The Dramatards Uncensored

When the dramatards come across atrocious things –like an artist using a social network as twitter, to openly humiliate and degrade an entire race/culture; we take immediate action.

Thank you SleepNinja for spotting this, and bring it to our attention; because really, this is something that should be read by all.

On February 18, Asian Junkie posted an article about Jenny Hyun’s sudden racist rampage on her twitter account against black race.

This horrible bash of insanity was triggered after Floyd Maywheather tweeted about Jeremy Lin, an Asian basketball player who has been in the spotlight for quite some time now because of his admirable “make it happen” story about how he became a basketball player despite his many obstacles.

Well, while Maywheather did in fact made a ridiculous comment like: “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.” It is not the reason to take charge against an entire race, and go to extents as to say they should not exist.

Here is a link to the original article by Asian Junkie, so that you get the full scope.


Jenny later apologized to the black community on her blog. Here is what she had to say:

It doesn’t end there, on February 19 it was posted on her blog that Jenny had been admitted to a hospital, with paranoid schizophrenia, and that she had been battling mental illness for many years.
The family and friends made an apology for any “harmful statements” made by Jenny either verbally or via web, claiming she was in the middle of a psychotic attack. (View post here)

“We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time for her.”

Something a bit funny, nothing on the internet ever gets deleted. Jenny Hyun deleted her original “apology” – but Google has it saved. Check it out: Jenny Hyun’s Apology

As lovers of Asian culture, and of human race in general, we feel the need to bring this to our reader’s attention. So, here is our rant… uncensored!

Yeah sure, what the guy said was wrong…..but it wasn’t THAT bad and wasn’t even aimed towards her. He was mildly being prejudiced, but it was more him thinking that because he was Asian, people paid more attention to him. And he only made the one, small comment. She posted over and over again, And each post was just blatantly racist and cruel. She just out right attacked and ridiculed and talked about the genocide of an entire race. And on a month that was suposed to celebrate their history and all of the hurdles they have overcome because of racist bitches like her. And I HATE when people fake an apology. MAKES me want to smack her upside the head and give her the come to Jesus talk to end all come to Jesus talks.

I’m finding it hard to believe this latest update about her hospitalization. Maybe it IS true, but I’m very skeptical. It just seem a little too convenient that she suddenly is a schizophrenic and needs treatment. And even if she IS schizoprheninc, that has NOTHING to do with what she said. Schizophrenics are still capable of thoughts of morality and can still be held accountable for their actions. Her being “schizophrenic” does not make me suddenly feel sympathy for her or forgive her for what she said. -SleepNinja

“Floyd Mayweather disrespecting Jeremy Lin because he’s Asian? Dude, come back when your people learn how to be human.”
-Excuse me? A person who incites others to enslave and eradicate an entire race is telling someone else to “learn how to be human”? Dude, come back when you learn the meaning of the word hypocrisy.
“Fucking idiot. You should be WORSHIPING Asians you sub-human, ungrateful APE.”
-Worshiping Asians? Why? I think all the attention western fans give Asian celebrities filled your empty head with BS.
“The only way black people are able to advance in any way is through white people. It reminds me of a little something called SLAVERY.”
-Little something? Little…? Huh… Im not going to even comment on this one; Its on a league of its own… evil league.
“But imagine a world with NO BLACK PEOPLE.”
-I can imagine a world without blacks, and it will be a very sad, boring, and uncultured world. There are so many blacks in History I could name that have given society so much culture, it won’t finish with this post… Michael Jackson, Etha James, Nina Simone, Louis Armstrong!!! (Louis OMG) this Jenny person can die, come back as the Empress of a whole nation, and still not be able to kiss Louis Armstrong feet!!! She would have to grovel and eat cow shit first.

When reading about her apology I wanted to throw up because what kind of apology has words like “I don’t regret” and “do with it what you will”? Jenny person!! You need some serious help. I agree, but not because you are schizophrenic and paranoid. But because you are a sad example of how dictators think. Hitler, the ultimate of evil was smarter than you; Fidel Castro, who is a fly next to Hitler, is smarter than you. You, sad excuse for a human being, are just the sad example of cells gone wrong. A dog is a better being than you.
I know there are tons of people in this world that believe the way you believe. Still, to actually read someone outrageously ask for the extinction of an entire race, makes me really sad and angry.
Your conclusion is unbiased? NO… my conclusion is unbiased. It’s like a mother deciding what to do with her psychopathic, delusional, with Hitler-like influences daughter. Lock her up in a asylum. -JADEEYES

She’s a complete hypocrite! Over something that small she’s saying a whole race needs to be destroyed? He was making a point but at the same time he didn’t say anything that bad. In fact after her tweets if she was in his position she’d probably say the same about Asians. Also if you hated an entire race why would you fill your blog up with their music? She has video Vlogs of herself singing Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. And she also added videos on the 18th to her blog by black artists (Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa). Maybe those videos were added because she wanted to prove her hate for the community? But even on previous posts I found videos by black artists. Which makes her a complete hypocrite – you like their music but think as a race they need to be wiped out? Girl what the hell?

“So Whitney Houston was that much of a loss? Is it even worth listening to such a beautiful voice if it also comes with ALL THAT BAGGAGE?”
 “ALL THAT BAGGAGE?” – you mean her history with Bobby Brown and how she went on drugs and rehab and all of that? Or because she’s black? Don’t try to act like Asian artists don’t get mixed up into the wrong things. It’s a universal thing, a human thing. She made a wrong life choice and got mixed up into the wrong things. And yes it is worth listening to “such a beautiful voice” – you’re not a bad singer but she can sing wayyyy better than you…or could… I mean… R.I.P Whitney!

I don’t believe that she’s schizophrenic, psychotic MAYBE but it does seem that she got off too easy over it. And it makes me laugh how her original “apology” was deleted.

A little word of advice Jenny – a race is human. Asians are human. Blacks are human. Whites are human. No matter which race you are – we’re all the same species! So get off your snobbish high horse. 

“Please take this apology and do what you will with it, but hopefully, everyone will remember to stay calm, cool and collected and remember that violence is not the answer.”
You’re right when you say violence is not the answer. But this is also not an apology. You only said this because people were threatening you with your address as you stated above. It doesn’t mean you don’t believe what you do and it’s not a sincere apology. It’s fake. Whether you have something going on with you or not, it still doesn’t make the words you said right at all. Those tweets are awful! And it’s no proof that you don’t actually think like that. It’s an attention thing – but what you failed in was attracting the right crowd to your posts. This is the twenty-first century. Let’s end racism okay? More people are against it than for it these days which is a relief, but there’s still people like you. How about learning a thing or two about races outside yours? It’s amazing what some cultures go through, you might be amazed at what you find out. But don’t speak if you don’t know anything at all. -Crazy4you

Some comments we found that are related to this incident:


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  1. wahhhhh!!! respect begets respect…that’s mainly the reason why other nationalities look down on ASIANS…because there is someone like her who drag us down… 😦

    • Jezzy don’t worry, there is always people like us in the world to see things from a better perspective. People that have a sensible understanding, know better than to judge all Asians just because Jenny Hyun “happened”
      I would never really treat anyone different because of their race… but there are other things that make me look away from a person, and this is one of them.
      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      • Agreed, there are still rational people like us who don’t take one person’s comments to be the comments of an entire race 😀

  2. The first comment in which the lady says: “how dare you say violence is not the answer after suggesting the genocide on an entire race of people.” That is exactly how I felt when I read her apology… how dare she??? Monster!!

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