JYJ Fighting!!

Some of you may already know, but JYJ has been through a lot. And not just JYJ, but since they were apart of TVXQ with fellow members Changmin and Yunho. Have an idea of what I’m talking about? I’m talking about the amount of fans they’ve had ever since they debuted. No, being a fan is not the issue. The issue is the ones that turn around and not only start obsessing over their idols, but letting it get so out of hand that they stalk, they know every detail about their idols lives, know their phone numbers, when they leave and where they arrive at. Can you imagine living in their world? Having to wonder if someone is looking in on you whenever you do something? I’m not going to get into too much detail, there’s info already out there and I don’t want this to turn into a rant post but rather a support post. JYJ is going through a lot right now since the recent release of an audio about Jaejoong hitting one of these “psycho” fans called PRIVATES, or “sasaeng” (사생) fans. (You can watch the video here). And not just this instance, but there was also a recent video capture of Yoochun “hitting” a fan. But since it’s hard to see exactly what is going on, I’d say it looks more like he’s either A) pulling her hair or B) pushing her back (watch that video here).

And if you want to find out more information, first check out this document on JYJ/TVXQ’s history of dealing with these sasaeng fans here.

JYJ even had an official apology (Read: JYJ issues official apology + discusses their South American concerts)

Even crazier, KBS invited these sasaeng fans on an episode of KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Relay titled “NOW JYJ, violent acts against sasaeng fans.” Allkpop reported it in an article and they have a clip of the episode. It’s not subbed though. Check it out here: JYJ’s Sasaeng fan at the center of the recorded audio clip speaks up

Think what you want to, develop your own thoughts about the issue. We’re making this post not only to inform people on what’s going on, but mostly to support them during a time when they need it!

Right now they are still doing their tour in South America which has been successful so far (:

I said this post was not going to be a rant, so I won’t rant…too much that is. I don’t think JYJ deserves all the hate they’ve been getting lately. I’ve read a lot of the comments on some of those YouTube videos of the audio clips and most of them make me sick. The whole thing with the sasaeng fans makes me sick. Do you not understand that JYJ has had to deal with this stuff since they first debuted? Getting worse and worse each year? Yes, it’s true, when you go into the entertainment business like that you should expect to lose most of your privacy and to be stuck in the spotlight with every action you make. You should not have to worry about people breaking into your house and leaving things for you to find, some of them utterly disgusting. You should not have to worry about people finding your phone number and then the moment you change it have a text saying “Why’d you change your number?” You should not have to worry about anything as horrible as fans in a taxi trying to run you off the road. When TVXQ first came together they were between the ages of 15-17. It’s true, when your around that age you don’t always think about the possibilities of what might happen. They have it worse than most Kpop groups – how could you expect them to just be okay with it? Do you forget that idols are also human? Do you forget that once they walk off stage they have their own lives to live? Put yourself in their shoes for a minute here. Imagine having to deal with everything they’ve gone through. Fast forward 5 years later and put yourself in the situation JJ was in with the fan. Yes he was drunk. Is it okay to be violent? No. But I can understand that he was on the edge. I can understand and respect them for not having gone insane from all of this. I don’t believe he really hurt that girl, it’s too easy to tamper with audio files and unless I see an actual video or pictures of the girl being really badly beaten I’m not going to believe it was as bad as it was made out to be. I believe he might’ve shoved her around. And even if he had hit her I don’t blame him. It might sound awful but people need to respect other people’s privacy. That’s all they’re asking for! Is it too much to ask? JYJ you’re amazing, don’t ever give up!! (:

I have ranted over and over and I’m all ranted out. All I’m gonna say is the things I have read about these types of fans sickens me and my heart hurts when I think of what JYJ has dealt with for about a decade. With that said, I’m making this a post of love rather than hate. JYJ We love you! Stay strong. ♥♥ –sleepninja

When I was 16 I was very much obsessed with Brad Pitt. He was my world and I didn’t care if I didn’t know or would never meet him, because I felt I had a connection with him. I even made an album with pictures of him; I would spend my allowance on magazines of Brad, and my parents always tried to find nice posters, unknowingly feeding my obsession. Later I saw photos of Brad with his girlfriend at the time, having a good time at some resort where they were vacationing came out. The photos showed a very much naked Brad. I remember there was a huge controversy over those photos, but most of all, I remember Brad being very upset and hurt. I never bought one single photo of Brad again!

Celebrities are famous because of us (the fans). They become huge stars because of us, and they own us a part of their lives. However, that does not mean we have the right to harass them whenever we see them, pride into their lives, stalk their every move, or even cause fake accidents so they would notice us. This is not fan-girling over an idol, its not obsessing over a star, this is plain and simple PSYCHOSIS. I was not around when John Lennon died (I’m not that old :p) but I know, thanks to my parents, how dangerous a so-called “fan” can be. I don’t blame JJ one bit for doing what he did, if in fact he did all its been said. When you are being stalk by someone, it is a thread against your life… enough said. JYJ FIGHTING!! Ohh and yeah that video with Yoochun “hitting” the fan… nah, he was pushing her back because the lunatic thought she could touch his face in a very private manner. –JADEEYES

JYJ, you probably won’t ever see this, but know you always have fans and don’t ever forget that! We’re always going to support you, as TVXQ or JYJ you guys are still the best!

So if you’re reading this and also want to support them, maybe you could head on over to their Facebook page and just write a shout out to them, whether they read it or not (:
JYJ Official

And make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel as well!

Here’s a video I found that someone made to support JYJ. Check it out (:

Now how about some more awesome videos of JYJ?

“Empty” – JYJ

“Ayyy Girl” – JYJ

“Get Out” – JYJ

“In Heaven” – JYJ

Dear Fan, From JYJ

JYJ Showcase in Seoul Highlight

JYJ 화이팅!!!♥


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  1. What can I say. I completely agree with you guys.

    I felt bad for JYJ – for them being persistently stalked; for them having no other life besides in the limelight; for them resenting their lives as celebrity. I cannot imagine what they have to go through in those 9 years that they uncontrollably raised their hands against these… psychos (sorry but I can’t bring myself to type fans because they are NOT fans at all). My heart aches for them. 😦

    I agree that violence is inexcusable but at least in this case it’s understandable. So JYJ, I don’t blame you at all. I hope you won’t be discouraged by these scandals. Fighting! ^^

    P.S. I hate KBS! Before, they refuse to let JYJ perform in Music Bank. And now, they’re giving voice to these sasaengs! Don’t they realize they’re only encouraging these people??! Argh!
    P.P.S. Oh, I heart that ‘In Heaven’ MV! C-Jes family are so close, I’m jealous lol! XD

    • My heart aches for them, too. I really feel for these guys. And I completely agree – these “fans” are not fans at all but psychotic obsessed girls.

      Let’s hope that despite these types of scandals JYJ will continue to do well. Yoochun has an upcoming drama and JJ is also supposed to be in a new drama as well (: Let’s hope those go smoothly!

      And ohh I’m starting to hate KBS, too! It was bad enough that they wouldn’t let JYJ go on certain programs. And I completely agree – they don’t care about what happens to JYJ as long as they have a “good” story to tell and they’re getting paid.

      P.S. I love that MV, too! Haha they are so close and cute, I’m jealous, too :p

  2. ♥♥♥♥

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