Our favorite scenes from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

We had some difficulty choosing our favorite scenes. There were many great scenes in this drama.

The Dramatards’ Favorite: The Opening

We all agreed that the opening credits were just awesome. They are the type of credits that you like to watch and don’t want to fast-forward through. The song is really catchy and just sets the perfect tone for the drama. Add to that some sleek outfits for the males and Sunako’s signature cloak and you’re off to a good enough start for an opening sequence. Then, suddenly there’s dancing! That’s right, they are throwing some super flowery choreography into the mix. But oh no, that’s not all. There’s a stage! With colorful lights, and special effects straight out of an 80’s movie. Not to mention they each give you some spirit fingers followed by their “model face”. I think I saw some Blue Steel. So, all of these factors equal a spectacular opening sequence. I (Sleepninja) found myself rewinding a time or two just to watch the opening again.

Sleepninja’s Favorite: The Cross-dressing

(at about the 12 minute mark)

So my favorite scene is actually one from the first episode. It’s one of my favorite parts of the manga. I remember laughing to the point of tears when I read this part in the manga. The event’s went down a lot different in the manga, but I love that the drama was able to put it’s own twist on it and still maintain the feel of the original work. The guys in drag was so funny. And I loved that they didn’t make it too ridiculous. They were able to maintain the seriousness of the situation while making you laugh. Another reason why I like this scene so much (both in the manga and the drama), is that you get to see the sexy side of Sunako that she likes to keep hidden. You see her looking hot and kicking butt with guys in drag backing her up. What’s not to love about a scene like this?

Crazy4you’s Favorite: The Hair Cut

There were a lot of scenes in Yamato that dealt with sillier things and there were scenes that dealt with the personal issues that went on between each character. The scene where Kame cuts his hair stood out to me because he cut his hair to prove a point. Takenaga’s father was pushing him to do something that would stop him from being with his friends and they all stood up against his father. Kyohei cutting his hair was one of those touching scenes. And I’m probably one of the few people who loved Kame having short hair after that episode.

Jadeeye’s Favorite: The Kiss

I think the story of Yamato is very simple, and it lacks a lot of the complexity other dramas have in their plot which is one of the biggest reasons why we get so hooked we cant get up from our seat until 16 hrs later. :p But the one thing Yamato has is the strong message of learning to love oneself and accept the way you are. The kiss scene is one of my favorites because it fits so well with the message. Kyohei wants to kiss Sunako, but all she sees is a bright light and when this happens she goes wild. So, to distract her from “the brightness” lol, he uses a skull to lure her in to his arms, and kiss her. It is one of the cutest, most unique kisses I have seen in a drama. And it reinforces how much Kyohei loves the dark, gloomy, gothic Sunako.


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