Revew – Kingyo Club


Also known as: Kingyo Club; Kingyo Kurabu; Goldfish Club
Genre: Romance, School, Drama
Episodes: 10
Broadcast Network: NHK
Broadcast Period: July 23, 2011 – October 1, 2011

Main Leads

Irie Jingi as Hiiragi Haru
Kariya Yuiko as Harukawa Koto
Mizuno Erina as Kida Kayoko
Yoshizawa Ryo as Yanagihashi Sho
Kurihara Goro as Motoi Takaya


Hiiragi Haru, a third-year high school student, has no real interest in women or higher education. Instead he just lives his life day by day. Harukawa Koto is a first-year student who is bullied all the time. Haru notices this happening and starts helping her out. The two form a secret “goldfish club” and before they know it the two of them start to bond in the time they spend together.

There’s no trailer available, so I’m posting a short fan-made video for it (:


I just recently wrote this review for MyDramaList and am copying it over onto our blog (: I started watching this drama last night and have just finished it about an hour ago. I won’t have any spoilers listed, either.

Spoiler Code: Green

Kingyo Club was one of those dramas that I heard about somewhere and remembered hearing good things about. I saw a recommendation for it the other day and I up and decided I was going to watch it. I didn’t even realize the episodes were only 20 minutes long! Needless to say, this is a drama you can easily finish in less than a day.

The story was good, it covers a lot of different issues concerning things such as bullying, family problems and rumors. It’s a story set in a high school setting, there’s drama and even a love story. The drama is very short though, which is why I can’t give it more than an 8 – because while it was a nice short drama, there are other things they could have done with it to make it an even better drama.

All of the main actors in this drama are younger ones, some of them even starting out with Kingyo Club being their first drama. That being said, I think they did a really good job! The acting seemed natural and there isn’t anything bad I can say about it.

There were a few songs they played in the drama, I found both of them to be nice songs. Even though I’m not sure how they really fit the drama at some points.

Overall I think this is a really nice and short drama that I would recommend to anyone looking for something that deals with more than just school and a “cute couple.” This is a drama that deals with more serious issues.

Also, I mentioned already – the episodes are only 20 minutes long! (:

The last 3 episodes were finally subbed recently and hopefully someone will update some of the streaming sites for those that don’t download 😀

I might rewatch this drama someday, although it might not be for a long while.

Because I just wrote this, I have nothing else to add. Other than maybe I find this drama to be really underrated because it’s not very well known.

The theme song:

Supernova – “I Can’t Let Go of You” [君だけは離さない] (Kimidake Wa Hanasanai)

There’s also another song they played but I’m not sure what it’s called :/

This drama is a very short and quick drama that seems like it had so much going on in such a short time – a good thing! It’s pretty good (:

Overall I give it an 8/1O (:

Or stream it at Dramacrazy

While looking for pictures I came across a review for Kingyo Club that someone wrote as it was airing. Check it out (:
Kingyo Club My New Joy

Pictures (:


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  1. Wow I didnt know about this drama… another one to my growing list ^^
    Great review 🙂

    • Thanks 😀 And haha yeah it’s definitely underrated. I think I heard about it through a thread on DC while it was still airing. It’s really short though, you could probably watch it in less than 4 hours :p

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