Jerry Yan’s Profile

言承旭 / Yan Cheng Xu

English name: Jerry Yan

Real name: 廖洋震 / Liao Yang Zhen

Nickname: Bao Long, and  Xiao Bai Tu

Date of Birth: January 1, 1077

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Chinese zodiac: Dragon

Blood type: B

Place of birth: Taiwan

Height: 5.10 ft (180 cm)

Weight: 158 lb (72kg)

Occupation: Actor, and singer 

Jerry Yan’s is popular for his role in Meteor Garden


–      2004 Magic Kitchen, as Ho


–      2000 Great Teacher

–      2001 Meteor Garden, as Dao Ming Si; Meteor Rain, as Dao Ming Si; Love Scar

–      2002 Come To My Place; Meteor Garden II, as Dao Min Si

–      2006 The Hospital, as Su Yihua

 –      2008 Hot Shot, as Dong Fang Xiang

 –      2009 Starlit

 –      2010 Pandamen, as Policeman Chen; Down With Love, as Xiang Yu Ping

 –      2011 Eo De Can Lan Ren Sheng


Albums – Jerry For You, released in 2004; Freedom, released in 2009; My Secret Lover, released in 2010

Albums with group F4 – Meteor Rain, released in 2001; Fantasy 4ever, released in 2002; and Waiting for You, released in 2007

Singles – “Amphibian” released in 2002; “Freedom” in 2009; “My Secret Lover” in 2010.

Singles with F4 – “F4 Music Party” in 2001; “Meteor Garden In Barcelona” in 2002; “F4 in Tokyo” in 2005; “F4 Waiting for You” release din 2007

OST- “Yi Ban” (Half) for the drama Hot Shot in 2008; “Wo De Can Lan” (My Splendor) for the drama Wo De Can Lan Ren Sheng in 2011.

Visit the Prince’s website: jerryyan


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