What Do Ji Sung and Domyouji Have in Common?

Cha Ji Heon. Because he should have been the “Domyouji” in any of the versions… nope, ALL of the versions.

I will admit I have not seen most of the other actors in their “Domyouji” persona, but I did see a bit of Lee Min Ho and it was not what I was looking for being a fan of the real Domyouji.

Boys Before Flowers, or over, or up, or above… whatever, lets continue: Boys Before Flowers happened in 2009, and watching the first three episodes left me wanting to hit the screen of my dear ancient dinosaur-like computer… WTH? Was that all you could come up with as a Domyouji?? FASTFOWARD 2 years later and Protect the Boss happened, or should I be more specific and say Cha Ji Heon happened.

Protect the Boss

To those who have seen Protect the Boss, don’t go away because Im going to give the reasons why Ji Heon should have been Domyouji and if in fact he wasn’t thought of as one.

Now, you… yeah you! I know you haven’t seen the drama yet because many have said that it drags towards the end, or that it just turned stupid blah blah blah… go watch that drama right now if you call yourself a drama addict. No, seriously Protect the Boss is one of the best comedies I have seen, minus the bit of dragging at the end, but nothing is perfect in this world, and that is the beauty of life. Plus it will be a crime not to see Ji Sung acting as Ji Heon… are we talking about Robert Downey Junior in the 80s? Hell yeah!!

Okay so maybe you haven’t even heard of this drama!! O: and you don’t know Robert Downey Junior, in the 80s!  OO: SHAME ON YOU!

A brief synopsis: No Eun Seol can’t get a job because of her “violent” past, she struggles with unemployment for a while until she gets hired as the secretary of Cha Ji Heon, the youngest son of a chaebol family. The catch? She has to tame protect the boss. –JADEEYES

It has nothing to do with Hana Yori Dango, I know! But yet… it has everything to do with Domyouji, and here is why:

  1. THEY LOOK ALIKE … and this is not just the hair. I mean they truly look alike, if there needs to be an older Domyouji, it would totally be Ji Sun as Cha Ji Heon.
  2. THEY ACT THE SAME. True! Both characters have the same development throughout the story, and both have similar qualities. Lets name them: Spoiled; childish; self-center; sweet; adorkable; naïve; and in need of LOVE. One thing they don’t share is Ji Heon’s anxiety-attacks. However I think, if Domyouji (the cartoon) were to be real, anxiety-attacks wouldn’t be such a farfetched idea. Not that in the anime it would sound like one (not at all). But Korea has a knack for having chaebol sons portrait as fragile, traumatized men with strange anxieties.
  3. PARENT FEAR. Haha, yes, they are both afraid of their parents at first, later they rebelled thanks to their unrequited love. Which brings me to the last one…
  4. UNREQUITED LOVE. Well this one is not so much different than every other Korean romcom 😉 However, the way it happens for both (even in different circumstances) and the way they FALL its similar. Obsessive much? Yep.

Was it thought out to be this similar? I will never know for sure. One thing is clear, curly hair on a man (like a rooster head type of thing) apparently seems a bit childish like and gives out the feeling of loose-fun-with an edge-kind of guy to Asians, as they do tend to use the curly hair on man that are not as refined and serious. The hair aside, I have to say that Ji Sung as an actor has shown he can be anybody and still look as handsome and cute as ever! He had no reservations whatsoever while acting out Domyouji… I mean, Ji Heon. I think that is one of the reasons why I could not see Domyouji in Lee Min Ho, or the bits and pieces (I watched some clips) of Matsumoto Jun… yes, no doubt they did their best, and were funny, I believe that. However, Domyouji, before being anything else, he is extremely childish, and that is the one thing Ji Heon has above all the different versions of Domyouji I have seen. Ji Sung was not worried about Ji Heon’s image -he is a chaebol son, he is bound to be found handsome by every other female around-, instead he gave us a completely off-the-wall hilarious character, with a striking similarity to forever-favorite-in our hearts Domyouji.

If you think this is not enough to compare them and believe one should have played the other, then my friend, you have not been paying attention!

Pictures are my last resort:


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  1. Hi, why is there no picture of black singer “Prince” ? First’s Yoko Kamio thaught ! Tsukasa looks like Prince, juste compare their faces with google’s pictures…

  2. The first thing I thought of when I watched the first episode of Protect The Boss: Why didn’t they cast someone like him to be Domyouji?? He looks and acts so much like him that I felt I was watching a better version of the Korean Hana Yori Dango haha. I was not impressed with Lee Min Ho because he lacked everything to be the real Domyouji. But then Ji Sung as Ji Heon seemed to have all the right qualities!

    I did love MatsuJun as Domyouji, maybe because it was the series that introduced me to HanaDan, and after I read the manga I found that a lot of the scenes done in the drama were similar or done exactly the same! Which made me happy 😀 Of course they added things, and it was shorter, but still my favorite version.

    Dao Ming Si as Domyouji? Perfect. Just about anyways haha. The one part about Meteor Garden that they nailed was the personalities of the characters.

    I don’t think Lee Min Ho fit as a Domyouji, it wasn’t just his character’s personality as Gu Jun Pyo but that ridiculous hair! Ji Sung’s hair was perfect for Domyouji – but they went way overboard on LMH’s hair. If it hadn’t of been my 2nd Korean drama, I wouldn’t have made it through it haha. As it was, for the first time I found myself rooting for the 2nd lead in Boys Over Flowers. And I’m Domyouji-biased =___= And KHJ is not a good actor….haha.

    • “And KHJ is not a good actor….haha.” and right now we are going to get shot down LOL jk :p

      I agree, and although I do not know of Matsumoto’s acting the way he looks does not give me a Domyouji at all, perhaps its because there is such a character as Ji Heon which, again, should have been the perfect Domyouji.

      For me, if the actor is impersonating a character that has been done before as in a manga/anime character then I want to see the similarities in the appearance first, then the acting. Such is the case with Donghae and Si Won in Skip Beat… they look like the anime characters, the acting is not bad either… I’m hooked.

      • Hahaha they can’t deny the truth :p I’m not saying he’s a bad entertainer, just not a good actor haha. And his hair was horrible in that drama! D: I was so happy when he got it cut. But why would they dye his hair orange?? It’s supposed to be bleached yes, but not orange! Haha

        I did like MatsuJun’s hair haha. I liked his version of Domyouji, but again, it was the first version I saw that introduced me to HanaDan, so maybe I’m biased haha. But I do agree that Ji Heon could have been the perfect Domyouji. He had it all about him, looks, personality, his actions. I remember having a conversation with you around the time PTB first aired and I mentioned how much he reminded me of Domyouji haha. I think it’s what drew me to his character even more than Jaejoong’s character. Although for the latter half I liked Jaejoong’s character better, but that was because the storyline started dragging.

        I’m like that, too, for the most part. Which is why I found it so hard to like Oguri Shun as Sano in Hana Kimi – he looked and acted nothing like Sano from the manga. While Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu, on the other hand, fit the right image and actually made Nakatsu seem more real. The acting was good, too!

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