Look-alike Or Siblings? 2nd Edition

Have you ever been asked if you have a sibling somewhere? Or, if you are cousins with: Ernesto Juan Perez Domingues Bacallao Son of John? Or perhaps you are addressed as someone else?  And the most common one: have you ever been compared to a celebrity? Yep! It happens all the time. Wise people say, there is another version of you somewhere in this world… to me, it sounds more like something Yoda would say… eek! Im not a geek.

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the look-alikes… or are they siblings?? Here is what we gathered this time: 

1. Choi Jin Hyuk & Bi Rain 

Okay so we know this two have NOTHING in common right? But here at dramatards we think they look alike from certain angles. Oh yes! We think they can do the trick if presented right. But I wouldn’t blame ya if you think we are nuts…. or just biased 😉  Choi Jin and Rain are definitely not siblings, but…  find any similarities?

Bi Rain is adorable

True they are not siblings, but Bi Rain has a little sister that looks very much like him. I was not able to find recent pictures of her, but I found this cute one of when they were both kids XD

Bi and his little sister Hana

You can check out Choi Jin Hyuk in I Need Romance, and It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl. His latest drama was in 2011, My Daughter The Flower. Bi hasn’t done any dramas lately but his last drama was Fugitive: Plan B in 2010.

2. Lee Seung Gi & Yu Hao Ming  WOW! 

These two are so much alike, we have been back and forth on who is who in particular photos. Good thing they are from different countries, otherwise we wouldn’t really be able to tell who is who OOO: Judge for yourself… I warn you, it wont be easy.  Yep, they are that confusing.

Seung Gi or Hao Ming?

err... still dont know!

I know they are both very similar, and its hard to tell them apart. Psst! I have a little secret, I’ll share with you my trick 😉 When Seung Gi smiles (which is often) he shows a dimple on one side of his face ><  I know! sooo cute. When they are serious… I cant help you there. They are not siblings, but we cannot deny  the strong similarities between the two.

Here is proof of our confusion, and I wont say who it is… you must guess :p

Seunggi or Hao Ming?

Lee Seung Gi is currently in the drama The King 2 Hearts, check out our posts on it :D. Hao Ming last drama was in 2010, Lets Watch Meteor Shower Again.

3. Kimura Takuya & Yoon Sang Hyun

I know this one is not a shock to fans of both actors as it has been stated often how Yoon Sang Hyun is the KimuTaku of Korea. I personally don’t like labeling an actor based on another actor because it feels like Im saying his is “like” this other person, only second best. Nevertheless they both have a similarity not often found hahaha… you might agree or not, judge for yourself.

Handsome 😀

Haha, I love their charisma

Okay so it is obvious who is who, right? No difficulties there? How about now? If you guess right Ill give you cookies XD

KimuTaku or Oska?

Kimura Takuya latest drama is Nankyoku Tairiku, aired in late 2011. Lovely drama, I think its a must watch as it was a true story and pride of Japan history. Yoon Sang Hyun you will love in Secret Garden as Oska, and also Take Care of The Young Lady as our lovely butler. Check out his highlight week for more of him 🙂

This has been a collaboration by The Dramatards 🙂 


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  1. Wow. They are lookalikes!

  2. Rain and Jin Hyuk can be brothers

  3. Those are ALL pictures of Lee Seung Gi! Don’t try to trick me! LOL

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