Celebrity – Korean Skip Beat?? Absolute Boyfriend to air soon?

Maybe some of you are already aware, but there’s supposed to be a Korean version of Skip Beat coming out this year. Yes, I said it! It was mentioned over a month ago but sadly there’s still very little info available about it at the moment.

It’s also been discussed that T.O.P is supposed to be acting in it as well. He was previously rumored to be in the Korean version of “Absolute Boyfriend” but he turned the role down. Although it’s not confirmed, it’s said that T.O.P felt closest to this role – so we just might still see him acting in this version 😀


Synopsis: Korean version of Skip Beat, a drama that handles the various scandals in the entertainment industry. A girl that becomes betrayed by her idol boyfriend debuts as a celebrity herself to get revenge but falls in love with another top star. T.O.P. will be playing the role of a perfectionist named Jung Soo Hyun, a man that falls in love with ‘Ban Hana’, the girl that becomes betrayed by her former love.

I think it’s safe to say that if this synopsis is correct, T.O.P will be playing as “Ren.” Which, honestly, I can see him fitting that role more than the role of Sho.

T.O.P’s last drama was in the Korean drama Iris, and his last movie was 71: Into The Fire. Recent news is Big Bang is back and have recently released 3 Music Videos. Haven’t seen them? Check them out: BLUE, BAD BOY, FANTASTIC BABY

MDL Link for Celebrity


While there’s not enough information available to make this an informative post, I thought I’d also bring up another Skip Beat related topic. Starting with Have you seen the Taiwanese version yet? There’s only a few more episodes left before it ends! If you’re a fan of the anime I would highly recommend this version. It’s extremely close to the anime, they even incorporated all the cheesy scenes, haha.

Check out JADEEYES’ earlier post on the drama: My Heart Does a Skip

Did you know that originally there was a press conference held in 2008 [in Taiwan] for Skip Beat? Apparently Ariel Lin was originally going to be Kyoko, Jerry Yan was going to be Ren, and Joe Cheng was to be Sho. It was to be directed by Niu Cheng Zi and produced by GTV. Not long after the whole thing was cancelled and production was postponed indefinitely. [Read more here on the press conference]

Can you imagine how Skip Beat might’ve turned out with these actors? Would it have been better than the one that’s currently out or would it have been worse? I’m currently in love with Skip Beat as it is so I can’t imagine a different Taiwanese version take on it. But at the same time I thought Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng were great in It Started With A Kiss, and Jerry Yan was excellent in Meteor Garden. The world will never know haha.

After Skip Beat (Extravagant Challenge) finishes airing it will be followed by the Taiwanese version of Absolute Boyfriend starring Jiro Wang and Koo Hye Sang.

Absolute Boyfriend is another drama based off of a popular manga series. There’s already a Japanese version of the drama (Zettai Kareshi). I’ve seen this version, it’s not really close to the manga, but it was still a cute and sweet story. Sad, too. I’m hoping the Taiwanese version will be closer to the actual manga. I have a feeling that like with Skip Beat’s Donghae and Siwon, Koo Hye Sang will also be dubbed. I’m not too sure how I feel about her as an actress either, as I’ve only seen her in Boys Over Flowers and I mostly remember her being loud. I’m really excited about seeing Jiro in a new drama though, so I will definitely be watching and will post updates later on (:

It was actually supposed to air last summer but was delayed. I was wondering if they had just cancelled it. The original lead was also supposed to be Wu Chun, but he dropped out of the production. I’m not sure why they delayed it, I tried looking it up but found nothing. Maybe I will hear something about it later on.

There’s also a rumor about a Korean version of Absolute Boyfriend to air this year as well. I mentioned above that T.O.P was also rumored to star in this drama but turned it down. As for this drama actually happening we will have to wait and see. Hana Kimi [Korean version] was also supposed to air last summer…but there’s still no update on it. This might be a similar case.

Anyways, check out MDL’s Link for Absolute Boyfriend (Taiwanese)

And our gallery on Jiro Wang (:

And check out the some of the images for Absolute Boyfriend below (: The drama will begin airing in April 😀






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  1. For Top fans-news as of late 2013, Top was still interested in “Celebrity”, however the plot as of 2014, is not sounding like Skip Beat at all. And the website suggested it was supposed to air in 2015- this year- So it is likely It has already started filming. The plot summery was something like -Young woman becomes popparrozi because of her failed dream to become celebrity and ‘somehow’ (reason not given) becomes fake lover of celebrity.

  2. I absolutely loved Zettai Kareshi. It’s one of my favorite dramas, with that said…they had better do a good job! I have faith in Jiro, I’m just not too sure about the writers.

    As for TOP…*scratches head and tries to imagine him as a robot boyfriend* Uh Uh. Maybe it’s good he turned that down. LOL.

    Though I’m not sure about how I feel about a Korean Skip Beat either, I will save my thoughts on that until I see it happen. I think TOP could fit the bill of Ren, but what I really want to see is a Japanese live action of Skip Beat. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    • omo Pinky I had not seen this comment… haha, yes I agree with the TOP comment. Im so glad he turned that down haha, I see him more as a Sho than even a Ren but… dont know… we’ll see.

      I can’t stress this enough… even when I have already said that life proves my square-minded tendencies wrong… but! Why isnt there a Japanese version of Skip Beat?? Any actors in mind to play Sho and Ren?

      Sho= Narimiya Hiroki
      Ren= Shota … no other. LOL.

      Although I would be in pain since Im very biased of Narimiya Hiroki ><

      • @PD – I have faith in Jiro, too! I’m hoping that it’ll be good, I loved the manga and I even liked the Jversion a lot.

        And haha it might be a good idea he did turn that down.

        And I really want to see a Japanese live action of Skip Beat, too! Keeping my fingers crossed, too! 😀

        @JADE – Haha I guess we will see. I kind of picture him more as a Ren, but maybe he could be a good Sho, too.

        I don’t understand why they haven’t made a Jversion either haha.

        I had to google Narimiya Hiroki and discovered he played “J” in Bloody Monday 😀 He might pull off a good Sho if that were to happen. And haha Shota fangirls :p

        • I am confident that Jiro will be able to pull it off! I love his acting. I think he will be able to capture not only the “robotic” aspect, but the overall comedic qualities to the character.

  3. Taiwanese Absolute Boyfriend? Im not sure I like the actress for this version. The story is not one of my favorites either, so… the only reason why I will be checking it out is because of those arms of Jiro hahaha… he is too hot for his own good. Maybe ill watch the first epi and see how it goes from there.

    Skip Beat is one of my favorite manga/anime so I will definitely be watching the Korean version just because I love the story 😀

    • Haha. Too funny our opinions are the complete opposite! Skip Beat is also one of my favs, but after this past remake…I will be setting the bar high. I don’t hate the current version, and I’m not against a Korean version, but I just expect a lot.

      • Haha… I know what you mean about setting the bar high. I guess I sort of did that for Boys Before Flowers and when I watched the Korean version (well, the bit of it I watched) I was really NOT pleased hahaha… so Im afraid to watch any other version even when they say its better.

        • @JADE – I’m not sure I like the actress either. Hahaha Jiro will make you fall in love :p

          I think I did that too for BOF and I wasn’t pleased with it either. It was a separate story, haha.

          @PD – I’m not against a Korean version either but I’m worried they’ll go and change a lot like they did with BOF. Taiwanese stay true to the manga while Koreans it seems go in a different direction. They go for more dramatic scenes, too

    • Haha I’ve only seen her in Boys Over Flowers, and that one horrific scene in Captain. So far I am not impressed with her, but maybe she will do ok in this. I will definitely watch it for Jiro’s sake. As for the Korean version, I’m a bit sad that TOP isn’t doing it. I think he would have done the character justice. But, I’m glad he’s doing Celebrity! I’m just glad he’s doing anything! :DDDDDD

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