Weir Sukollawat’s Biography

ศุกลวัฒน์ คณารศ

For more basic info and a list of his portfolio check out JADEEYES’ post: Weir Sukollawat’s Profile

Let me start this bio with saying I couldn’t find any actual information that could be used as a bio or added as a bio. The information I’m going to give I’ve picked up from articles I’ve read. Because to be honest – that’s all I managed to find. There’s probably a real bio out there, but I can’t read or understand Thai (aside from a word here or there). Everything I’m going to write is basically going to be a summary of everything I’ve found. I will post the links that I used at the end of this post.

Weir and “Pancake” Khemmanid Jamikorn are a couple that have been talked about for a while now. In 2008 many people had thought the two were already dating because of how close they were. But they continued to deny it.

“We’re just people who have strong feelings for each other.” -Pancake

As he was receiving an award at the Zen Stylish Men Awards in 2008 he even admitted that he would rather be single for life than to be married during a mass press bombardment. Kullasatree magazine had held a fashion shoot for the October 2008 issue that starred Weir and Pancake as bride and groom. Wanting to know if there was a deeper meaning in their relationship, reporters questioned them.

Weir: I made my decision quickly, because we’re not really getting married . Pancake’s mother is friends with the owner of the magazine, it’s really nothing. I see it like a photoshoot for a leading couple. Lakorn couples takes these type of photoshoots all the time, it doesn’t relate to whether they are dating.

Reporter: If you were getting married, what type of clothing would you wear?

Weir: Oh, I won’t be wearing any type of wedding clothing, the legs would be too short. No way, I won’t be advertising for hotels today. I don’t like crowds or ceremonies, I might not even get marry.

Reporter: No woman will accept that.

Weir: Ow..then I won’t have a girlfriend, to spend your life alone is much easier.

Reporter: someone will sulk.

Weir: Why sulk, who will sulk?

Weir and Pancake on the cover of Kullasatree magazine (October 2008 issue)

In February of 2009 there were rumors about him moving in with Pancake and her family. He admitted to moving some of his stuff over to her house but denied actually living there. Instead he said it’s for him to feel more comfortable at her place. Pancake wanted him to buy the house next to her house, but he felt the house was too expensive. She even said it’s like having your best friend as your neighbor.

Pancake and Weir alongside their Pilk Din Soo Dao co-stars Rocky and Berm did a mini concert called “Hawp Ruk Laa Ron Maa Lan La Show” at the Scala Theater in Bangkok to raise money for the Rajanukul Institute on May 9, 2009. The Rajanukul Institure is a major research center specializing in genetics – especially on the mental illness and the human genome.



In the summer of 2009 there was a campaign threatening to tear Weir and Pancake apart. Some headlines said such things like “Weir is not suitable for Pancake” or “They are not a fated couple” – things like that. Weir’s a country boy while Pancake is a city girl.

Weir was seen disheveled and drunk in Khon Kaen, his home province, and because he drinks and smokes they didn’t think he was good enough for Pancake. They even questioned her about his drinking habits but she mostly said they should ask him themselves because he would know more and ultimately, it’s his decision if he wants to drink or not.

“In the viewpoint of the younger generation, I think they know what is right and what is wrong. There is two time frames, one for work and one for your personal life, for that reason, I think everyone wants their image to come out looking good. However, problems do arise. When you realize it, you should slowly learn to correct your mistakes.” – Pancake

When he was 24 years old, his 2 year older brother “Nay” Witiwat Kanaros passed away on September 8, 2009 at 3 pm due to respiratory failure. Nay had been a disabled person and had suffered from a type of paralysis for 13 years. He had been playing basketball around the time (he was 13) and lost his balance and fell down hard on the cement surface causing a blood vessel in his brain to break and making him disabled. His brother had been a good student up until then, popular among his friends and loved by teachers. Because of this accident his life changed drastically.

Weir was very emotional at his brother’s funeral and had even written a poem for him. He started to read it out loud at the podium but was unable to finish it and started sobbing. His mother, Ploy Pailin, had to finish reading it for him.

In 2010 it was decided that Weir would stay with Ch. 7 until he reaches the age of 33. He’s almost 27 years old right now, so he’ll be with them for another 6 years. At the time he had 2-3 years left in his contract, but Khun Daeng offered him a 5 year extension and he accepted the offer. The contract expires in 2017. He doesn’t feel trapped by the contract, either.

“I feel okay about it. I don’t feel tied down or anything of that sort. I have always thought that I would stay here always until I die I will be attached to this channel. I probably wouldn’t go anywhere. As for P’Vee, he has also signed a contract. I signed one day before I did. As for P’Cee, I don’t know, most likely he will. As for Nong Pan (Pancake), she will extend it.”

There’s been rumors flying around about Pancake and Weir since they first became a talked about couple. Did they ever officially start dating? Who knows, they never made it an official announcement, it was something that was always talked about because of their extreme closeness. If you’re interested in reading about some of the things they had to deal with in the media check out these articles:

Weir: The Drunk

Pancake and Weir are Immoral

Pancake and Weir broke up

They Were Never Together

“We Have Never Dated”

He is still like a family member

Weir does not want to discuss Pancake

Weir Confirms break-up

Weir finds it surprising to be working with Pancake again

In June of 2011 there was a rumor of Weir driving Baifern home and such, but there was also talk that he quit smoking and drinking for her. Pancake stated that she was happy for him. Although I’m not sure about the smoking thing because I also read an article from the year before stating that Weir had quit smoking for Pancake. (Proud Pancake reveals Weir has quit smoking). Baifern dismissed the rumors about them being closer than coworkers in this article: Baifern admits Weir dropped her off on Lakorn set

I wish I could’ve found more information on Weir as a person and stories about him getting into acting and his childhood, but I couldn’t find any. So I hope you can be satisfied with what I did manage to find (:

Other Info:

◊ February 10, 2009, GMM Grammy award (for 2008) : Cutest couple of the year – “Pancake” Khemmanid Jamikorn and “Weir” Sukollawat Kanaros

◊  IN Young Generation Awards of 2009: Cute Couple – “Pancake” Khemmanid Jamikorn and “Weir” Sukollawat Kanaros

◊ Makes around 60,000-80,000 baht ($1,869-2,492 USD) range for appearances

◊ Nominated for Best Actor in a lakorn: ‘Weir’ Sukollawat Kanaros in ‘Prajan Lai Payak (Tiger Striped Moon)’ on Ch7

◊ Weir’s house is roughly 6-8 million baht ($197,000 -263,000 USD)

◊ Weir moved out from Pancake’s neighborhood in 2011

Weir’s Facebook:

Weir’s Official fan site:

I recently discovered Weir through Sleepninja. We all had a group watch and watched the lakorn Wong Wian Hua Jai together. I was impressed with his acting! He did a terrific job. I really hope to see more with him and hope him the best with whatever he does! –crazy4you



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  1. I knew about his brother because of his profile, but I didnt know his brother had been ill for a while :(( I’m sadden for him.
    And like Sleepy said, you got quite a good bit of info.
    About him and Pancake, hmmm I dont know what to make of it, but for sure they are not a romantic couple. I just dont think two people who have been dating and love each other for such a long time, would continue to deny that they love each other.
    Whatever is going on in his personal life, I wish him the best 🙂

    • Neither did I 😦
      And same, I think they just didn’t want their relationship to be out in the public even though it was obvious they had been with each other. I wish him the best, too!

  2. Woohoo! You got quite a bit of info on him. I can’t wait to watch another of his lakorn. BTW there’s a bunch of pics in here that I haven’t seen before. /me steals them :p

    On a more serious note, that’s so sad about his brother. I didn’t know he had one. 😦 It’s hard to find info in English on some of the Thai celebrities.

    • I tried to get as much as I could! And me too (: And haha go ahead :p

      It is really sad 😦 I felt bad for him as I was reading about it. And it really is hard to find English info on some of them, especially the lesser known ones. I hope Thai celebrities can get more popularity like Japanese and Korean ones do (:

      • I hope they can get more popularity as well. 🙂 That way we will have more lakorn and music available to us. I tried buying Candy Mafia’s songs. But out of their 5 songs, only 4 were actually available on iTunes for our region. So I bought what I could. And I still have been unable to find lakorn subbed on DVD. 😦

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