Poll Results! Favorite Version of Domyouji

This past week’s highlight was Domyouji Tsukasa! 😀 In conclusion of our highlight, we’re posting the poll results as they were at the end of the week. Thanks to everyone who voted!Photobucket

The winner is Matsumoto Jun in Hana Yori Dango with 6 votes! Dao Ming Si and Gu Jun Pyo tied with 2 votes and the anime and manga versions each had 1 vote.

If you would still like to vote, the poll will still be open – only we will no longer be keeping track of the votes (vote here). Thanks again to everyone who voted! (:

Congratulations MatsuJun!! 😀





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  1. Haha matsujun did a good job XD “Hummingyay” lol While he wasn’t my favorite version, I am pleased that he won. Like Jade said, I’m glad it wasn’t my least favorite lol

  2. My favorite is the anime but, glad it wasn’t my least favorite though 😉

    • I still want to see the anime but haven’t been able to find it. Probably will have to buy it.

      Glad it wasn’t my least favorite either :p

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