My Top 1O Favorite Domyouji Moments!

Hana Yori Dango was my 2nd drama ever, and ever since then I’ve not only been in love with the story, but the characters! Especially Domyouji! I went through a period of just being in love with him, during and after I finished the drama. There were so many things about him that I loved! So many things about him I was drawn to. After watching the drama I read the manga and even found myself more in love with his character. I guess you could call it a somewhat obsession phase I went through during that time haha. Meteor Garden did a good job with being close to the manga, and also keeping true to Domyouji’s character. Jerry Yan did a wonderful job as Dao Ming Si! The Korean version….it failed in my opinion. It was good as a separate story, but the characters lost what I initially loved about them. The way they acted, everything. I felt they took things to an overdramatic turn in the Korean version, and the characters weren’t the same. Gu Jun Pyo wasn’t Domyouji, and it was one of my disappointments in the drama. If it was the first version you’ve watched, you’ll probably like it the best. But starting out with HanaDan and then the manga, it was just too different from the original story for me to like.


Anyways, this post is not a rant! No, this post is about some of my favorite moments from Domyouji! My top 10! (: There’s even more than this! I wish I could’ve found more videos, and better quality videos for some. I went with my favorite moments from the drama for Hana Yori Dango, being my first it was the one I fell in love with the most with and I’m even now seriously considering watching it for the 3rd time. Okay not really thinking about it now, I’m going to start downloading after I finish this post. It’s still one of my all time favorite dramas! (:


Spoiler Code – Yellow

My Top 1O Domyouji Moments:

#10 – No One Can Push Him Around Like Makino

Ohh those girls love to try, but the only one who’s able to actually do anything to him is Makino herself. Ahh too funny haha.

#9 – “Hummingyay”

Gotta love Domyouji and how he messes up not only words but names. It’s actually Hemingway haha

#8 – “Sweat” Honey

“You dummy! English is just a bunch of words. Who cares if you’re good or weak at it?” Haha still…calling someone you love your “sweat” honey sounds kind of nasty xD

#7 – Who cares about germs? It’s life or death

Domyouji – [after peeing against the wall in an elevator shaft, trying to grab Makino’s hand as she dangles by one hand] Makino!

Makino – What are you doing?

Domyouji – I’m trying to save you!

Makino – You didn’t wash your hands!

Domyouji – So what? Come on!

Makino – I’m scared! You’re gross! And I don’t want to die!


I couldn’t find a video for this scene ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But it’s when they get stuck in the elevator and Makino slips and is hanging on. Haha I wouldn’t want to have to touch someone’s hands if they hadn’t washed them either, but at least he was being concerned for her and did help her (:

#6 – Dear “Kazu” …

Tsukasa – [writing] Honestly, do you… like Makino Tsukushi?

Tsubaki – What are you writing? Is it a love letter perhaps?

Tsukasa – It’s not!! Don’t just come and barge in like that!!

Tsubaki – [reads] Dear Kazu?

Tsukasa – It’s Rui! Stupid! You can’t even read kanji?!

Tsubaki – Should I write it for you?

Tsukasa – Why should you?! If you did, my feelings won’t be conveyed

This part is in the clip I’m adding at the end. Shame I couldn’t find better quality :/ Anyways I still find this scene hilarious! Not only is his speech bad but so is his writing xD

#5 – Because Sleep Talking Is Not Sleeping And Sleeping Is Not Talking…right?

Domyouji – Makino is not that type of girl! Even for you, sleep talking is talking when you’re sleeping, talking when you’re awake is not sleep talking, so if it’s sleep talking, talking when you’re awake is okay too, but if it’s not sleep talking, it’s talking when you’re awake, talking when you’re awake, it means not sleeping…

Makino – What are you saying?

Nishikado – Are you lost in your own words?

Domyouji – Shut up! Anyway, sleep talking happens during RAM sleep! (Tsukasa meant to say REM (rapid eye movement) but mistakenly said RAM – which means lamb in Japanese.)

Another scene in the clip I’m adding at the bottom. Tsukasa is too too funny sometimes! I couldn’t get through that first part without finding myself confused xD

#4 – Nobody told you to wait 4 hours in the cold!

Tsukasa Domyouji – It’s c-c-cold!

Tsukushi Makino – W-w-wait!! What’s the big idea hugging me so suddenly?

Tsukasa Domyouji -Ahโ€ฆ I’m glad you’re safe. I was worried that you were in an accident!

Tsukushi Makino – Ah, uh… no.

Tsukasa Domyouji – So, tell me why you’re late. Huh? If you don’t have a good reason, I’ll kill you!

Tsukushi Makino – Who accepted your offer?

Tsukasa Domyouji – You came didn’t you! Actually, you’re here to see me! Perhaps… you’re in love with me?

One of my favorite scenes! She never said she’d show up but he still waited for her all day, even when it got cold, even when it started raining (snowing in the manga). It just shows how much this one date meant to him, even if he wasn’t sure of it himself, he had already fallen head over heels for her! (:



#3 – First Confession




Probably one of the most cheesiest scenes ever. But you know what? I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€ He stands there and lets himself get beat up just to protect Makino, and finally confesses his true feelings. I think I fell for him hard after that scene. *sigh*

#2 – Saying Goodbye Isn’t Easy

It’s like a scene out of a fairytale. One of those perfect moments. He finally gets Makino to confess that she’s in love with him. It’s still one of my all time favorite drama scenes (:

I’ll come back when I become even more awesome as a man. Even if you beg me… or tell me you can’t live without me… I think it’ll make you stronger. But, even now, even in the future, even way in the future, you’ll always be the only girl I’ll ever approve of. I’m going to be with you,ย Makino. I know you’re happy.

#1 – Proposal/Wedding

What none of the other versions had! None of the other versions included a proposal or a wedding. Okay well there was a proposal mentioned in another version, but none of the others had a wedding! I loved this ending though. The proposal here was dramatic, cheesy, but sweet. After all the frustrating parts, seeing an ending like this made it all worth it! Domyouji, how he changed from the beginning, just by being with and loving Makino made him better. The first time I watched it I felt so happy and giddy. Hana Yori Dango was one of those dramas I just fell into the storyline. Plus the acting was terrific!

I didn’t like the movie as much as I’d of hoped, compared to the dramas it wasn’t as good. But I really did love the wedding. So sweet!

ย Photobucket




Overall, Domyouji is one of my all time favorite characters. I’m still in love with him! What’s not to love? These are only even some of my favorite moments. I have too many! So here are some extra scenes and quotes from HYD (:


โ€œWhen you cut a fig in half, it looks like a heart. Some people say that its bittersweet taste is like love.โ€ – Domyouji Tsukasa

“If everything worked out by saying sorry, then why would there laws in the world and why would there be police?”ย – Domyouji Tsukasa

[to Tsukushi] I told you once… I’ll come after you to the ends of the earth. If you won’t come, I’ll leap into your world. – Domyouji Tsukasa

Domyouji: when I heard you were in the hospital I had to use my NBA to run to the hospital

Makino: NBA?

Domyouji: You know, genes! Genes!

Makino: Oh you mean DNA!

Domyouji (to Tsukushi’s dad): Father…..Please marry me.ย 

Tsukushi’s father(with straight face, trying to hold back laughter): It’ll be my pleasure.ย 

Tsukushi(in loud whisper): You’re supposed to ask for his daughter!!!ย 

Domyouji (shocked and embarrassed look on face): Did I blow it?!ย 

Tsukushi: Huh? You got it all wrong!ย 

(Everyone laughs at Domyouji’s mistake)ย 

Tsukushi(giving Domyouji an amused look): Why would you want to marry my dad?ย 


Another favorite scene from HYD….”The Flavor of Life”

Funny moments



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  1. I loved it whenever he pushed yuriko XD XD also when he bit nishida’s ear in the 8th episode
    its weird but his violence is also a bit cute XD :3

  2. I watched it at 2nd time around but the dvd doesnt have the wedding content! So annoying! I’ve waited for that event!..

  3. One of my favorite stories, I find myself hooked every time. Thank you for the post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. lynette petallar deocades

    omedetto gozaimasu …this drama is the best drama ever ,i like it so much ..and i’d really love to watch it every day .. doumyoji-san and makino-san they makes me crazy every time i watch this drama .. i wish there will be part 4 for this drama.!

    • I loved this drama! It was my second drama. ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t want it to end. lol That’s probably why I still haven’t watched the movie, because that would mean it’s really over. XD

      Thank you for the comment.

  5. domyouji and tsukushi are nice couple

  6. I never really had the inclination to watch these in full (I watched bits of it before when it was shown in our local channel and I thought it was silly and trying too hard) but hey, you make me have second thoughts right now… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Haha it was my second drama so I might be a bit biased :p It’s cheesy, dramatic, silly :p, but I still really love it! It’s one of my all time favorites haha.

      I think it’s one of those dramas you either love or you find to cliched. You know the story. I think the acting was really good, it’s a frustrating drama, it made me cry, but then at the end it just makes it all worth it. In my opinion anyways haha. After seeing a lot of dramas and then watching HYD I’m not sure how you’d like it (:

      • I was convinced nonetheless (mainly because of that that wedding scene, haha). I’ll try this one when I’m over with my current Song Ji Hyo obsession. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Haha I did love the wedding (: And haha okay (: Let me know what you think of it when you do watch it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Haha I love how he always got the words wrong XD great post!!

  8. LMAO! I love the Hummingyay scene too!

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