Dramas Like Goong!!

Aside from our seasonal recommendations Currently Watching! and the personal ones Underrated Dramas, we thought making a list of dramas that for one reason or the other are related to the drama we have chosen as pick of the month was a good idea to help new drama watchers – and seniors undergoing a “jaded period”-  to pick their next obsession.

We first started with a list of dramas like The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince and consequently, dramas that are related to the ones being recommended. If you have seen Coffee Prince and are wondering about which dramas we linked to it, read our post “I Loved Coffee Prince! What next?”

Goong is a drama based of a Korean graphic-novel. It was my first Korean drama, I would say the re-watch value of this drama is high if you like it the first time. Forgetting about the prince’s love for his wife is not something I can do so easily. I like the fact that they both love each other but act differently, that is one of the biggest “pulls” this romance drama has.

So here it is, the list of dramas like Goong… and then some! 😀

Please note that we have linked the dramas based on the major elements of Goong, any other dramas that we might mention are not related to Goong directly but to the recommended dramas =)

Goong– Romance drama with a touch of comedy, and a Cinderella-like story, about the Royal family and the difficulties they go through to keep tradition in the family while marrying the Crown Prince with a commoner through an arrange marriage. There is betrayal and conspiracy among the court members, while it deals with issues like “teen love”. You might like its sequel, Goon S; although the elements in the story are the same, the characters are different. 

Romance dramas with a touch of comedy/Cinderella-like story

–      Romantic Princess

–      Shining Inheritance –not a comedy, but its got a Cinderella-like story and lots of romance. Read our review.

–      Kaew Tah Pee – if you like this drama you might like Full House since it is also a romcom about an arranged marriage with a Cinderella-like story.

–      Easy Fortune Happy Life

Romance dramas about Royal family/family traditions/betrayal and conspiracies

–      My Princess!

–      Wonderful Life

–      1% Of Anything

–      You Are My Destiny

–      Bad Family

–      Hello! Miss

–      Family Honor

–      Easy Fortune Happy Life

Romance dramas with arranged marriages/teen love

–      It Started With A Kiss – There is the second part to this drama It Started With A Kiss 2, and the Korean version Playful Kiss. You might also like Devil Beside you, as it is a drama also based from a manga and with a similar plot to It Started With A Kiss.

–      Sweet 18!

–      1% Of Anything –it also has an arrange marriage

–      My Delightful Girl Choon hyang

–      Easy Fortune Happy Life

Follow our series of recommendations with the next list, I Want To Be a Wallflower Too

  This has been a collaboration by The Dramatards 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on The Dramatards and commented:

    Flashback Friday! I know it’s a little late, but it’s still technically Friday over here. :p Let’s revisit JADEEYES’ post about a few series that we feel have similarities to Goong!

  2. This is my first time to comment on a blog/non-sns article, I just can’t help myself from squealing while reading it! I first watched Goong in 2006, then on 2010, then on 2012, and I just finished it again last week, I AM JUST SO IN LOVE WITH THIS DRAMA! I’ve been a K-drama fan since 2010 and I’ve watched lots of dramas but none has affected me the way Goong did, no matter how many times I’ve watched it! As I read this article, my heart was literally beaming and skipping beats! Hahahaha I may sound like I’m exaggerating but it’s true. I will definitely try some on the list. Thank you so much to the angel who made this article. You have no idea how happy I am right now!

  3. Thank youuu!!! I was looking for “Dramas like Goong” on google… So I think I might take a look on the all blog!

    Ps: sorry for my english, I’m french actually and it’s 7:25 AM here.

    • Thank you for the comment Niou! And no worries we come from different cultures as well, so no need to feel bad about your English. It’s good!! 🙂

      Hope you like the dramas, and I would love to know which ones you enjoyed the most.

    • Thank you for the comment Niou. Hope you like the dramas, and that you come back to tell us about it. 😉

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