Look-alike Or Siblings? 1st Edition

Have you ever been asked if you have a sibling somewhere? Or, if you are cousins with: Ernesto Juan Perez Domingues Bacallao Son of John? Or perhaps you are addressed as someone else?  And the most common one: have you ever been compared to a celebrity? Yep! It happens all the time. Wise people say, there is another version of you somewhere in this world… to me, it sounds more like something Yoda would say… eek! Im not a geek.

Look-alike 1st Edition

When it comes to celebrities they also have a matching someone, somewhere in this planet. Some not so far from where they are!! Here is what we gathered:

1. Matsuda Shota & Joo Ji Hoon OO:

Oh yes! I know some of you are going like “WHAT IS SHE THINKING??” but I do find similarities in them. Especially since when looking at one I remember the other. I went looking for some JooJi pictures and thought I was looking at Shota-kun. But yeah, if you see these two on other pictures they look NOTHING alike. I guess that is the power of the Yoda? :p Yes, JooJi and Shota-kun are definitely not siblings, but…  find any similarities?

Shota-kun ❤

Jooji ^^

While Shota-kun and Jooji are not brothers,  these two are! Yep, Ryuhei & Shota Matsuda. 

You can check out Matsuda Shota in the new airing drama Taira no Kiyomori, and his brother, Ryuhei Matsuda in the 2011 Douki. Joo Ji Hoon just got out of the military and is already doing stuff, check out this post: Cover Your Eyes, Joo Ji Hoon is On Screen.

2. Nicholas Teo & Kim Jae Won XD 

These two cuties look like siblings OH MY!! I wonder if in fact something magical happened there… What if they were separated at birth!! OO: It happens all the time in dramas. I have done searches for pictures of Kim Tae Won and I have found Nicholas Teo, of course that we find many actors that aren’t related to the one we are looking for, it has happened all the time and they do not specifically look alike. However, I have actually clicked on the picture to see what it relates to and other blogs have articles on Kim Jae Won with a picture of Nicholas Teo D: Yep, they are that confusing.

Cutie pie & Cutie pie

Cutie pie & Cutie pie 😀

I have to say, if it weren’t for Jae Won’s jumping fang I would not be able to tell them apart. Neither one of these two have a famous sibling in showbiz, it must be fate! They are meant to be eternally linked by their strong similarity and they probably don’t know it.

Kim Jae Won was just recently in the hit drama Can You Hear My Heart. He had been cast for Me Too, Flower, but due to an accident he could not be part of the cast at the end. Nicholas Teo last drama was 2010, Nu Wang Bu Xia Ban.

3. Zhao Lei & Hyun Bin

Who is Zhao Lei? And how come he looks similar to my Binnie??? Well calm down… even Binnie has a look alike, and sorry to say this but he has nothing to envy the actor. I say this man (Zhao Lei) needs to quit modeling and do acting, I won’t care how much he sucks at it because truth is, he is one hell of an eye-candy!! OH-LORD! Take a look for yourself.

Oh-My! ❤

My, Oh My!!

Binnie is still in the military 😦 I know, but he will be out soon, mean while drool on Zhao… its allowed. Okay girls don’t panic… you can actually love Binnie and Zhao, who said you are cheating on Binnie just because you happen to like his Chinese twin? 😉 Ill back you up, go for it: ZHAO LEI!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

This has been a collaboration by The Dramatards 🙂 


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  1. Binnie & Zhao Lei definitely looks alike. I had to do a double take

    • Even when I was doing the post I found myself doing the same thing hahaha… wait! is this the Binnie picture or the Zhao Lei picture? lol
      Their eyes are just exactly the same… hint hint, there is only two pictures of Binnie and four of Zhao 😉

      Thank you for the comment Revy 😀

  2. Haha Thay all look alike. Especially the Zhao Lei/Binnie and Nicholas Teo/Kim Jae Won pairs :p

  3. my goshhhhh!!! shota and ryuhei are brothers?????? I liked them both!!!
    Ryuhei in Nana and Shota—-need I say more???? oh my hotness!!!!

    and Zhao Lei????????

    wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! zhao leiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

  4. Zhao Lei is my new found crush.. oh my I feel like a pervert he is only 23!! OO:
    c4u and sleepy he is perfect age for you… attack!! lol

    • Haha only 5 years older than me? Not bad :p Hahaha

      Great post! 😀 They really do all look a like!! Especially the last four!

    • He’s the same age as me? :O Sweet! ♥♥♥

    • Yes the last four are the truly look-alike in this post. While I added JooJi and Shota-kun because one reminds me of the other, its more of a personal feeling. They look nothing alike, but I can’t help think they have a certain something that is common to both… perhaps the color of the skin, tall, skinny, and modeling pictures are quite similar?? haha.
      I was really impress with Zhao Lei and Binnie, they are so much alike. Their eyes are just the same, and the frame of the face but I find Zhao has a more chiseled face, perhaps because he is a professional model and most likely skinnier than Binnie 😉

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