Shut Up! There’s Eye Candy!

닥치고 꽃미남밴드

(Winter of 2012)
Spoiler Code: Green

When I first heard about this drama I was kind of excited. I love dramas about bands and music. Then I found out later on that Infinite’s L would be a part of the cast and I decided I must watch it! This is the second series in tvN’s Oh! Boy Project. The first series was Flower Boy Ramyun Shop….and I was not impressed with it. So when I finished watching that drama I wondered if this one would be close to it. Would it be silly? Would there be a lot of bad bathroom joke references? Would it be unrealistic? I decided the only way to find out would be to dive right in and start watching it. As of right now I’m 12 episodes in…and I’m completely hooked!

Synopsis: Eye Candy is a popular underground rock group let by the crazy and free-spirited Byung Hee. The other members of this group are Ji Hyuk, the mood-maker, chic Hyun Soo, playboy Ha Jin, silent Do Il and baby-faced Min Seok. Their school is forced to close down and they all get assigned to transfer to Jungsang High, debating if they should even bother going to high school anymore. Due to an outside confrontation with Jungsang’s current ruling band, Strawberry Fields, Eye Candy decides to attend Jungsang out of spite and show everyone just what they’re made of.

This is a fan-made trailer I found…but it doesn’t give out any spoilers and it’s actually pretty great for being fan-made (would you guess?) (:

The actual trailers:

After watching the first episode I put to doubt any worries I might have had. I know someone that dropped the drama after the first episode and came back…just to find themselves hooked after the second episode!

Eye Candy:

Lee Min Ki as Byung Hee

Sung Joon as Ji Hyuk

Lee Myung Soo (“L”) as Hyun Soo

Yoo Min Kyu as Ha Jin

Lee Hyun Jae as Do Il

Seo Kyung Jong as Min Seok

Other Characters:

Jo Bo Ah as Im Soo Ah

Jung Eui Chul as Seung Hoon

Let me start with saying again, I was not a fan of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. I know there were a lot of people who loved it, but while I found some parts to be funny in it – I feel it’s a drama I could’ve saved my time on. Being from the same network I was hoping Shut Up would be on the more realistic side and be something that would hook me in the way that Ramyun Shop failed to do. And you know what? It did! It had me from the first episode – it was one of those things you just kind of know from the beginning if you’re going to like something or not. I just kind of knew. And as each episode continued to come out I watched and found myself loving it even more. To the point now I drop everything else to watch it as soon as I can possibly download it.

The differences from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop? Aside from the story of course….

1) Shut Up is a more realistic drama. It deals not only about a group of friends in a band but also about the friendships they have with each other. Shut Up is a drama based on a band trying to make it big – and not letting anyone else break them apart. There’s fights, there’s drama, there’s cute guys (wait…. my point?) and there’s a more realistic scenario. It doesn’t feel like it came out of a manga/manhwa; it lacks that degree of silliness.

2) The bad bathroom humor (although some people probably found it funny in Ramyun Shop…but after a few episodes I grew personally kind of disgusted with all the references. We’re talking a reference almost every single episode) – there’s nothing of the sort in this drama. It’s not a comedy at all. There are some funny moments, but nothing different from another drama. Not enough to make it close to a comedy.

3) The characters act their ages. For the most part. What I mean here is that in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop a lot of the main characters seemed to act immature – going with the flow of the silliness in it. The characters here, they’re depicted realistically.

Maybe you liked Flower Boy Ramyun Shop – I’m not bashing it, rather pointing out some differences. The drama got a lot of good ratings, but it just didn’t sit well with me. This drama right here makes me rethink the whole Oh! Boy Project and makes me think if they do more like this one I’ll watch the next drama they bring out.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a drama set for viewers who enjoy dramas about bands, music, friendship, realism, and of course…eye candy :p There’s even a love story involved. And all of the members of Eye Candy are great. There’s not one member I dislike of 안구정화 (an-goo-jaung-hua) [Eye Candy] (:

My personal thoughts on it right now?
I started watching it for L but found myself drawn almost immediately to another character – Lee Min Ki as Byung Hee. And then I found out that he was only a cameo and was a bit disappointed. I loved Byung Hee’s character, it was more….I could see myself liking someone just like him if I ever met them. That sort of pull towards his character. But I do want to watch something else with Lee Min Ki now haha. L as Hyun Soo is another character I do love, and I even found myself liking Ji Hyuk more with each episode. Anyways…the story right now always leaves me hanging – each week as soon as I can download them I find myself waiting impatiently for the new episodes! I think I’ve mentioned this like once…or twice…maybe 100 times by now. I’m just really in love with this drama right now. Especially the music! With each song that comes out I find myself liking it better than the last one (there’s only 4….) and while I do wish there were more songs, I can’t stop listening to the ones that they do have. Want a listen? 😀

Lee Min Ki – “Not in Love”

Sung Joon – “Jaywalking”

Sung Joon – “Wake Up”   [I’m currently obsessed with this song!! Replay…over and over and over….*sigh*]

Anyways, I really hope that if it sounds like your sort of drama you’ll watch it! (: I think it’s definitely worth it, I haven’t seen dramas like Dream High yet (soon!) so I have nothing else to compare it to. Ohhhh wait….Heartstrings was music themed. Let’s not compare the two there….completely different. As in one doesn’t suck. I’m being too much there….haha I just didn’t like Heartstrings too much. It was too slow and boring. Which is one thing I’m not feeling at all with Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

As of right now there’s no review for this drama (why would there be when it’s still airing ;)) so instead check out the MDL page for it (:’

Want to watch it?
Stream it from DramaCrazy, Mysoju, EPDrama or Dramafever


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  1. this drama are really awesome. love it damn much.

  2. :O Lee Min Ki’s in it?! Must.Watch.This.

  3. I absolutely love this drama and the music. I was not a fan of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, in fact I despised it! So when I saw the words “flower boy” in the title of this drama, i was skeptic. However, 12 episodes in, and I don’t regret watching it at all!

    • Thanks for commenting PD! (:
      And me too! 😀 And ohh I didn’t like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop either, some parts were funny but it was just….I didn’t like it. And same with me, 12 episodes in and I can’t wait for the next episodes! (:

  4. Me too I want to watch, and now even more after this recommendation review!! Love it. Haha… plus Lee Min Ki looks H-O-T!! I have seen him in Dalja’s Spring, good drama, you will like it. 🙂

  5. I really want to watch this one. 🙂

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