I’ll Definitely Be Going Forward! :)

Love Forward

(spring of 2012) Spoiler Code: GREEN

Love Forward started airing in February 12, but, because it was nowhere to be found in any of the decent streaming sites I visit, no subbed versions of the episodes either; I thought I was not going to be able to watch it now. So I moved this one to the back of my list… until March 14 happened and DramaFever decided to be a good neighbor. :p

Let’s fastforward to the story: Ai Xing is a strong, levelheaded, street-smart girl who has lived all her life running from debt collectors, and working odd jobs to protect her mother and her brother, who suffers from a disability. Because she has had a rough life, she is the kind of person who won’t let anything stand in her way when it comes to reaching her goal: “becoming rich”. Under stressful circumstances -but to her luck- she meets Jing Jing, who seems to be a no-nonsense-I rule the world kind of girl, but who in fact is lonely, and despite coming from a rich background and having it all (apparently) her goal is something more simple: “to have a happy family”. They form a wonderful friendship, and look forward to finding love and happiness… will it be with the rebellious Tian Ze or the charming Ren Wei? Will it be, money or honey? 

There are several synopsis on different sites.. one says nothing more than four words, while the other says a lot but focuses on the friendship of the main characters. When I read about the drama on the MDL page I got pulled to it becuase I thought “a drama about the friendship of two girls and not about the love between a rich cocky guy and a poor cheerfull girl? I need to watch this” The credist of the cast, who is main lead, who is third and so on is a bit unclear to me; one site has Leroy Young as the main male lead, while the other has Tony Yang… and so on… I have seen the first four episodes of this drama, so I will judge based on what I think makes a lead. 

The first episode is wonderful, I think it is the best episode of the drama by far. It has a different feel from any other Taiwanese romcom, and I dare say it is one of the best Taiwanese dramas I have watched so far. Mind you! I haven’t watched many, but between Fated To Love You, Down With Love, and Love Forward. I would pick Love Forward as my favorite Taiwanese romcom any day, any time.

What makes this drama so different? Well, to start, the main leads of the drama are two best friends, not two lovers. And, despite the third credit being Young Leroy (in some info sites), I think the main male lead is Yang Tony; he’s had more screen time, and his story is developed since the first episode. Unless Taiwan has a different way of doing their thing, and its okay to have the main male lead appear on the second or third episode and as a side plot –so far.

What got me from the first few seconds of this drama was the way its told. The main character, Zeng Ai Xing, tells her story and how she met Meng Jing Jing, “a girl who seemed like her guardian angel, but later turned out to be her devil”. This means, not all will be rosy between the best friends, and I was hooked from that point. I thought it was interesting how they want to give us the love triangle -or quadruple- from a completely different perspective. Its not a couple that has to struggle with two other people trying to break them apart, but its about two best friends trying to find love while finding themselves, and perhaps they are both looking in the wrong place? Or, maybe not?… Ill leave that for you to find out…

Acting is one of the strongest points of this drama:

Chen Tammy, why haven’t I seen her acting before? She is terrific. I have found at last my favorite Taiwanese actress. She is funny, very expressive, funny, knows how to look like a fool and is not afraid of it, and did I mentioned she is funny? I love her character because its just too darn natural, it’s a pleasure to watch her act. Tony Yang! WOW… he is also another one that is making me fall in love with his character. Both, Tony and Tammy are great together, their chemistry is overflowing and their bonding is too much fun, it would be a crime to miss it.

All in all, I think, if the drama keeps going in the same awesome directrion it has been going… ill be going forward with it! 

Here I’ll leave you with some pictures, and vids for teasing purposes :p (all pictures are from the first episode)

First teaser that came out

The MV for the opening 😀 

Ohh!! The eye-candy is HIGH! Haha… couldn’t forget that. :p

This drama has no review yet since it is still airing (and the authors of this blog might take a long time before reviewing it since “lazy” is their last name). To get basic info and cast on this drama, here is the MDL page.

Hope you enjoy it! 😀 


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  1. OHMGEE! What took me so long to start this drama!? It’s so cute! I love the interaction between all of the actors/actresses. Tehehe *tickled pink*

    • Dont tickle me!!! I LAUGH!!

      Hi PD 😀 nice to have you around. And Im glad you are liking this drama. Its kinda different from all the Taiwanese dramas I have seen so far.

    • Haha So you are enjoying this drama too? Wow, it really must be good. I shall have to add it to my list.

  2. I am currently watching this and i really like it. I love the friendship between the girls & Tian Ze. As for the love lines i actually want Jing Jing & Tian Ze to end up together because i feel like friendship between Ai Xing & Tain Ze should stay that way. I mean how often can you find a man/woman friendship dynamic on tv without having some love line attached. Plus on a different note i am seriously having the hots for Leroy Young

    • Leroy Young is growing on me too girl!! When he smiles wow… but I still like Ai Xing and Tain Ze… the thing is, a man and a woman cannot be friends like that unless there is like a whole history of friendship since childhood and an understood barrier, but I doubt that after being adults and becoming friends like that, anyone will see the barrier at a given moment of weakness. In fact the only reason why Ai Xing is so nice to him, and at the same time mean is because she likes him. She has liked him for a while now, just never really paid attention to her feelings until now…. *sigh* I love this kind of romance… doomend to fail for all kinds of reasons. One of them Jing Jing.

    • GAH! Y’all aren’t making it easy for me to get my list down. 😦

  3. Honestly, I wish Tammy and Tony end up together because I love the chemistry they have together. Plus it’ll be nice to know that Tammy went against her “money making” self and ended up with someone who has completely nothing to offer. But I guess I wouldn’t be so surprised if they decide to have Amber and Tony end up.

    • So you are watching this drama? Are you liking it so far? *waves* It’s nice to meet you 🙂

    • I agree with you, and I feel the same way. I hope they prove us that the characters can grow out of their mindset and realize they are not looking in the right places … I cant really say with Taiwanese dramas becuase like I have said, I havent watched many so Im not very familiar with them. But, if I can look at it from my own perspective when it comes to stories and all that; the ending credits show something that doesnt leave much mystery to the viewer, if I take this into consideration, I would say there is bound to be a twist, otherwise, we already know what will happen right? 😉

      Thank you for the comment. 😀

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much how most Taiwan dramas are. If you want to stay away from spoilers while watchng a Taiwan series. It’s best to just immediately stop the vid at the end of the episode. It’s just like with lots of lakorn. If you don’t want spoilers, it’s best to skip the opening song. I have seen lots of spoilers in them. XD

        • Lakorns are so predictable nowadays because they keep remaking series from years ago — sometimes it hasn’t even been that long since the original aired!

          • Haha I’m still pretty new to lakorn, so i haven’t had that problem yet. But I have heard that they recycle them a lot. I heard that a lot of them are remakes of old novels? Or something like that. So far I love them 🙂

      • That’s true. I think there’s going to be a twist somewhere in the drama but the opening credits kind of tell us otherwise too. I read somewhere that Jingjing is going to date Ren because of her family’s situation and it’s during that time that Aexing starts seeing Tianze as more than just a friend. However…I think they’re going to throw us into another twist and make the couple end up with who they’re paired with as of now. But I would SOOO much prefer it like:

        Jingjing & Ren
        Aexing & Tianze

        • wow haha… I hope for those couples as well 🙂
          I havent seen the JingJing & Ren chemistry but Aexing and Tianze are made for each other. Hopefully it will be like we wish… but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  4. This one looks so cute and funny! I want to watch it now.

  5. I think I’ll wait for your opinion after you finish watching it to add it but I just might :p Great recommendation! The teaser and the MV made me almost add it :p But I’m going to wait because I need to cut back on my adding addiction haha =__=

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