes, the typical eyes wide shut, I mean open also happens here… yep, in this extremely matured, serious, romance drama. But not to spoil it for anyone, it comes with a a nice treat, and ill let you to find that one out.

There is no love quadruple really, Kim Bum is not going to try to steal anybody’s love interest while being a Guardian Angel. But there is the always feared (or not) love triangle, which also comes with an unexpected treat since “he” is not your typical goody-two-shoes male. The relationships are very mature based, and this is something you will always find with this director if you have been following his dramas. The love part is predictable, of course, is what the drama is about manly; the love of Kang Chil for Ji Na. However, there are more than one thing happening in the life of Kang Chil, and it makes it unpredictable how the story will end. For once, I didn’t see the ending coming on a romance drama.

I give the romance a 10. The story stays true to its premise.

The supernatural element in this drama is well incorporated. Its one of those dramas that will make you want to see it adapted for the big screen; then again, the director, actors, and rest of the crew did amazingly so I was well satisfied. I’ll still watch the movie, if there is ever one. 😉  

From the beginning of the drama, Gook Suk claims to be an angel, and that three miracles will happen in the life of Kang Chil. While you might have your doubts whether he is an angel or not, something does happen towards the end of the first episode. Now, I’m trying my best to keep this spoilery free, but seeing as this drama has in fact supernatural elements as part of the main plot, you know some weird stuff is going to go down any minute. So… its not a spoiler if I tell you that in the first episode, something does happen that leaves you thinking if in fact there is another world we know nothing of, or think we do but… yep, I was left hanging…

… not because of their bodies, haha. But yeah, the shower scene is the best part of episode one. There, I have hooked you just like that ;p

You know that feeling you get from the beginning of a story, that there is no way you could end up disliking the story? Well, I got that feeling with this one. While I do not love it, I still recognize its greatness. It will enhance the way you watch dramas.

One of the things that did it for me was the script. OH-MY-GOD! Is this a well-written script or am I having post Deep Root delusions? 

I once read that a dialogue in a story has to be as natural and to the point as it can possibly be giving that the story is fictional. You can make up the story, but don’t make up words or sentences that you think your character would say. You don’t want your readers/viewers saying things like “whoever says that?” or rolling their eyes just because it got too darn ridiculous not even your grandma who likes those “silhouette” stories will believe yours. 

After Deep Root, I thought no other drama would give me the satisfaction of good, down to earth, convincing dialogue. I was wrong, Padam, Padam did the same for me, and even more. Kang Chil will do and act according to his character and what it seems reasonable of a person who has led the life he has. He will say the things you would expect from a person like him, and he will make you wish you were him saying those things. The same goes for all the other characters, every one is written with honesty. There is no way you will not believe what you are watching. 

The story and script deserve a 10. This drama is well written; there is no discussion about that. Don’t expect everything to go how you think it will 😉

There are suspense parts in this story as well, and its what gives the story that push at times when you are getting lost in all the mushiness and melodrama. Although most will think the villain in this drama is Chan Gul; true, he is a bad guy, more of a coward I would say, which makes him a bad person. However, I give all the props to this man:

I have never seen a more detestable character in a drama before… wait! I lie, there was Binnie’s mother in Secret Garden. Both should be put together on a stand, and made fools of. I think that is the greatest insult for such arrogance and ignorance. Im sorry he is a father and all, but there was just no excuse for his behavior. 

There are also funny moments with Gook Suk and Kang Chil acting like kids. I laughed quite a few times, and found myself enjoying the dynamic of this duo. They light up the screen.

Overall: music, directing, acting, plot-wise, this drama is a must watch for the drama fans. I think if you wont love it, then at least you will be able to say that for the first time you give a drama 10 stars just because you understand how amazingly well done it is despite your preferences. This is my case. 😉

Here is a preview for teasing purposes :p

Pictures for your pleasure: Eye-candy and then some…  :p

I just love this kid. He is awesome.

I just love this kid. He is awesome.


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  1. I’m going to start watching it tomorrow!!!! wahhhhh!!! seems like a very good drama…

  2. Thank you both for reading the news papers I write :p

    Yes sleepy you will love this drama, and c4u is already watching but since she is finishing Deep Root first,if you start this drama now you might catch up with her and do a group watch ill make comments on it too 😉

  3. I cannot WAIT to watch this drama, I had heard great things about it and added it simply because everyone was recommending it to me. But I never ACTUALLY paid attention to what it was about lol The synopsis sounds amazing and like just my kind of drama. And I love Kim Bum 🙂

  4. I’m loving this drama! 😀 I haven’t gotten around to finishing yet because it was taking a while for the rest of the episodes to become available for download and now that they are I’m trying to finish another drama (Deep Rooted Tree :p). But I do plan on going back and finishing this after I finish that one haha. I’m just trying to maintain a somewhat schedule.

    Very well written review! Although for detestable characters I think you forgot about the father in Can You Hear My Heart :p That man was just a sorry excuse for a human being *smh*

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